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Lot 1100

Korea (North), a complete collection, 1946-2011, album pages in 10 binders with dust jackets and cases. A once-in-a-lifetime chance where you can purchase the entire collection of this very difficult country all-at-once. There is less than a handful of collection in this world that has achieve the completion that this collection has. The collector has been collecting DPRK for many year and he is only one of a few collector who also visit the country often and even visit the country's stamp printing plant. Which explains why he has, in this collection, minature sheets that have 10 stamps only, where the normal sheet size is 50. These have not been seen anywhere else. At least one stamp he has in this collection, the DPRK postal museum does not have this stamp, of which there are only 2 mint known and a few used in existance. The collection is housed in 10 binders on hingless album pages. There may be a few (less than 10) that are still not filled. Needless to say these stamps have few in existence. The early stamps are all original and with a few identified reprints. Of which, a few are used. All souvenir sheets and minature sheets are present. Later issues include some larger sheets, also including the first CD stamps etc. All the Scott mentioned unissued sets are present. Besides the 10 binders are also 2 stock books, also in boxes and a carry bag with another stock book. Shipping weight is about 65 - 70 kg.
Estimate $750,000 - 100,000.

Lot 303


China, 1897, Small 2¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue, proof of overprint on thick paper (Scott 79 var. Chan 84 var.), left example showing inverted "S" variety; with vertical fold and very small piece missing under "2" of right stamp, otherwise Very Fine, only 2 examples of this variety are recorded on proofs.
Estimate $600,000 - 800,000.

Lot 622


Taiwan: Imperial Province, 1888, Horse and Dragons, 6 different color trial proofs (Chan F15, F16 vars.), with huge margins. The consignor has said this set was the set illustrated in th ROPEX book, page 216. There is a small red stain on the lower edge of the blue color trial. An absolute show piece! Extremely Fine.
Estimate $500,000 - 750,000.

Lot 623


Taiwan: Imperial Province, 1888, Horse and Dragons, matched pair (Chan F15, F16), with both the red and green stamp with bottom margins with imprint. Only 3 other matched pair are recorded plus the one on the full sheet. Never been offered as a matched set, Very Fine.
Estimate $400,000 - 600,000.

Lot 403

China, 1912 (Feb 13), cover from Hangchow to Indonesia, with ten CIP Coiling Dragon 3¢ (Scott 125, Chan 130) tied with Hangchow bilingual Lunar cds. Returned from destination, with printed paper strip prepared by the Chinese post office used for undeliverable mail, with 2 strikes of the only record example of the Shanghai Dead Letter Office Marking dated Oct 1 and Oct 9. Also with a boxed DLO no. / Original no. rectanguar chop. Many more transit markings on front and back, Fine, a unique showpiece.
Estimate $300,000 - 400,000.

Lot 1149


Japan, 1871, Dragon, 500m greenish blue, plate 1, laid paper (Scott 4a. J.S.C.A. 4f), complete sheet of 40, without gum as issued, guide pin holes at position 8, 20 and 37, margins all around, except position 40, where the cliché was placed low, therefore touching the margin, natural paper thining (position 1, 35) due to how fragile the paper was made initially, bright color and very fresh; light tone spots on some stamps and light pen mark on position 8, otherwise Very Fine and rare, an absolute exhibition piece.
Estimate $100,000 - 150,000.

Lot 418

China, 1912, Nanking "Provisional Neutrality" overprint, $5 deep green & salmon (Scott 145. Chan 151), full clean o.g., a magnificent, superior quality example of this the rarest of the "Neutralities", offering vividly intense colors, along with an overall freshness and state of preservation which belies it's age, Very Fine+, an example worthy of the finest of collections, signed J. R. Hughes with accompanying 1990 APS photo ccertificate.
Estimate $60,000 - 80,000.

Lot 336

China, 1897, Large $1 on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 84. Chan 90), o.g., hinged, Fine.
Estimate $60,000 - 80,000.

Lot 307

China, 1897, Small 2¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue, raised dot variety (Scott 79, 79 var. Chan 84, 84 var), bottom margin block of 4, both top stamps with the variety. 3 stamps (except lower left stamp) have smaller "yin" variety. Lower left stamp has broken top right of "yang" variety (cliché 13) as well as an extra line printed below "R" of "Revenue" to the bottom frame line. A positional piece showing cliché 3-4, 13-14 with bottom margin showing many overprint varieties, immaculate "P.O. fresh" o.g., never hinged; 2 toned perfs on top left stamp, a small crease mark in bottom margin extending to the bottom left corner of bottom left stamp, otherwise Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $50,000 - 75,000.

Lot 642


Taiwan, 1950, Flying Geese, $1-$20 complete (Scott 1007-1011), without gum as issued; slight toning, otherwise Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $50,000 - 75,000.

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