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The Leo Malz Specialized Collections of Latin America


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Lot 361
Brazil, Magnificent Airmail Proofs Collection, 1929-45, superb and keenly assembled, approximately 69 select items housed on a dozen beautifully customized and annotated album pages; coverage begins with the Second Airmail issue of 1929 (the "Pioneers of Aviation" series, #C17-C21 & C22-C24), which includes 15 different trial color plate proofs for #C17-C21, plus 25 select items for #C22-C24, including trial color plate proofs on proof paper and on card stock, including pairs and multiples; continuing on, we note #C25 (two different trial color proofs); #C43 (Census issue) and #511 (Aviation Week issue) each offering five or six different perforated trial color proofs on cardboard page; #C48 nine different imperforate trial color proofs; #C53 Philatelic Exhibition souvenir sheet trial impression showing each stamp design framed in black; 1943 Lawyers Conference unique original artwork design for issued stamp; plus #C63 two different die proofs in lilac, etc., Very Fine is the rule, a superb holding of beautiful and rare material; see it all imaged online.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $3,750.
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Lot 362
Brazil, The Blame It on the Bossa Nova Collection, 1843-1982, in a slipcased Scott Specialty album, from an old-fashioned obsessive quality-conscious collector; postally used, about 99% complete, with many beautiful cancellations; includes #1-3, 7-10, 21-28, 37-40, 47, 53-60, 61-67, 68-78, 79-81, 82-85, 86-91, 93-98, 99-108, 141-145, 151-158, 240, 342-355, 364, 374, B1-B4, J1-J9, C1-C6, C7-C16, C53, C73A, etc., along with many souvenir sheets; some mint o.g. items include #1CL1-1CL7 and 3CL23-3CL24, overall Very Fine.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $2,300.
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Lot 363

Brazil, Extensive Revenue Accumulation, a substantial holding of over 1000 stamps neatly assembled in a stockbook; mostly imperforates and proofs from the 1930s; most are in margin blocks or strips with Minister signatures, etc.; the stamps are of similar design to the issued stamps of the period of the Federal government, etc.; very interesting and unusual, Fine to Very Fine or better, a nice specialist lot; see a sampling of what's in store online.
Estimate $300 - 400.
Realized $325.
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Lot 364
Brazil, Rich and Varied Stock of Varieties, 1933-94, on dealer sheets, stock cards and pages, a wide and enticing array of imperforates, part-perforates, proofs, and more; begins with an array of seldom seen imperforates on stamp paper (not proofs) as pairs or blocks of four; imperforate at selvage singles; Hill imperforate sheetlet, Vargas perforated; several examples of the "1245" plate error on #640; imperforate Specimens, progressive proofs and color varieties, reversed surcharge colors, 1954 Children's Games "stone at foot" plate flaw; a unique #C103 sheet, the top two rows underinked, the bottom three unprinted; #496a-498a used; #713 with four differently colored overprints for regional philatelic expo (singles plus used on Expo sheetlets); set of eight Victory issue folders, seven with insert text in a different language (Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Esperanto—the last three scarce to rare), plus one with inserts in all seven languages; and much, much more; clean, bright and uncommon, Very Fine, a must-see; imaged in full online.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $1,500.
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Lot 365

Brazil, Sensational Selection of Specialty Items, 1843-1983, over 50 dealer pages in a small-format binder, choc-a-bloc with errors and varieties of every kind, regular issues, Revenues, etc., with many if not most fully annotated with rarity indicators; among the myriad highlights are a pretty set of #1-3 used, various Numerals used (some on piece), #852 margin pair on marbleized paper (scarce), #1084 with inscriptions in black rather than blue (only a few copies known), #1586 with brown shifted down leading to a design change (one sheet of 36 known), #1752 with color shifted (36 examples known from one sheet), #2127 imperforate (only a few examples known), etc., plus misperforations, colors missing or out-of-register, Essays, Exhibition overprints, publicity photos, Sergipe Revenues with Waterlow control punch (2 sets), the same without punch but with overprints and a group of four used, small-format 1930s Sergipe Revenues in perforated and imperforate blocks of four, unissued Federal Wine stamps, #J28-J40 Specimens, Condor and VARIG stamps, 1930 Zeppelin Semi-Officials used, and so much more, o.g., never hinged, Very Fine overall, a hot little item well worth ogling; see it all online.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $1,700.
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Lot 366
Brazil, Sumptuous Selection of Proofs, 1934-47, solid binder with 24 sides of die and trial color proofs (several on original Kessler auction forms), with an emphasis on Airmail issues; note gorgeous proof of #386 die-sunk on card, punched progressive proof pairs of #452; #465 trial color in blue on carton paper, a trio of trial colors of #640, various proofs and trials of #C62-C63 (singles and pairs), set of five trial colors of 1939 200r Southern Cross; strong Victory series (#628-632) as imperforate pairs on paper, singles on card (affixed to clip-outs of page), plus a complete set of card proofs on cover (!); and more, Very Fine, fresh and uncommon; see it all online.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $1,100.
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