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Chinese Local Posts: Shanghai, 1866-89, Small Dragons, a compilation, neatly arrayed on three Hagnar stockpages; cent, candarin and cash values, including overprints, mostly used but a page of mint overprints (including a block of four 1ca on 4c) included as well; nice range of cancels in black, blue and red, including "Local Post Office" and "Local Post" daters, along with large and small belted ("garter") cancels; note some better, including used Scott #63 (2), 78, 79-81 (2 each) and 121 on piece, plus mint #51 with inverted overprint, 79, etc., generally clean, sound, and Very Fine, careful inspection suggested; see them all online.
Estimate HK$ 16,000 - 24,000.

Realized HK$ 34,000

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