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Indochina, 1888, Annam & Tonkin First Issues, magnificent, highly specialized all-mint selection (Scott 1888), a superb collection keenly assembled on a Gibbons Philatelic Page, including a ca. 1887 essay of the 15c Sage black on blue overprinted "Annam/Tonkin" in two lines (2011 Roumet certificate); "A&T 1" on 2c; "A&T 1" on 4c (two types) plus block of four with overprints normal, inverted, sideways reading up and sideways reading down (2009 SBPV certificate); "A&T 5" on 10c (two types); "A-T 1" on 2c (two types) plus overprint inverted and overprint double sideways, one reading up, the other down; "A-T 1" on 4c (two types); "A-T 5" on 10c (two types), etc., mostly Very Fine and choice, an outstanding collection full of rare varieties.
Estimate HK$ 20,000 - 25,000.


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