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Lot 940
Switzerland & Liechtenstein, Collection and Stock, 19th & 20th Century. With duplicates housed in four stockbooks, starts with a page of cantonals that are for reference into the Rayons, later regular issues, including forerunners, semi postals, airmails, then Liechtenstein, two smaller books were cataloged at over $10,000.00, the other two books should catalog more thn these making the aggragate total quite high, condition seemed very nice and a useful holding, a lovely lot and a swift review will help, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $1,600.
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Lot 941

Switzerland & Liechtenstein, Airmail Flights, 1920s Onwards. In single cover album housing over 120 covers (some Liechtenstein but mostly Swiss), a nice mix of covers with some duplication but not too much, large retail value, excellent for the internet trader or collector, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $1,100.
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Lot 942

Switzerland & Liechtenstein, Cover Selection, 19th & 20th Century. A few hundred items, starting with the Rayon issue we note a few fronts on the earlies, but a solid run which includes a few "lookers", there is a group of modern stationery, but includes some nice valuable items that should bring a few hundred dollars each and more, worthy of a quick review, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $1,200.
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Lot 943
Switzerland, Incredible Collection, 1851-1907. Helvetia Heaven! Thousands and thousands of classic Switzerland in two large stockbooks, with greatest strength in Sitting and Standing Helvetias; all used, sorted in specialized detail: includes perforation, color, die and type varieties; items have been selected for freshness, condition and quality, with many choice and Luxus cancellations, generally Fine to Very Fine or better, a True Philatelic Paradise; one of the best such stocks we have ever seen, with 1996 Berra-Gautschy photo certificate for Zumstein 23A and 2013 Marchand photo certificates for Zumstein 20 and 24A.
Scott $125,000 Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.
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Lot 944

Switzerland, Exceptional Nearly All Mint Comprehensive Collection, 1843-1955. Remarkably vast and valuable, compact in nature, in 3 parts; Part I is a straightforward, all mint collection from 1854-1955 on Scott pages, with every space filled from the imperf seated Helvetias on, with Standing Helvetias, all souvenir sheets, Airposts, Semis and Dues largely represented--all of this in its own right quite remarkable; Part II is a Scott #2L1 Double Geneva with accompanying 2002 Hans P. Renggli photo certificate stating repaired and without gum, the item appears Very Fine and carries a catalogue value of $77,500; Part III is an old Maury album page of used, including Scott #7b (cert), several Cantonals, etc. (quite possibly a reference item or 2 in this section). Overall fresh, Fine to Very Fine, catalogue value well in excess of $100,000! A most unusual and exceptional lot; inspection invited.
Estimate $7,500 - 10,000.
Realized $5,750.
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Lot 945
Switzerland, Stamps and Covers Collection to 1953. Presented in 8 springback binders, an extensive collection of attractive singles, some n.h., with a wonderful parallel used collection; many covers, including FDCs, Air, Registered, Feldpost; souvenir sheets, etc.; a useful collection that includes NABA sheet unused and on cover; exhibition cancels, charity picture postcard sets; many destinations, combos and markings on the covers, Very Fine throughout, a plethora of Swiss postal history; please examine.
Estimate $4,000 - 6,000.
Realized $2,700.
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Lot 946
Switzerland, Exceptional Mint and Used Collection, 1850-2002. Many hundreds neatly arranged in three 32-page stockbooks; highlights include used Scott #3, 8, 8a, 27 strip of 3, 89-93 (90 mint) and mint 75, 86-88, 88a, 88b, 97, 97a, 111, 126-145, 182-185 and then virtually complete to 2002 including the NABA sheet, Pax issue, etc.; Semi-Postals are complete, with B4-9 & B12-672 all NH--including all the souvenir sheets except B143 (l.h.); Airs are also complete, including grilled gum and C25a (NH); Postage Dues include J11 mint & J19 used, and the Officials are fairly complete, but lack most of the $50+ stamps; as for condition, the earlies are just a little mixed, but otherwise, except for a few minor flaws, everything is clean, Fine to Very Fine, a marvelous lot.
Scott $20,000 Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $1,600.
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Lot 947
Switzerland, Proof Collection, 1938-78. 58 items in a binder, includes proof of B104, then progressive color proofs of B144, B170, B206, 352a, B297, B323, B344, a gorgeous collection, please examine, Very Fine.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $2,100.
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Lot 948

Switzerland, Hotel Post Stamps, 1864-87. A beautiful specialized, mostly mint hinged collection on pages in a Davo album; includes partial sheets, various types, sheet reconstructions, etc., please inspect, seldom offered.
Estimate $2,500 - 3,500.
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Lot 949

Switzerland, Incredible Selection of Better Covers, 1900-50s. A massive, exceptionally clean and select group of over 700 covers, hand-picked and put away over the years, with each item in its own cover sleeve; much of the coverage and value lies in the 1920s-40s items, with literally dozens of souvenir sheets on cover, plus quite a few additional covers with the stamp excised from the sheet and dozens of better souvenir sheets in quantity; additionally, we note nice early issue Semi-Postal covers, excellent flight covers, a couple nice Semi-Official Airmail covers, early picture postcards, censors, several choice Postage Due covers, Military Stamp covers, etc.; a lovely holding, inspection a breeze, retail should be $6,000-$7,000, bulk Fine to Very Fine or better, a great opportunity for the trader.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $2,200.
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Lot 950
Switzerland, Dealer's Glory, 1850-1978. In 2large stockbooks loaded with both mint and used in useful quantities; note used #1, Seated and Standing Helvetias (with shades), 1946 PAX set n.h. (2), NABA block n.h., Pro Patria & Pro Juventute issues throughout, Aarau 1938 sheets mint and used; post-1963 appears to be all used, wonderful stock for the internet or packet dealer.
Scott approximately $75,000 Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $2,600.
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Lot 951
Switzerland, Dealer's Stock, 1850s-2000. Wonderful, mostly used stock, all in useful quantities, many matched sets; includes some Airs, excellent early Semi-Postals, regular issues and commemoratives; exceptionally clean and very useful; we can only imagine what potential retail is.
Scott $25,000 estimated Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $850.
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Lot 952
Switzerland, Massive RevenueAccumulation. Thousands and thousands of stamps (owner estimates 5,000) with singles, on piece and a few documents, duplication and usual mixed condition. This would be a wonderful study lot with plenty of interesting cancels and stamps not usually seen here in the U.S., generally Fine to Very Fine appearance.
Scott $1,000 Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $900.
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Lot 953
Switzerland, Cantons/States, Fascinating and Well-Annotated Reference Collection. An exceptional, well-researched and -presented one-volume collection of hundreds; begins with an exhaustive study of the Basel Doves, with facsimiles, reference items by forger, and a great range of different forged proofs, etc.; the second protion of this intriguing lot lies with the Geneva issues, including single and double Genevas with several hundred in all, again featuring examples by forger, facsimile cancels, etc., Fine to Very Fine, lovely, intensive study--a specialist's delight; examine.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $1,300.
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Lot 954

Switzerland, Postal History Tumble, 1924-75. Approximately 125 covers housed in two cover albums, better includes 1930 Zeppelin picture postcard with red Basel Flugpost cachet and C11, 1936 Zurich to New York flight cover franked with C12 & C9, 1954 first flight with pair C28, 1924 airmail cover with strip of five 186, 172, C5 and Sanabria S1, great lot for the internet dealer, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $400.
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Lot 955
Switzerland, Specialized Perforated Seated Helvetias Collection. A very attractive, keenly assembled collection of covers, post cards, items of postal stationery, a beautiful newspaper usage, plus off-cover singles and combinations on piece, all mounted on seven album leaves; each item is selected for interest, with a lovely array of unusual usages, premium cancels, etc., mostly Very Fine, a lovely assemblage; examine.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $350.
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Lot 956
Switzerland, Collection, 1907-53. On quadrilled pages in Biella Gotthard springback binder; very strong back-of-the-book; stamps are fresh, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $4,290 Estimate $500 - 700.
Realized $275.
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Lot 957

Switzerland, Postal History Melody, 19th & 20th Century. Many hundreds if not thousands of items which include all aspects of postal history, an interesting selection of stampless, soldier's stamps, airmails, semi postals, postal stationery, postage dues, officials, censored, parcel cards, you-name-it and its likely here, we noticed items worth $100 each and up, vast majority is dollar box material though in searching through you will find many useful and better items, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $325.
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Lot 958
Switzerland, Souvenir Sheets, 1936-2002. Accumulation of about 80 souvenir ot miniature sheets in a stockbook; slight duplication except for B131, of which there are 20 mint and 14 used; all are never hinged including the used, which are just about all canceled to order; also incs an FDC of B144.
Scott $3,050 Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $250.
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Lot 959

Switzerland, Large Early 18th Century Ephemera Collection. Approximately 250-300 letters, receipts and financial correspondence, a wonderful study lot with plenty of interesting items not typically seen here in the United States, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $300 - 400.
Realized $180.
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Lot 960

Switzerland, Postal Card Collection, 1953. 184 different postal cards, each featuring a different Swiss city, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $150 - 200.
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