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Netherlands and Colonies

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Lot 6174
Netherlands, The Soldier of Orange Collection, 1852-1991, in a Scott Specialty album, most mint but hundreds of stamps in both mint AND used condition, with many sets beginning in 1930s in black Showguard-style mounts and apparently never hinged; very extensive and approaching completeness, also with large number of booklets, coils and souvenir sheets, with great depth in the highly desirable Semi-Postal sets; highlights include, used: #1-3, 4-6, 7-12, 18, 22, 33, 51-52, 97-98, 100, 278-281, B1-B3, B6-B11, B16-B47, B50-B53, B58-BB71,B73-B418, C1-C3, C6-C8, O9-O15, O16-O19; mint o.g.:#71, 79, 80, 82, 87-89, B1-B11, B16-B47, B50-B71, B73-B127, B203-B218, C1-C 3, C6-C8; mint never hinged: #87-89, 226-243, 326, 336-339, 448-450 in sheetlets-of-ten, B12-B15, B48-B49, B128-B202, B144a, B145a, B219-B223, B229-B367, etc., etc., generally F.-V.F., You might need a Semi-Truck to carry all these choice Semi-Postals. Shipping charges apply - weight 6.2 lbs.
Suggested Bid $750
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Lot 6175
Netherlands, Neat Mint & Used Collection, 1852-1970, a few hundred stamps in two albums, with better used #11-12, 98-105, B1-B3, B25-B32; mint includes #52, 286-300, 306-318, 319-322, B4-B5, B50-B53, B144a, B145a, B214-B218, B291-B295; with a few Officials; bright eye-popping colors, with dozens of mint complete sets; excellent start for this popular country, F.-V.F. Shipping charges apply - weight 3 lbs.
Suggested Bid $500
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Lot 6176

Netherlands, Booklet Collection, 1940-81, collection of 84 booklets on White Ace pages in a binder; most issues represented by an opened and a closed booklet, with handcut booklets until 1965 when they were machine-assembled; includes #243A, 243E, 283, 346Cd, 403a, etc.; also includes a bag of loose booklets, F.-V.F. Shipping charges apply - weight 4.4 lbs.
Suggested Bid $250
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Lot 6177
Netherlands & Colonies, Mint and Used Stock, 1852-1970, approximately 95 stamps on black display cards, all identified by Scott number, many annotated; we note Netherlands used #3 (7), 6 (4), 11 (3), 12 (3), 20 (3), 22 30, 53; mint #4, 18, 74, 190, 327 (2), 368-369 (3), B7-B10, J8; Netherlands Antilles mint #227; Netherlands Indies mint #28, 238, 240; Surinam mint #11, B55-B57, used 30a; etc.; few trivial faults, F.-V.F. Shipping charges apply - weight 1 lbs.
Suggested Bid $700
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Lot 6178
Netherlands & Colonies, Mint, Used & Postal Stationery Collection, 1860-1920, four 5½x8½-inch binders with thousands of mint & used stamps, with the best being the first book with #1 (6) and 2 (8) in somewhat mixed condition, as well as good 1864s & 1867s to the 50c values, then good 1876 mint & used; the 20th century is delightful, Colonies look good for postmarks, and there is Back-of-the-Book here and there as well, making this collection a fascinating viewing with items turning up when least expected; this is part of a world collection, formed decades ago, from a Massachusetts estate, F.-V.F. Shipping charges apply - weight 5 lbs.
Suggested Bid $450
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