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Lot 6108

Canada, Stockbook Collection of Better Firsts, 1932-64, be they First Day or First Flight covers, this binder has 136 of them; starts with a series of variously franked cacheted covers celebrating Washington's bicentennial, followed by 6¢ Airs and Ottawa Conference overprint; our collector liked Airs, as there's a steady stream of later issues' First Days (along with Air Special Delivery) items; nine First Days with Special Delivery adhesives added (a scarce find!); various First Flights (one with a Maritime & Newfoundland Airways Semi-Official); some Newfoundland First Days, then back to Canada with Silver Jubilee, War and Peace issues, 1935 Pictorials (to the $1!), Royal Visit plate blocks, etc., etc.; some interesting cachets, some earlies postmaster-signed, F.-V.F. or better, the kind of old-time accumulation you don't often find today; see them all online. Shipping charges apply - weight 4.2 lbs.
Suggested Bid $600
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Lot 6109
Canada & Provinces, Solid Stock Selection, several hundred items, all hinged on identified "Nap's Philatelic Service" small-format offer sheets; begins with a nice selection of Newfoundland (from #42), with unused New Brunswick #8, Nova Scotia #9, PEI #5-6, etc.; Canada proper begins with #14 and runs, broken, through #600, with Back-of-the-Book including Airs, Special Deliveries, Registered, Dues, and a couple overprinted Officials; good duplication throughout; three small manila envelopes—all from J.N. Sissons—with glassines full of used #145, 147 and 148 (easily hundreds of each, mostly as singles, but with pairs, blocks and some larger multiples as well; unchecked for cancels, etc.); no earth-shattering rarities, but early issues with marked catalogue values of up to $50, so the total quickly adds up, F.-V.F., time to restock. Shipping charges apply - weight 2 lbs.
Suggested Bid $500
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Lot 6110
Canada & Provinces, Mint and Used Stock, 1850-1975, over 1000 items, mint and used, retail-ready, from #14 on, loaded with high catalogue items to $475; includes unused #14, 21, 30, 35, 38 (no gum), 51-53, 57-58, 98-99, 111, 115-118, 130 pair, 132-133, 175-176, 201, 203, 245; used with #14, 17, 30A, and much more; additional bonus of a red file box and a counter book of nice Provinces; condition varies, but a worthwhile, generally sound lot, F.-V.F. Shipping charges apply - weight 4.8 lbs.
Suggested Bid $650
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