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China, Hong Kong, Japan and Other Asian Stamps and Postal History

Misc. Asia Countries
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Lot 762
Asia, Diverse Tail-End of a Major Consignment. Fascinating accumulation of hundreds of items, much of which is Buddha- or Temple-related material including sets, singles, proofs, etc., from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ceylon, India, Korea, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, plus some Buddha-related from non-Asian countries such as France, the Trucial States, etc., Fine to Very Fine, very interesting mix to be sure; inspection invited.
Estimate HK$ 10,000 - 12,000.
Realized HK$18,000.
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Lot 763
Asia, Tail End of an Interesting Consignment. With the vast majority of coverage and value in Korea: everything from packets of used definitive issues (all identified by KPSC number), dozens of clean identified mint miniature sheets with better values, lots of used sheets, some imprint blocks, etc.; we also note a group of approximately 50 unaddressed, cacheted Nepal FDCs, a few better miscellaneous foreign items, etc., Fine to Very Fine, good mix; examine.
Estimate HK$ 3,000 - 4,000.
Realized HK$1,600.
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Lot 764

Bangkok, 1888, incoming cover from Great Britain to Bangkok (Scott 114. SG 201). 1887, Queen Victoria Jubilee, 2½d purple on blue, single, used with ½ orange and two 1d lilac, all tied by "Rugby JY 19 88" squared circle cancellation on cover to Bangkok Siam; Bangkok backstamp, a Very Fine cover.
Estimate HK$ 2,000 - 3,000

Postage paid the 31 January 1880 UPU rate of 5d per ½ oz.

Realized HK$1,000.
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Lot 765

Borneo, Missionary Letter from Martha P. Robbins: Sambas, Borneo, circa 1837-38, lengthy letter written by Mrs. Martha Robbins, wife of Samuel, a Missionary family sent with Mr. Arms, another Missionary "to go far away to work for Him (The Lord)", detailed letter of great historical importance…"we had decided to establish ourself in Borneo…was exposing ourselves to greater privations & self denials than at most stations…Mr. Arms had already commenced a station there together with the statements which he gave of the importance…at Sambas."…"Our voyage was long & rather fatiguing as my babe was then but six weeks old. We reached here after a voyage of twenty-three days which in a favorable monsoon is often performed in five days…Sambas is situated on the Sambas river about forty miles from the mouth…a small Dutch Post is located here. This is also the place of the Sultans residence…our garden was then the resort of the alligator & shark…is now cleared and we have growing in a very flourishing condition the pine apple, plantain ten kinds, papaya, cocoanut, tamarind, coffee, mango, lemons & oranges…for vegetables we have the sweet potatoe, yam, egg plant, cabbage, squash, we have also the black & red pepper…the watermellon perhaps the nearest…the richness of the soil.oh dear sister could I tell you that, that the climate, soil & spontaneous productions of Borneo were a representation of the moral character of this people, it would rejoice my heart, but it is a perfect fearful contrast. It only makes the darkness the more visable.…Wars are frequent among the different tribes…of cutting off human heads, live about eight miles from us…Bro. A. has visited them and states that of the scenes of wretchedness…their clothing a strip of cloth around the middle, their only means of subsistance is a paddy of course rice which they raise, out of which a heavy tax must be paid to the Dutch Government…tax upon the poor natives which often deprives them of the necessary food for their families….the flesh of the deer they consider to be too sacred to be eaten, because they say it contains the spirits of their ancestors, The flesh of swine contains the spirit of the Malay and is eaten very greedily…like Europeans wishing them to come live among them…their heads they consider as their most valuable property and are preserved from one generation to another as memorials of the valour of their ancestors….some have already abolished this practice…and as a pledge of his sincerity presented his "prang" with which he had cut off fifty heads…The Malays in this neighborhood are at present peaceable, they are further advanced in civilization than any in this region…Mr. A. has obtained pretty extensive influence among them by his knowledge of medicine…", other excerpts mention Dutch Officers "not living with lawful wives…how can we expect the ignorant heathens to reform…their sabbath is spent gambling & other sins…greater obstructions from that source than from the natives themselves…my husband is ordered to leave the island…Your Sister in Christ Martha P.Robbins". The cover itself is addressed to Mrs. Ebenezer Bliss, Longmeadow, Mass., U.S.A. and has a red Boston Mass. 11/30 c.d.s. & ms. 12-1/2 rate, some splitting along some filefolds (easily restorable), an exceptionally Rare & Early Missionary Letter, this possibly one of the first letters written by Martha upon her arrival. Includes some research & genealogy., Fine.
Estimate HK$ 20,000 - 30,000.
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Lot 766

Burma, 1855, incoming cover from Great Britain to Burma (Scott 5. SG 54). 1847, Queen Victoria (embossed), 1s pale green, single, die 2, clear to large margins, 65 in grid cancel (Campbelton Scotland) on 1855 folded letter to Akyab, India (British Burma), manuscript "via Southampton" at top and "via Calcutta" in address; Campbelton, London, Calcutta 1855 and Akyab backstamps; folded letter with minor creases from traveling through the mails, otherwise Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 6,000 - 8,000

Letter traveled via Edinburgh and London to Southampton; by mail packet to Alexandria, overland to Suez and per mail packet via Ceylon to Calcutta. Here Burma mail was transferred to a local steamer arriving at Akyab 12 November
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Lot 767

Cambodia, Airmail, 1953, 3pi to 4pi first issue miniature sheet, inscription inverted variety (Scott C2a var), a visually striking and ultra-rare variety showing Cambodian inscription and French bottom imprint inverted, o.g., never hinged, Very Fine, exceptionally rare and choice.
Estimate HK$ 1,500 - 2,000.
Realized HK$12,000.
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Lot 768

Cambodia, Airmail, 1964, 12r on 404 Tokyo Olympics issue error (Scott C27 var), a pristine, lower right coin-dated corner margin strip of three showing the surcharge and Olympic overprint fully printed on left stamp, partially printed on center stamp and completely omitted on right stamp, o.g., never hinged, Very Fine, a striking and eye-arresting variety.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 - 1,500.
Realized HK$2,200.
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Lot 769

Cochin China, 1876, incoming cover from Great Britain to Cochin China (Scott 67. SG 141). 1876, Queen Victoria, 2½d rosy mauve, Orb watermark, single, tied by "London Jy 21 76" duplex postmark with "94" in barred oval on folded letter to Saigon Cochin China, Saigon and red Paris backstamps; light file fold through address, otherwise Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,600 - 2,400

Sender should have paid the July 1 1876 rate of 1?- 3d per ½ oz. to the Far East but, unaccountably, the cover as accepted by the British Post Office at the 2½ per ½ oz prevailing rate to France
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Lot 770

Laos, Airmail, 1953, 6.50pi Seated Buddha (Scott C8 var.), vertical top margin pair, top stamp imperf at both sides and at top, pristine, o.g., never hinged, Very Fine, scarce.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 - 1,200.
Realized HK$1,200.
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Lot 771

North Borneo, 1913 (April 11), postal card from Darvel Bay, North Borneo, to Oniedlinburg, Germany, a great 1¢ postal card uprated by 3¢ North Borneo pictorial issue, datelined "Darvel Bay" with indistinct 11 Apr 1913 c.d.s. (Darvel Bay?), along with manuscript "via Siberia", Jesselton 21 APL 1913 and Singapore 28 Ap 1913 transits, Very Fine, lovely card, scarce.
Estimate HK$ 2,500 - 3,000.
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Lot 772

Singapore, 1963, Land Transfer document bearing 18 examples of the $500 QEII high value revenue stamp, a superb and elegant Deed Transfer, bearing 18 examples of the $500 claret and yellow QEII revenue (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Revenue & Stationery Catalogue #R6) in a strip of 8, a pair, 2 singles and a strip of 6; one stamp creased due to file fold; all canceled by bold red "Singapore Stamp Office" strikes, fresh; folded, Very Fine, a striking and rare document; 2005 catalogue value S$9,900.
Estimate HK$ 15,000 - 20,000.
Realized HK$32,000.
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Lot 773

Singapore, 1876, incoming cover from Great Britain to Singapore (Scott 64. SG 150). 1873, Queen Victoria, 1s pale green, Spray of Rose watermark, single, used with 3d rose, both tied by "London No 9 76" duplex postmark with "S.E. 4" in barred oval, on mourning cover to Singapore Straits Settlements; manuscript "via Brindisi" at upper left; red Singapore backstamp, a Very Fine usage.
Estimate HK$ 1,400 - 2,000

Postage paid the 16 December 1870 to 1 April 1877 rate of 1 shilling 3d per ½ oz. via Brindisi
Realized HK$900.
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