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Indochina, 1889-1949, simply superb and unbelievably comprehensive single-volume specialized collection, mint throughout, in mounts and near-complete in a slipcased Gibbons Philatelic Album; includes many errors, varieties, proofs, millésimes, etc.; the myriad highlights include 1889 overprints "5" on 35c (red) Type 1-2 pair and "5" on 35c (black) margin strip of three with one unit "89" omitted; 1892-96 75c Tablet with name inverted (Fournier Forgery), 1F "name doubled", plus set of 15 printed on Bristol at the 1900 Paris Exhibition; 1904-06 Grasset 15c original design proof in black, 1c plate proof strip of five in rose pink, plus 15c, 30c, 5F and 10F values imperforate; 1907 Native Women: 13 full-size and three trimmed color proofs to the 10F value; 1915-19 Red Cross varieties including the 5c green with overprint doubled, 15c violet with triple overprint and and quadruple overprint, 4c on 5c "4" with closed top single and in pair with normal, "8 cents" double on 15c; 1918 War Orphans "10 cents" on 15c double; 1919 surcharge varieties include 2c on 5c inverted overprint single and gutter pair, 4c on 10c double overprint (2), 6c on 15c inverted overprint and 80c on 2F double overprint, plus unissued series including 1c on 5c triple overprint and 2c on 10c double overprint, as well as color proofs of the unissued 22c on 55c and 24c on 60c, along with set of six without surcharge; 1922-23 Native Women varieties include 1/10c, 4c, 5c, and 12c with double black print, 5c gutter strip of three imperforate at top and vertically; 1927 Pictorials include a combination 5c and 12c die proof, 30c and 2p die proofs in black, three different 50c color proofs, plus 1p yellow omitted along with the 1p (5c x 20) and 1p20 (6c x 20) booklets; 1931-41 Pictorials include various values imperforate in singles, pairs or blocks of four, eight die proofs plus the 1p50 (6c x 25) booklet; 1933-49 Airmail issue includes 15 values in imperforate blocks of four (11) or pairs (4), plus 20p and 30p proofs; "Without 'RF'" include 10c with value double and 37c no value, plus 15c and 69c proofs; 1936 Bao Dai issue boasts 4c engraver's sunken die proof in black and 2p King Sisowath engraver-signed proof in indigo; 1937 Paris Exhibition miniature sheet with inscription inverted; 1938 Railway Opening no-value imperforate color proof in lilac (2 impressions) on gummed paper; the 1941-44 period includes many imperforate singles, pairs or blocks of four plus part-perf blocks, and we also note 1942 10c surcharge on 25c purple in black and red plus two trial overprints in different fonts; 1943 die proofs of unissued designs for Bert, Courbet and Rhodes; 1945 overprint/surcharge on France set of three die proofs; Victory sunken die proof in issued color; "From Chad to the Rhine" imperforate pairs; 1941-42 Vichy issues include some imperforates and a Child Protection die proof in blue of an unissued design; Postage Dues include 1904 "5" on 60c overprinted "ULTRAMAR" plus millésime #3 pair; 1908 5F perf 11; 1919 2p on 5F with overprint double and quadruple; 1922 4c value omitted; 1927 1p die proof in black; 1931-41 no-denomination with 11 value tablets in black and brown, various imperforates including 12c, 20c, 25c, 50c plus 1p in vertical strip of five, no-value margin blocks of four, plus other singles and pairs; Officials include the 1933 set of 16 imperforate; 1934 no-value die proof in black signed Puyplat (2); also a very fine range of millésime pairs from the 1892-96 Tablets (including 50c #2 and #3, 75c and 1F #3), 1904-06 Grasset 1F and 2F, 1908 Postage Dues (13 different), 1919 surcharges (24, including 6c, 8c #5, #7 & #8; 30c #7, 40c #8, 45c #7, 20c #5), 1919 Postage Dues including #8 for 2c, 4c and 24c values; Unissued Surcharge set of six in blocks of four; 1922-23 Native Women 62 different (15c #2, #3, #5 & #6), 20c and 40c each #2, #3 & #6, 1p #3, 2p #2 & #3; 1922 Dues 19 different including 40c and 1p each #2; 1927 Pictorials 20 different, 1927 Dues 11 different, and oh so much, much more; much unhinged or lightly hinged, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 220,000 - 260,000

Without question, this is a remarkable keepsake collection in every respect, and would be nigh-on impossible to duplicate. Inspection is heartily invited

Realized HK$ 190,000


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