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Indochina, 1931-38, lovely group of 8 select first flight covers, a grand selection comprising (1) 1931 (Jan. 16) Paris to Saigon and franked 6F50, with "Premiers Services Reguliers France-Indochine/Via Air-Orient" black cachet, with Saigon arrival dated 27-1-31 (2) 1931 (Feb. 3) Saigon to Paris return flight with 66c franking and same cachet as outbound flight but in purple (3) 1937 (Apr. 9) blue-bordered Airmail Registered envelope to Fort Bayard with seven-line boxed cachet for the Hanoi-Canton flight via Fort Bayard, with 10-4-37 arrival c.d.s. (4) 1938 (July 12) Hanoi to Hong Kong flight with special red "Premier Vol d'Essai Hanoi-Hong Kong par Air France 13 Juillet 1938" cachet (5) the same flight but cachet in blue with "Postes et Telegraphes/Tonkin" red cachet and signed by pilot (6) the same flight again, but on special pictorial envelope by L'Indochine Philatélique Hanoi, the cachet in red, with 13 JY 38 Victoria/Hong Kong arrival c.d.s. (7) 1938 (July 29) cover to Saigon with boxed red "Premiere Liaison Postale Aerienne Hanoi-Saigon en 5 Heures via Air France 30 Juillet 1938" cachet; and (8) 1938 (Oct. 5) cover to Hong Kong with special triangular black cachet reading "Hanoi-Hong Kong Ouverture du Trafic Postal Aerien Regulier par Air France" with Kowloon/Hong Kong arrival c.d.s. of 6 OC 38 on reverse, Fine to Very Fine, excellent group; examine.
Estimate HK$ 1,200 - 1,500.


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