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Lot 2015

Bruce Lee's owned and used heavy bag, rope-bound canvas with metal chain, about 70 lbs, manufactured by Atlas, with the company's stamp at top. In excellent condition. While strength and speed training are indispensable for a professional fighter, a heavy bag is the surest way to make one's body become accustomed to hitting an opponent repeatedly. Bruce Lee used this bag to strengthen his punches and his kicks until his strength and the impact of his blows made him an irresistible force in fighting competitions. This is likely the bag seen in Lee's backyard training videos.
Estimate HK$ 150,000 - 200,000.

Lot 2049

Incredible original two-piece brown suede suit, comprising a size 17½ jacket and matching 30" x 30" pants. Tailored by Coronet Leather Ware of Hong Kong. Some stains on back, a few loosening threads, othewise near fine. Worn by Bruce Lee while filming the so-called Lost Interview for the Canadian television program, The Pierre Breton Show on December 9, 1971 -- Lee's only recorded television interview in English! The talk included some of his most famous quotes, including "I have no fear," and his description of his personal philosophy: "Empty your mind, be formless…like water. Now, you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle…Be water, my friend." For years, it was feared that the interview was lost to history, but it resurfaced in 1994 and can be readily viewed online. Lee gave this suit to his friend, student, and onetime trainer Herb Jackson during the filming of The Way of the Dragon (aka Return of the Dragon) in 1972.
Estimate HK$ 150,000 - 200,000.

Lot 2039

Bruce Lee's original weight bench, black-painted metal with red cushion pad. Excellent condition. Lee well understood the importance of image in creating a persona that would engage with moviegoers. He also theorized that one of the limitations of martial arts practitioners was an obsession with form and technique, when personal strength would always be a decisive factor in a fight. Accordingly, he put great focus on bodybuilding techniques to both maximize the force of his blows and to sculpt his body so that he stood apart from his onscreen opponents. Favoring isometrics over heavy weightlifting, Lee typically used this bench to do leg lifts.
Estimate HK$ 100,000 - 150,000.

Lot 2025

Bruce Lee's original Roman chair, black-painted metal with white stomach pad, and heavy tape around foot pad at bottom. This piece of equipment is mostly used to strengthen and build up the lower back, by way of a sort-of backward sit-up, with the user bending over the middle bar and lifting the body upward. As demanding as that exercise is, it shows Lee toning down his workout! He would previously lean forward to 45 degrees while holding heavy barbells over his shoulder, but in 1970 that exercise injured his back badly. While he recuperated, he developed his philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. Told by his doctors that he would never be able to perform martial arts again, Lee defied their predictions and went on to become an international icon.
Estimate HK$ 100,000 - 150,000.

Lot 2052

Gracious autograph letter signed "Bruce", one page, on Air Mail stationery, Kowloon, Hong Kong, canceled February 21, 1972. Lee writes to his good friend, martial arts student, and personal trainer Herb Jackson in Venice, CA, that his wife, "Linda finally arrived yesterday and we are in the midst of finding a bigger apartment. I've been busy writing my script [for The Way of the Dragon, the first of Lee's self-penned screenplays to be produced] and should be finished in a couple of week [sic]. However, the main purpose of this letter is not to tell you how we are doing…but to thank you for all that you have done, the training equipment, the helping of moving my house (not just once) and I thank you sincerely AND with the deepest appreciation. By the way, let me know how much the cement in the patio comes to. Linda, [and the Lees' children] Brandon and Shannon send their love…" Fully addressed in Lee's hand, with return address incorporating his full signature "Bruce Lee." With the small holes and irregular edges typical of an opened air-mail letter, otherwise in excellent condition. Much of the training equipment Lee thanks his friend for makes up this very collection.
Estimate HK$ 50,000 - 100,000.

Lot 2043

Bruce Lee worn cotton pajamas, a two-piece set with button-down shirt and snap-fastened pants. White background covered with a stylish paisley in gold, maroon, and purple. In fine condition.
Estimate HK$ 50,000 - 80,000.

Lot 2050

Universal Genève Polerouter wristwatch, with automatic microtor movement. Features two-tone gold dial with raised gold edge and gold index hour markers, with black crosshair design. Case is gold-capped stainless steel with stainless back. Wear to leather band and some visible toning to face and discoloration of hands, otherwise in very good condition. As this watch was produced in the late 1950s, Bruce Lee must have received it years before gifting it to his friend and student Herb Jackson, who would gain lasting renown for carrying on his teacher's legacy until his own death in 2007.
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 60,000.

Lot 2009

Brown leather focus mitt owned and used by Bruce Lee. Back resembles a catcher's mitt, with a round pad at front, joined with leather lacing. Worn from use, otherwise in very good condition. Accompanied by photographs of Lee using the mitt with his wife, Linda, as their son, Brandon, looks on; and a certificate of authenticity.
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 60,000.

Lot 2054

Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute partially printed document with Bruce Lee's hand drawn symbol in Chinese for the dragon (which he often used as a signature), as president of the institute, 1 page, Los Angeles, January 10, 1968. In the hand of, and also signed by Lee's assistant, "Dan Ino[san]to." who initially taught Herb Jackson, the student receiving the certificate. The document names Jackson to the first rank in the discipline of Jun Fan Gung Fu (or kung-fu). With Lee's chop stamped over his signature. The institute's Taijitu emblem printed at top center in red and green, and red and green dragons and flames at top and bottom corners respectively. Edge wear, especially at bottom edge, with water staining that obscures the middle of Inosanto's signature, minor foxing, and overall toning, otherwise in good condition. Bruce Lee began teaching martial arts in 1959, after leaving the University of Washington in Seattle. When his television show The Green Hornet was canceled in 1967 after a single season, he returned to teaching, establishing the Jun Fan Institute in Los Angeles. Irritated with the impractical formalism of traditional kung-fu schools, Lee's own style and teaching evolved into Jeet Kune Do, a fluid and adaptable approach to martial arts that was less a style than a philosophy.
Estimate HK$ 30,000 - 50,000.

Lot 2004

Bruce Lee owned and used pair of Everlast boxing gloves, dark brown leather with tan trim, cloth brand labels on wrists. Small tear in left glove, with some loosening of left thumb seam, overall minor soiling and wear from use, otherwise in very good condition. Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, while based on the established Wing Chun style, incorporated moves from numerous other disciplines, including escrima, wrestling, and boxing. Indeed, the entire philosophy of Jeet Kune Do is to adapt one's style to one's own strengths and needs, and to always be open to new methods and lessons, whatever their source.
Estimate HK$ 30,000 - 40,000.

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