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China, Hong Kong, Japan and Other Asian Stamps and Postal History

1885-1888 Small Dragons
Lot Photo Description
Lot 63
China, 1885, Small Dragons, 1ca-5ca complete, rough perf 12½ (Chan 16-18. Scott 10-12 vars.), each cancelled by centrally struck by small "Customs/JUL 3/Newchwang" daters without year slug; some hinge remnants, etc., Fine to Very Fine. Scott $390 (HK$ 3,070).
Estimate HK$ 1,000 - 1,200.
Realized HK$9,000.
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Lot 64

China, 1885-88, Small Dragons, 1ca to 5ca selection (Chan 16-18, 19, 21. Scott 10-12 var, 13, 15), nice mint group of five items: a fresh, complete 1ca to 5ca rough perforation set, plus 1ca and 5ca smooth perf 12 types, good colors, all with o.g., Fine to Very Fine+. Scott $1,485 (HK$ 11,690).
Estimate HK$ 4,000 - 5,000.
Realized HK$3,600.
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Lot 65

China, 1888, Small Dragons, 1ca-5ca complete, clean-cut perf 11½-12 (Chan 19-21. Scott 13-15), beautifully centered with great colors, o.g., Very Fine. Scott $760 (HK$ 5,980).
Estimate HK$ 2,200 - 2,600.
Realized HK$2,600.
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Lot 66
China, 1888, Small Dragons, 1ca-5ca complete, clean-cut perf 11½-12, cancelled Anping (Chan 19-21. Scott 13-15), three items, comprising a 5ca off-piece, a 1ca on piece, plus a piece bearing a 3ca and 5ca, all cancelled by centrally struck "Customs/DEC 14/1893/Anping" daters in red; stamps heavily toned, but the cancels are clear as day, Fine to Very Fine, a remarkable group from Taiwan Province.
Estimate HK$ 1,600 - 2,000.
Realized HK$7,500.
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Lot 67
China, 1885-88, Small Dragon issues (Chan 13-15, 16-18, 19-21. Scott 10-12, 13-15), massive, overall nice quality, mostly used selection of approximately 429 Small Dragon stamps, neatly assembled by perforation type (which, for the most part, appears to by correct), housed on a group of stockpages by value; allowing for some perforation types, we note Scott #10 (31 used and 8 mint examples), #11 (59 used, 7 mint) and #12 (30 used), plus 1888 issue #13 (63 used, 55 mint), #14 (a whopping 105 used plus 18 mint) and #15 (47 used, 6 mint); the mint examples are generally o.g., and the used section offers good cancel potential; fresh, with condition ranging on some as to be expected, generally Fine to Very Fine, a wonderful lot, well worth a thorough inspection. Scott $57,225 (HK$ 450,590).
Estimate HK$ 120,000 - 140,000.
Realized HK$100,000.
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