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Civil War Postal History: Union

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Lot 3028

Soldier's Letter, interesting four-page letter on a Liberty & Flag patriotic letterhead datelined "Washington D.C., July 19, 1861", written by N.H. Volunteer Henry F. Carey, describing his disenchantment with the officers and their treatment of the volunteers, in part, "Why Charlie our volunteers are not looked after half as well as a common farmer take[s] care of his hogs." he also notes that have "eaten magoty meat" and "bread that was baked in 1810". He also complains of being lied to in order to get him to volunteer and recommends that if his friend wants to serve he should join the Navy, "but for Gods sake keep out of the volunteers company", and concludes that "I shall be discharged the last of next week", Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $100

Henry F. Carey was a 90-day volunteer joining the Second Regiment of the New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, Company "C". He was quickly disenchanted with the officers and their treatment of enlisted soldiers and allowed his enlistment to expire. He still felt the need to support his country. He took his own advice, joined the Navy and was assigned to the
William G. Anderson in the West Gulf Blockading Squadron.
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Lot 3029

Naval Ship Mail - Soldier's Due Letter, cover to Wendell, Mass., properly endorsed with manuscript "Soldiers Letter" and rubber-stamped "E F Jones, Colonel Mass 26th", postmarked "U.S. SHIP/3cts." in circle; reduced slightly at the right, F.-V.F.
Suggested Bid $100
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Lot 3030

Naval Ship Mail - Soldier's Due Letter, cover to Monroeton, Pa., properly endorsed "Soldiers letter, E Oventon Jr Major, 20th Regt Pena Vols" and postmarked with the scarce oval "U.S. SHIP/3cts.", docketed on the reverse "Nov 23 61, D K, H Head" (Hilton Head?); couple edge tears, most of back missing, but damage appears to have occurred in opening, as the docketing is carefully written on what remains of the bottom flap; still quite attractive.
Suggested Bid $75
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Lot 3031

Naval Ship Mail, cover with a bold straightline "U. S. SHIP" tying a 3¢ rose (65), to Dorchester, Mass. and postmarked at Philadelphia, Oct 24, 1864; minor toning at the left edge and flap tears, F.-V.F.
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Lot 3032

"Mortar Schooners at Ft. Jackson, Miss.", colorful advertising trade card for McLaughlin's XXXX Coffee, picturing sailors on deck shelling the fort; upper left corner slightly creased, F.-V.F.
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Lot 3033

Taking of Fort Fisher, Clerk's copy of Admiral David Porter's letter to Acting Master Chase as the U.S.S. Louisiana as she was prepared to serve as a "Powder Ship" to blow up below the seaward wall of the fort in advance of the Union's assault; headed "North Atlantic Squadron, U.S. Flag Ship 'Malvern'", the letter reads, "As soon as Captain Rhind assumes command of the 'Louisiana' you will see that all the officers and men not required by him do return to their respective vessels and will apply for a tug for that purpose."; partly split along fold at the bottom and missing a bit of text on the right edge, Fine. An historic letter, though not the original that would have been in Porter's own hand., .
Suggested Bid $100

After a delay caused by bad weather,
Louisiana was towed into position below the seaward wall on December 23. A fire was set, fuses were lit, and Captain Rhind and his volunteer crew abandoned the ship to wait for 1:18 a.m., when the fuses were timed to explode. The fuses apparently failed but the fire that was set eventually made its way to the powder and Louisiana exploded—but with very little effect. The planned assault was eventually abandoned until mid-January, when, in a second attack, the massed gunfire of the fleet and amphibious assault compelled the surrender of the fort.
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