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British Commonwealth
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Lot 537
British Commonwealth, Superb Mostly All Mint Collection. A truly outstanding, probably 90+% mint collection through the KGVI years housed in four vintage but absolutely serviceable Scott Specialty albums. The collection abounds with premium items as the images on the Web indicate, with outstanding Canada like (all items mint unless noted) Scott #46-47, 56, 58, 60, 65, 96-103, 158, 177; Caymans 3-7, 8-12, 64-68, 85-96, 110-11; Dominica 34, 54, 56-63, 65-82; Montserrat 12-21, 22-30, 31A-40, 42; Newfoundland 67-74, 115-26, 128, 131-44, 145-59, 172-82, C13-17; Leewards 103-15; Jamaica 75-87, 88-100; Grenada 79-88, 91-112; strong St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos, St. Vincent and Virgin Islands; Antigua 17, 31-38, 41; Bahamas 110-13, 116-29, 132-47; excellent Bermuda, Barbados 10-08, 116-26, 127-39, 140-51; wonderful British Africa like BCA 17 (fresh o.g., tiny thin), 51, 54, 58; GEA N101-05, N106-20; Rhodesia 25-45; Nyasaland 68-81; S. Rhodesia 1-14; Nigeria 38-49; Gambia 2, 3-4; Egypt 121-23 (used, rare), 148-49; plus strong Great Britain proper (earlies used), Australia, Solomons, Papua, Ceylon 166-77 and much, much more. Fresh, generally Fine to Very Fine or better, an outstanding old-time lot, simply not to be missed--examine.
Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.
Realized $10,500.
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Lot 538
British Commonwealth, Rule the Waves Collection, 1850-2000. From old to new in 7 albums; a great deal of better Classic material, along with very good issues of George V, George VI and Elizabeth II; many good definitive sets present, from countries including Antigua, Ascension, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Dominica, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta, Singapore, etc., massive catalogue on this ever-popular collecting area; add to your collection, or enrich your stock.
Estimate $6,000 - 8,000.
Realized $5,750.
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Lot 539

British Commonwealth, Top Heavy in Later Issues Into the 21st Century. Various and sundry of issues purchased individually and in sets from various dealers, shows, mail auctions (some are even still on the lot pages), followed up with a new issue subscription to various countries that includes face-value valid ones such as Australia, Canada & New Zealand and includes some year sets/packs, a very useful and interesting assortment that will fulfill ones "treasure hunting" indoors, useful and a breeze to view and evaluate, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $3,750.
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Lot 540
British Commonwealth, Never-Setting Collection, 1840-1982. Extensive mostly used lot in 3 binders and 2 stockbooks; good solid Classics abound, including Great Britain: 2 Penny Blacks; 3 Penny Reds (1 imperf, 1 perf); 5 2d Blues (4 imperf, 1 perf), Australia (including a 1/ Kangaroo with inverted watermark), Barbados, Canada, Ceylon (including Scott #180var, a 4p King Edward VII with inverted watermark), Egypt, Hong Kong (with an 1891 Jubilee overprint), India, New Zealand, South Africa, etc., very much worth the time to view.
Estimate $2,500 - 3,500.
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Lot 541

British Commonwealth, Mint Collection. Housed in eleven stock books in a box, includes Australia 554-579, C4, Falkland Islands, Great Britain, Mauritius 306-320, New Zealand, Norfolk Island, Papua & New Guinea 188-198, 209-220, Rhodesia 223-236, Seychelles, Sierra Leone 208-220, 227-239, South Georgia 17-30, Tristan da Cunha 222-233, with many mint NH sets and souvenir sheets, an inexpensive opportunity to restock, o.g., never hinged, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $1,300.
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Lot 542
British Commonwealth, Mint Conglomeration, 1880-2000. Thousands of mostly mint, mostly NH stamps & souvenir sheets on hundreds of stock pages, with Australia 314-331, 394-419, Bermuda 175-191, British Antarctic 64-67 (5), 72-75, British Guiana 253-267, Cayman Islands 135-149, 153-167, Cyprus 168-182, Grenada 171-183, Leeward Islands 133-147, Malaysia 20-27, Mauritius 276-290, North Borneo 280-295, South Georgia 1-16, Tristan da Cunha 1-12, Omnibus sets include Peace Issue, UPU Issue, Churchill Issue, and the hits just keep on coming, with hundreds of mint NH complete sets, patience will be needed in viewing, especially with NH material, the number one money maker in this sale, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $2,400.
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Lot 543
British Commonwealth, Africa and Middle East Collection, 1866-1950. Mint and used; you'll find many better sets and singles here, in overall very good condition, among them Aden 1937 to 10R mint and used, 1939 to 10R, 1948 Royal Silver Wedding mint and used, as well as later better issues; Egypt, Iraq, Trans-Jordan 1933 to 100m mint; Sudan, Somaliland George V to 5R, 1942 to 5R, 1951 to 5/; Tangier, etc., a nice collection--see for yourself.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $1,700.
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Lot 544
British Commonwealth, Mint & Used Collection, 1858-1950. Mounted on quadrille pages in four volumes, includes Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Brunei, Burma, Ceylon, Fiji, India, Gambia, Gold Coast, Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika, Mauritius, Nigeria, Straits Settlements mint 44, 46, 48, 52, 54, 83, 85, 99-100, 121, 213-216, 245, Malaya 18, 18a, used 36, Kedah 46-49, Penang 21, North Borneo 65, 67, 193-204, Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland Protectorate, Pitcairn Islands 1-8, Rhodesia, Sarawak 1, 109-129, Seychelles 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 16, 18, Sierra Leone, Somaliland Protectorate, Singapore 1-17, South Africa with good used triangles, Southern Rhodesia, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanganyika, 29-42, Zanzibar, a sweet collection just begging to be broken up, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $2,500.
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Lot 545
British Commonwealth and U.S., Collection / Accumulation. In 7 large stock books, 3 large stock book albums, and 5 small stockbooks, strong in British Commonwealth with a little U.S. thrown in sorted by issue in stock books with occasional duplicates, containing: Omnibus sets, partial 1935 Silver Jubilee, with apparently complete 1937 Coronation and 1945 Peace sets, a stock five books of 1937 Coronation issues in various quantities of blocks and singles, Antigua 19, Australian States including some Queensland Chalon heads, some nice Tasmania, and about a dozen early Western Australia swans stamps, Ascension 20, 23-32, 40-49, Bermuda some early Victoria's, Dry Dock and Ship issues, 2/6 and 10/- George V key plates, 55-69, 71-79, Gibbons 72a, 28 stamps from George VI key plates with denominations from 2/- to £1 and many duplicates in row after row that would be a great resource for the specialist, British Guiana some early ships, British Honduras 101, 115-26, Canada 99, 158 (2 used, 1 NH with Greene certificate), C4 (3), Cyprus some early mint George V definitives, Gold Coast 17-18 mint blocks, 98-107 (4 mint sets), Great Britain 1 (2), 2, 4, a good selection of high catalog value early Victoria's, some shilling values Victoria's and Edward VII, 111-22, 127-38, 286-89, a mint Windsor castle set, an interesting India and States accumulation, Jamaica 15, 30 mint, Mauritius some early Victoria's, coat of arms issues up to 1R, Newfoundland 19, 54, 55, St. Vincent early Victoria heads, a United States section with some nice bank notes and Washington Franklins and $100's worth of face value postage in sheets. Usual mixed condition, generally Fine to Very Fine appearance, a useful collection with plenty of great stamps hidden among common stamps. If you have the time and a little expertise, this lot is worth considering. Viewing recommended to properly evaluate.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $2,900.
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Lot 546
British Commonwealth, A-B Collection, 1937-89. Housed in a Scott album containing a wealth of material, amongst which are nice thematics and some better stamps such as (mint, unless noted) Aden-Qu'aiti 15; British Guiana 157-159, 245; British Honduras 130; British Indian Ocean Territory 1-15 n.h. (including variety on #8); British East Africa 15, 16, 18, 19, 23, 25, 78; British Solomon Islands 67-79 (73 missing), 83 n.h.; Barbuda 6, 7, 8; Basutoland 18-28, 40, 61-71 n.h. as singles and in pairs; plus extensive Bahamas, Belize and Bermuda, worth viewing.
Estimate $800 - 1,200.
Realized $700.
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Lot 547

British Commonwealth, Very Pretty Collection, 1953-75. In 2 well-filled Simplex albums; a mainly mint tour of the Colonies from A to Z, with many better, including definitive sets to the high values (though several short sets appear as well); fresh condition on the whole, even Liz would be proud; come see.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $600.
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Lot 548
British Commonwealth, Mostly Mint Collection, 1900-2000. Hundreds of mint stamps and souvenir sheets held in four stockbooks, from British Americas, British Africa, British Asia, British Pacific, a nice way to pick up those odd Scott numbers needed to complete your sets, come on done, grab a chair and set awhile, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $350.
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Lot 549
British Commonwealth, Mostly Mint Collection, 1880-1975. On album pages and stock pages, includes Bahamas 85-89, 148-149, Cayman Islands 100-111, Falkland Islands 39, Solomon Islands 67-79, 89-105, Ireland block of 24 with 4 varieties, Saint Helena 93, British Honduras 167-178, with much more British West Indies, lots of fresh sale able material, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $650.
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Lot 550
British Commonwealth, Collection, 1880-2000. Stashed in a Lindner stockbook, with mint Aden 30-31, Bahrain 301, 313, British Indian Ocean Territory 39-42, Maldives 21, Penrhyn Island 25-30, Tuvalu specimens, Tonga 54-62, with many better, please investigate, well worth allotting time to view, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $350 - 500.
Realized $200.
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