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Lot 916
Lot 917

Russia, Spectacular Comprehensive Russian Soviet Republic Collection, 1917-67. A wonderful, nice quality, all mint collection, complete less only a few stray items, housed in 3 Schaubek albums; begins with the final Romanov set (Scott #88-104) and is virtually complete from there, including #238a-41c, 487-488, 489-509, 519-523, 536-539, 540-545, 546-550, 551-554, 555-558, 559-568, with apparently complete regular issues from there, plus #B24-29, B38-42 (a rare set); tremendous Airmails like #C15-19, C20-25, C26-29, C30-33, C34-51, C35a, C37-39, C40-44, C45-49, C53-57, C58-67, C68; great souvenir sheets like mint and used examples of 10801-1082a, 1325, 1327a, etc.; loads of value here, o.g., later never hinged, generally fresh and Fine to Very Fine or better, a wonderful collection of this popular country; well worth a careful inspection.
Estimate $7,500 - 10,000.
Realized $8,500.
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Lot 918
Russia, Useful Holding, 1800s To 1900s, Some Even Into the 21st Century. Intact as purchased by the owner, we note old album pages, individual sets, singles, multiples, souvenir sheets, covers, formed over five decades and counting, also many newer issues as they were issued, we noted better items throughout which included Republics, offices and Back-of-Book, a really meaty lot that one can sink ones teeth into, presented here for easy viewing, you will quickly get to our low estimate and then some, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $3,500 - 5,000.
Realized $6,250.
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Lot 919
Russia, Desirable Mint & Used Collection, 1858-1993. Marvelous property in two Scott albums with a high degree of completion, and several items that one does not see very often in the average collection, incl. used 19th Century representation, followed by countless sets or part sets (mint unless denoted) such as 1922 (B25-29), 1922 (B30-33), 1922 (CO1-2 & CO4), 1925 (294-97), 1930 (C12-13), 1931-32 (C15-19), 1931 (C26-29, used & C30-33, mint), 1932 (C34-35, used), 1932 (485-86), 1933 (487-88, used), 1933 (489-509, used), 1933 (C40-44 & C45-49, used), 1935 (546-50, used), 1935 (C58-67, used), 1935 (559-68, used), 1938 (666-77, used) & 1949 (1325, used), followed by a well-filled section of sets and souvenir sheets issued in the 1950s-1990s period. The collection is solid mint from the early 1970s onwards. Great opportunity that collectors of this popular country will not want to miss! Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $2,200.
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Lot 920
Russia, Stupendous Mint & Used Collection, 1858-1968. In a Scott album, with better mint 242-249, 265-268, 336-341, 342-344, 479, 545, 596, 606-609, 647-658, 857-858, 859, C10-C11, C15-C19, C26-C29, C83-C90, plus scores more of mint & used sets and singles, a steal for the intrepid bidder, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $1,700.
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Lot 921
Russia, Postal Stationery Collection, 1881-1932. Over 120 Tsarist and Soviet items housed in a Lighthouse covers album; envelopes, postal cards, letter cards, message-reply cards, mint and used; Soviet postal cards with slogans and illustrations, a very pretty collection of material, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $1,100.
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Lot 922
Russia, Philatelic Jumble, 1857-2000. Mounted in fourteen volumes, includes mint & used collection, fiscals, volume of space topicals, Russia Offices in China, Offices in the Turkish Empire, Ukraine with trident issues, Trans Caucasian Federated Republics, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Batum & Georgia, a great selection of this popular country, mixed condition… bottom line, an enthralling compilation with much value, and overall condition tending to run Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $2,700.
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Lot 923

Russia, Solid Souvenir Sheet Collection, 1922-76. Presented in black Vario stockpages, this interesting lot begins with full sheets of 25 of #216, 219 (perf separations at right), 220, 230-231, 237-241 and 241A, with the 239 and 241 sheets showing the printer's imprint in the bottom margin; very little duplication (two each of 603a and 959), with all n.h. save 959 (1 hinged, 1 n.h.) and sound except 596 (crease), 1943a (major thins) and 2002a (damaged/torn at left of sheet)--though none of these affect the stamp; additional sheets present include 970, 1079a-1083a, 1145a, 1360a, 1747a-b, 1757a, 1767a, 1786a-1787a, 2080a, varieties of 2106 (2), 2211a, a late 4436, and C75a, o.g., nearly all never hinged, generally Fine to Very Fine or better, take the advice of the advertising cards also included: "Buy Soviet Postage Stamps!"
Scott $1,140 Estimate $300 - 400.
Realized $225.
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Lot 924
Russian Offices in China, Cancels Assortment, 1899/1917. 100+ mostly Offices in China issues plus some Russia regular issues with various Chinese office cancels of Shanghai, Tientsin, Chefoo, Hankow, Peking, Chinese Eastern Railway (Manchuli Station), Sinkiang offices with Chuguchuk, Kashgar, Kuldzha plus Harbin (manchuria), includes multiples and on piece, usual mixed condition but better thsn usually seen and with many clear distinct cancles, generally Fine to Very Fine, ideal for the enthusiast in this challenging area.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $800.
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