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Chinese Local Posts: Foochow, ca. 1863, red pre-adhesive "Foo=Chow=Foo China" seal, on complete cover to Hong Kong, a stunning example of this incredible rarity; endorsed "per steamer 'Carthage'" and addressed to an Indian merchant in Hong Kong, the cover bears at upper right a magnificent, full, and fully legible strike of the 23mm red negative "Foo=Chow=Foo China" seal discussed in Webb (p. 267); two red crayon "4" ratings on front; no backstamps, but an offset imprint (in reverse!) of the seal on back across flap; addressed to one "Tarachundas Ianarandas Esq.", whom we assume was involved in the tea trade, Very Fine and rare.
Estimate HK$ 300,000 - 400,000

Webb notes the tea trade was most likely responsible for Foochow being one of the few Treaty Ports to have a pre-adhesive handstamp. The four examples recorded by Webb date from 1862-63: one among the David correspondence to Glasgow, one on a market circular to New York, and two to Bombay, another major tea center. This cover's links to Bombay seem obvious, as the interior of the backflap carries a four-line note in an Indian script.

Opening Bid HK$150,000

Lot 101


China, 1896, Engraved Red Revenue die proof in red, mounted on card, a magnificent proof pulled on thin glazed paper stock, 27 x 42 mm, affixed to a 115 x 130 mm thick card showing manuscript "April 2nd 96" at upper right; card with some minor, inconsequential toned specks, along with expected glue remnants on reverse from mounting, Very Fine and choice, a remarkable showpiece.
Estimate HK$ 300,000 - 400,000

This dated example shows minor design changes from the March 26, 1896, example which was printed in black, and showed Hart's requested design changes, which resulted in the issued design, with eight small circles added to the interior corners and centers on all sides, and is dated seven days before Hart's original design change.

Opening Bid HK$150,000

Lot 102


China, 1896, Engraved Red Revenue die proof in black, mounted on card, a spectacular engraved proof, printed in black on thin glazed paper approximately 37 x 42 mm, affixed to thick card measuring 115 x 130 mm and showing "April 2nd 96" notation, mostly likely in Inspector Robert Hart's hand, at upper right; some minor glue mounting remnants on the reverse side of the card, Very Fine and choice, a spectacular exhibition item, especially with the companion proof in the issued red, also offered in this sale.
Estimate HK$ 300,000 - 400,000

This dated example, which appears seven days after Hart requested minor design changes—centered on the addition of eight circles at the outer corners and centers—shows the final design.

Opening Bid HK$150,000

Lot 36

Chinese Local Posts: Shanghai, 1856, neat blue envelope sent Shanghai to Aberdeen, with "Shanghae Post Office/Paid" & Crown circular handstamp (Webb Type 1), a splendid, clean, highly attractive cover, endorsed "Via Southampton", bearing on front a choice, bold and full strike of the rare Large Crown "Shanghae Post Office/Paid" circular handstamp in red; front also shows manuscript "6" and underlined "PAID", with reverse showing "Hong Kong/14 AP/1856" double-arc c.d.s. in black, Crown "PC/7 JU 7/1856" transit in red, and Aberdeen/A JU 1856 (day illegible) arrival c.d.s. in black, Very Fine, with 2019 Experts & Consultants Ltd. certificate.
Estimate HK$ 250,000 - 300,000

A simply magnificent example of this legendary rarity, which represents the first postal marking of Shanghai—and one of only 17 examples recorded.

Opening Bid HK$130,000

Lot 539


Hong Kong, 1890 (dated Apr. 15), magnificent and unique De La Rue Archives appendix sheet, a remarkable sheet in superb quality, dated "April 15th 1890", showing 13 adhesives collectively, 11 of which are unwatermarked proofs, with the 2c rose and 5c ultramarine being the watermarked Crown & CA issued values; the proofs, line perf 14, are exceeding rare and are affixed to the sheet; interestingly, and noted on the sheet, the two 10c values, the $1 on 96c and $5 Postal-Fiscal surcharges are all printed on the two different red paper types of the era, namely that which was adopted for use on British stamps, and the adopted issued red paper used for the 12a India stamps; additionally, the $5 surcharges each show the small "5" variety, which was enlarged for use on the issued stamp; the five remaining proofs comprise the 30 gray green (Yang #41a), 20c on 30c and 50c on 48c surcharges (Yang #42a, 43a), plus $2 dull green and $3 violet Postal-Fiscals, Very Fine in all respects, a showpiece.
Estimate HK$ 140,000 - 160,000

An incredible item of the utmost importance, with most of the 11 proof examples believed to be unique (one similar $5 on $10 value appearing in the Royal Collection).

Opening Bid HK$140,000

Lot 416

China (People's Republic), 1962, Mei Lan-fang souvenir sheet (C94M) (Scott 628), a splendid, exceptionally clean and fresh example of this ever-popular miniature sheet, offering a superb, flawless surface along with full clean original gum which shows just the customary trace of light gum disturbance (noted solely for accuracy), o.g., never hinged, Very Fine, a lovely sheet. Scott $18,500 (HK$ 145,670).
Estimate HK$ 70,000 - 80,000.

Opening Bid HK$36,000

Lot 84

China, 1897, Small Figures surcharge on Empress Dowager, 1¢ on 1ca vermilion, inverted surcharge (Chan 38d. Scott 29a), particularly fresh and nicely centered, with bold, vibrant color, full o.g.; tiny and expert repair to top left corner perforation tip only, Very Fine and choice, with 2019 Experts & Consultants Ltd. certificate. Scott $50,000 (HK$ 393,700).
Estimate HK$ 60,000 - 80,000

It is believed that only 80 stamps received the surcharge inverted, and of those, only approximately ten unused examples are known

Opening Bid HK$32,000

Lot 151

China, 1897 (May 29), Nanking oval Customs marking on Dowager and Red Revenue overprints combination cover, from Nanking to Pennsylvania, franked on reverse by a margin-to-margin horizontal strip of four 1.5 mm Large Figure 1c on 1ca orange Dowagers, plus a Large 1c on 3c Red Revenue (totalling 5c), tied by three strikes of the double-oval "Imperial Post Office/MAY 29 1897/Nanking" cancel in brown, with a fourth solid strike on the front as well; from Nanking, the cover traveled to Shanghai where it received a blue Customs dater of JUN 2 (on reverse), plus a Japan 5s UPU Koban on front, tied by solid "Shanghai/2/JUN/97/I.J.P.O." c.d.s.; then onward, as markings on reverse record, to Yokohama (8 JUN), San Francisco (JUN 27, "Paid All"), and finally to Lancaster, PA (date on receiver illegible); roughly opened at top, partially affecting the Yokohama transit only, otherwise Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 50,000 - 60,000.

Opening Bid HK$36,000

Lot 30

Chinese Local Posts: Shanghai, 1873, Small Dragon, 1ca on 16¢ green, red surcharge (Chan LS76. Scott 58. Livingston 67), nicely centered, large part o.g.; minor hinge remnant and a few pencil markings noted for accuracy, Fine to Very Fine, an attractive mint example of this great rarity, of which only a few examples are known; Livingston's highest "RRRR" rarity factor, with 2019 Experts & Consultants Ltd. certificate. Scott $35,000 (HK$ 275,590).
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 50,000.

Opening Bid HK$20,000

Lot 95


China, 1897, Large Figures narrow surcharges on Dowager, 2nd printing, ½¢ on 3ca-30¢ on 24ca complete (Chan 74-81. Scott 65-72); 2¢ on 2ca and 10¢ on 9ca each no gum (all others o.g.), couple other values with slight, non-detracting toning, Fine to Very Fine, a most attractive and rare set, with 2018 Experts & Consultants Ltd. certificate for the 30¢ on 24ca high value. Scott $14,325 (HK$ 112,800).
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 50,000.

Opening Bid HK$20,000

Lot 249

China, Postage Due, 1912, Foochow "Provisional Neutrality" overprint, 2¢ brown, unissued (Chan DU6), deep, rich color with excellent centering, full, wonderfully fresh original gum which displays just the slightest evidence of hinging, Very Fine, a magnificent example of this rarity, with 2018 Experts & Consultants Ltd. certificate.
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 50,000.

Opening Bid HK$40,000

Lot 554

Shanghai, 1872 (July 27), lovely "Custom House Shanghai" cover, sent to Marseille, France, a pretty blue envelope endorsed "Par 'Ottawa'" and "Via Brindisi", addressed to "Monsieur E. Delon", and franked by 10c Napoléon and horizontal strip of three 40c Cérès for a total of 1F30; adhesives cancelled by two nice "5104" diamonds, with black "Shang-Haï/27/JUIL/72/Chine" origin below; front additionally shows red boxed "PD" handstamp and red "Paq. Ang. V. Brind./15/SEPT/72/A Mod" entry c.d.s.; reverse bears solid strike in red of "Custom House/PAID/27. JUIL/1872/Shanghai" oval datestamp, plus light, illegible (struck over seal) French receiver; fold split on opening of absolutely no consequence, Very Fine, an exquisite example of a very scarce marking.
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 50,000.

Opening Bid HK$20,000

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