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Lot 885
Monaco & Andorra, Collection of Mint & Used, 1885-1987. Mounted in a Scott Specialty album, includes mint 1-4, 7-8, 9 with 2000 APEX certificate, 10, 27, 30-32, 40-49, 60-92, 110-130, 159, 176, B8, B19-B23, B26-B35, C36-C39, C41-C44, C55-C58, CB11-CB14, used J18, French Andorra mint 19-21, 65-77 less 71, 114-123, 124-142, C1, C4, J32-J41, some scarce stamps present, please review, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $3,500 - 5,000.
Realized $2,700.
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Lot 886
Monaco & French Andorra, Mint & Used Collection, 1885-1994. Mounted in a Scott album and a binder, mint Monaco has 159, 262-279, 288-291 complete sheets perf and imperf, 328-332, B19-B23, B36-B50, B96-B99 perf and imperf sheets, C36-C39, C41-C44, CB11-CB14, mint French Andorra includes 1-22, 124-142, 143-153, 159-160, C1, C2-C4, and much more, deluxe proofs, souvenir sheets and loads of complete mint sets, a treasure for these countries specialists, please peruse, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $1,600.
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Lot 887
Monaco, Millésimes Collection. Neatly arranged in a stockbook by type, denomination and gutter-printed number; a vast array of material, with a jaw-dropping cumulative catalogue value; issues included are surcharged Albert I, Louis I I portraits, Louis II Arms and Postage Dues; quantities of each number range from 1 to 66; hinges spotted peeking through perforations, but spot checking also turned up n.h. examples as well; catalogue value based on the lowest value (when the same number was used on different years' printings) and as hinged, and does not take into account blank gutter pairs, singles and non-gutter blocks that are present as well; pairs, blocks of 4 (both with and without top sheet margins), as well as partial cross-gutter sheets are all here--as are a handful of used pairs; we even found one variety (number "0" on the 1c Recouvrement Dues) that wasn't listed in our 2007 Dallay listings (included with the stockbook), condition varies, but generally Fine to Very Fine, an outstanding compilation ready for study or sale; inspection invited.
Dallay €19,000+ ($22,140).
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
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Lot 888
Monaco, Magnificent Collection, 1885-1997. In 5 Davo luxe albums, with a high degree of completion; there is much better here, including (n.h., unless noted) #15 mint, 20 mint, 27 used, 159 mint, 262-273, 333 mint, 904a, 962a, 1024a, 1068a, 1816a (imperf; 1992 Europa), 1862a (imperf; 1993 Europa), 1905a (imperf; 1994 Europa), B2-5 mint, B9-17 mint, B19-23 mint, B26-35, B51-60, B94, C1 used, C45, C53-54, CB7-10 mint, CB11-14, etc., a very pretty collection, with album pages extending to 2007--have fun filling them!
Yvert approximately €12,000 ($13,980) (Owner's).
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $850.
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Lot 889
Monaco, Mint Collection, 1922-76. Mounted on Scott pages in a Scott Specialty album, includes 40-49, 131-144, 145-158, 159, 252-273, 319-320, 365, 948-954, B26-B35, B36-B50, B51-B60, B94, B99a, C36-C39, C53-C54, C55-C58, C69-C72A, CB7-CB10, bright & clean, an impressive collection, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $4,800 (Owner's) Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $500.
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