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Indochina, 1859-1949, outstanding, specialized, all-used collection, mounted on quadrille pages in a Gibbons Philatelic album; commences with a strong range of French Colonies General Issues (65 items) with Indochina postal markings, including all six values of the 1859-65 Eagle design; 1871-72 Napoléon 1c strip of three with Saigon cancels, 5c green signed Brun, and 80c; 1871-76 Cérès include 2c brown, 4c gray (with 1973 BPA certificate), also overprinted "SPECIMEN" plus postmark; 1872-77 Cérès "large figures" include 80c (two shades) plus strip of four; 1877-86 Peace & Commerce perforated and imperforate to the 1F; most 1884-1906 Dues including a 5c black Plate 2 pane of 25 with Saigon Central cancels of OCT 97; Indochina 1889-1949 near-complete, including 1889 "5" on 35c surcharge in red (both Types, plus Type1-Type 2 pair), "5" on 35 surcharge in black including "89" omitted; 1892-96 Tablet set to 5F; 1904-06 Grasset and 1907 Native Women to 10F; 1912 surcharges include narrow-spaced set on Registered stationery entire with 23 SEPT 13 Hanoi cancels; 1915-17 Red Cross 5c+5c with surcharge double and surcharge inverted; 1918 War Orphans' Fund set of six; 1919 surcharge set to 4p plus a few varieties; 1922-23 Native Women set to 2p plus a few values with different font; 1927 Pictorials to 2p; 1931-41 Pictorials to 2p plus a few different types of Rice Planter; 1933-49 Airmails to 30p; 1936-49 commemoratives complete less Scott #B32 and a few perforation changes, but including 1946 "From Chad to the Rhine" set of six on a Registered cover to the US with franking tied by B.P.M. 403 Military cancels and 1942-44 Airmails without "RF" (12 values) on cover to US dated Sept. 2, 1949, from Saigon R.P.; also included is the 1949 3p UPU in different colors (the warrior and globe in brown rather than olive); Parcel Post issues include the scarce 1891 larger type overprint; 1899-1902 includes both values with overprint inverted plus 10c rose with overprint sideways; most Postage Dues and Officials are here as well, Fine to Very Fine with much better throughout, an outstanding lot of about 500 items in total; inspection invited.
Estimate HK$ 30,000 - 35,000.

Realized HK$ 20,000


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