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China, Hong Kong, Japan and Other Asian Stamps and Postal History

Foreign Offices
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Lot 289
French Offices in Kwangchowan, 1894-1939, attractive collection, several, in fact, with Kwangchowan predominating; presented hinged on various album pages, with duplication (and some parallel) throughout; includes Kwangchwan mint Scott #14 (2), 16, 34, etc.; Offices in China presented on a single side of a Hagnar stockpage, most neatly cancelled, but including mint Scott #17; generally fresh and sound overall, Fine to Very Fine with better, inspection invited; imaged in full online.
Estimate HK$ 2,600 - 3,200.
Realized HK$1,500.
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Lot 290

Indian Offices in China, 1901 (Apr. 20), 5¢ "B.R.A." overprint on ½¢ brown Coiling Dragon, cover sent from Tientsin to Tongku, 5¢ on ½¢ stamp tied by appropriate violet cancel, with cover additionally franked by hole-punched gutter pair of 3p India "C.E.F." overprinted issues, tied by F.P.O. No. 4 origin c.d.s.'s; reverse notes "F.P.O. No. 4/20 AP./01" marking, fresh, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,400 - 1,800.
Realized HK$2,400.
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Lot 291

Indian Offices in China, China Expeditionary Force, 1901 (July 10), cover sent to Newchwang via Chefoo, envelope, addressed to "Captain S. Napier/Niuchwang", franked by "C.E.F."-overprinted 1a India stamp, tied both by parallel pen strokes and by "F.P.O. No. 4/10 IY/01" dater; reverse bears bilingual Chefoo 13 May transit and 14 May Newchwang receiver (plus additional, indistinct, dater), Very Fine, a nice Boxer Rebellion item.
Estimate HK$ 3,000 - 3,600.
Realized HK$3,000.
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Lot 292

Russian Offices in China, Lovely picture post card, unsent, tinted photo, apparently of a scene in Japan, captioned "Le marchand de légumes" on bilingual brown UPU postal card back, with "Foreign/4cens/Jnland/1½cens" inscription; front bears a 10k blue Russian Offices in China Coat-of-Arms issue overprinted in red, tied to card by poorly struck c.d.s., Fine to Very Fine, a very colorful and pretty card.
Estimate HK$ 800 - 1,000.
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Lot 293

Russian Offices in China, 1903 (May 2), picture postcard sent from Port Arthur to Beek, Netherlands, franked by a horizontal pair of Russian 2k green Coats-of-Arms, tied by one of two Field Post #13 c.d.s.'s; sent during the Russian occupation of Port Arthur, the reverse of the card—produced by Port Arthur's New District newspaper—shows two reduced photos, one captioned "Idols", the other "Chinese Kumirnya" ["Chinese Idols", showing what appears to be a temple]; front with routing instructions in violet pencil "Hollande par Moscou" (with Holland repeated in Cyrillic below) at top left with Beek 4 JUN 03 receiver; slight edge wear and a diagonal crease at lower left, Fine to Very Fine, a neat "Greetings from Port Arthur" card.
Estimate HK$ 2,600 - 3,000.
Realized HK$2,200.
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Lot 294

Russian Offices in China, 1905 (Aug. 22), two-country franking on picture post card, sent Shanghai to Berlin, the card, printed in England, picturing "Hong Kong—Chinese Fishing Junk", and franked by a Russian Offices 2k green Coat-of-Arms tied by Cyrillic-script Shanghai 22.8.05; additionally franked by two 3pf and 5pf "CHINA"-overprinted Germanias, each tied by "Schanghai/4 9/05/Deutsche Post" c.d.s.'s; 7 Oct receiver at lower left, an absolutely pristine card, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 3,000 - 3,600.
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Lot 295

Russian Offices in China, 1908 (Nov. 26), 20k Forerunner entire, used Peking to Amsterdam, the Coat-of-Arms indicia cancelled by one of two Cyrillic bridge-style daters for Peking; "via Sibérie" routing instruction at top left, "Imprimés" ("Printed Matter") at center left; sent unsealed, with back showing Amsterdam receiver dated 26 (28?) 12, with partial oval "A .38" mark alongside, Very Fine, a pretty cover.
Estimate HK$ 1,500 - 2,000.
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Lot 296
Russian Offices in China, 1918 (May 15), money letter cover front from Kashgar, a lovely Russian franking, consisting of a vertical block of ten 25k plus 70k and 3R50 singles from the Coat-of-Arms series, all tied by solid strikes of bridge-type "Kashgar Kit. Vlad." [Kashgar Chinese Possession] c.d.s.'s dated 15.5.18; additional straightline handstamp in violet above the stamps reading Kashgar "Юи юй да", Very Fine, a scarce example.
Estimate HK$ 3,200 - 3,600

Due to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and Civil War from 1918 on, Chinese merchants worried for the safety of their wealth, and sent money to their parent companies in Tientsin in the form of Money Letters. Each contained 500 Rubles, the highest amount permitted.

Realized HK$2,600.
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Lot 297
Lot 298

U.S. Offices in China, 1887 (Feb. 7), splendid, neat cover from Havilah, California, to the French Concession at Shanghai, a lovely cover bearing a US 5¢ brown Garfield issue tied by light cork cancel, with matching "Havilah/Feb/7/1887/Cal" origin c.d.s.; front also notes boldly in red, "This was not delivered until after the Jap mail had been sent off"; reverse shows superb strike of violet "U.S. Postal Agency/15 MAR. 87/Shanghai" receiver, along with San Francisco FEB 8 transit, Very Fine, a beauty.
Estimate HK$ 2,400 - 2,800.
Realized HK$1,200.
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Lot 299

U.S. Offices in China, 1890 (Aug. 25), combination Small Dragon cover, sent Peking to New York, fresh, neat and attractive cover, franked on the front by a US 5¢ blue James Garfield large Bank Note issue, cancelled by customary cork killer; reverse shows a simply superb, right margin example of the 3ca lilac smooth perf Small Dragon, tied by bold blue Peking seal cancel with matching "I.G. of Customs/AUG 25/90/Peking" origin c.d.s. adjacent; reverse also shows violet "Tientsin/AUG 28/90/Customs" and black "Shanghai/SEP 1/90/Customs" transits, a San Francisco SEP 30 "PAID ALL" and New York OCT 5 arrival c.d.s.; front additionally shows violet oval "U.S. Postal Agency/5 SEP. 90/Shanghai" handstamp; minor and trivial opening tear at top, Very Fine, a beautiful and scarce combination.
Estimate HK$ 15,000 - 20,000.
Realized HK$20,000.
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Lot 300

U.S. Offices in China, 1890 (Dec. 5), cover sent Shanghai to Grand Rapids, Michigan, fresh, neat and clean cover franked by US 5¢ blue Garfield large Bank Note issue, tied by neat cork cancel, with front additionally showing bold violet "U.S. Postal Agency/5 DEC. 90/Shanghai" oval handstamp; reverse shows two San Francisco DEC 31 "PAID ALL" arrivals, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,500 - 2,000.
Realized HK$1,700.
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