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Japan, 1933, sea-to-summit selection of 6 Karl Lewis covers, a lovely introduction to Lewis' covers, comprising five ship covers plus one mailed from Mt. Fuji's Summit Post Office; the Fujiyama cover bears a Type V cachet, with the mountain depicted at lower left, a less common Type 2 inscription, and the four definitives tied by two strikes of the Mt. Fuji Scenic Datestamp dated 8.7.29 (July 29, 1933); the ship covers hail from the Asama-Maru, Heian-Maru, Hiye-Maru (2) and Tatsuta-Maru; four, posted between June 8 and Sept. 14, predate Lewis' introduction of cachets for these covers, and each bears two strikes of the ship's I.J. Sea Post Scenic Datestamp tying the postage; the second Hiye-Maru cover is dated Nov. 14 and boasts one of the earliest cachets known (the earliest recorded is Nov. 9; Lewis' artist was still painting cachets when this cover was sent!)—and one of the prettiest in our view; all with blue Beikokuyuki ("To US") handstamp on front and combination noted on back (Fujiyama C-3, Asama-Maru C-7, Heian-Maru C-4, uncacheted Hiye-Maru C-1, Tatsuta-Maru C-5, cacheted Hiye-Maru C-14), Very Fine despite some slight toning almost always found on these earliest covers, all imaged online.
Estimate HK$ 3,000 - 4,000.

Realized HK$ 3,400

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