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The Leo Malz Specialized Collections of Latin America


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Lot 390

Ecuador, Diverse Postal History Selection, Ca. 1860s-1950s, interesting range of over 50 items, beginning with a pair of #4 covers, each with horizontal pairs used to Lima; a lovely #5 pair on cover; #7 single franking to Quito; an 1893 5c on 5c Provisional cover to Paris; a very scarce 1889 cover franked #O36-O37; a rare 1896 Registered cover franked by 20c Official (#O38) to Finland (Russie); postal card cut-outs used as postage, Censors and nice Airmail covers; #42 on embossed US Consulate Guayaquil cover to Panama, and loads more, Fine to Very Fine, great mix for the trader, or to spice up any collection; take a look online.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $1,700.
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Lot 391

Ecuador, Wonderful Specialized Assemblage, an excellent group including 16 choice American Bank Note Company die proofs, both finished and unfinished masters, including examples for 1929 Airmail issue, numerous lovely examples for 1952 President Galo & Truman issue, etc.; we also note #738-743 and C435-C440 imperforate pairs (only 50 issued), beautiful essay sheets for the Tourist Bureau Airmails, unissued Official Airmails for the FDR series, etc., Fine to Very Fine or better, lovely group; imaged in full online.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $800.
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Lot 392

Ecuador, Lovely, Eclectic Accumulation, a super selection of several dozen or so items, including #146-151 (2 sets of corner margin sheet number blocks of four); lots of scarce Waterlow & Sons Ltd. Specimen items, including six Telegraph stamp punched and overprinted sheetlets of nine, a 1900 20c Telegraph vignette die proof, plus numerous additional overprinted items; in addition, we note an excellent range of major overprint varieties, some imperforates, and more, Fine to Very Fine or better, a nice mix, fully imaged online.
Estimate $350 - 500.
Realized $800.
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Lot 393

Ecuador, Extraordinary Counterbook Assemblage of Errors, Varieties and Proofs, amazing holding of perhaps a few dozen or so items, each on a separate counterbook page in a binder; includes just a few straightforward items like #CO8 mint and used singles plus a used set, but basically we find Specimen sets, die proofs, American Bank Note Company proofs, surcharge and overprint varieties, imperforate pairs and margin singles, color and printing shifts, missing colors, misperforations, etc.; a great way to add some spice to any collection, or to wheel out on the internet, Fine to Very Fine, imaged in full online.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $900.
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Lot 394
Ecuador, The Guayaquil Killer Collection, 1865-1982, in a Scott Specialty album with dustcase, primarily used (including #C1-C5 and others) and largely complete, from an old-fashioned obsessive quality-conscious collector, with some beautiful c.d.s. cancels; individual rarities are mint items and generally never hinged; with scarce errors, inverted overprints and varieties, including (never hinged unless noted): #691-693/C409-C411 in imperforate blocks of\ four; #694/C413 imperforate pairs; #832 vertical pair horizontally imperforate; #C64 with triple surchage; #C135a (Sanabria #171a) double surcharge o.g.; scarce Sanabria #203-205 (1350 sets printed) and #206-208; #C398-C400 imperforate blocks of four; Sanabria #E9 essay in red inscribed Specimen; #RA19a used inverted overprint; Air Post Officials Michel #162-166, 167-176, 177-185 imperforates; also includes collection of Officials, Postal Tax stamps, Telegraphs and Revenues, as well as #63-69 forgeries in never hinged blocks of four; other specialized material includes a collection of dozens of used 1902 Provisional handstamps arranged and presented in detail, overall Very Fine, very difficult-to-find items.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $1,700.
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Lot 395
Ecuador, Exceptional and Eclectic Old-Time Selection of Varieties, &c., a wonderful and diverse group housed in a three-ring binder, including imperforate blocks and part-sheets, part-perforated multiples, dozens of overprint varieties including inverts and doubles, Postal Tax varieties, #775C complete sheet of 50 unoverprinted (believed to be unique), proofs, etc., etc.; a truly fun and unusual lot, challenging even for the specialists out there, Fine to Very Fine, imaged in full online.
Estimate $350 - 500.
Realized $800.
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Lot 396
Ecuador, Superb and Valuable Old-Time Specialized Collection, a very interesting and diverse assembly of 16 stockpages; begins with a substantial, duplicated mint and used selection of the 1865-72 First Issues, including #7 (3 Extremely Fine mint pairs, a strip of three, along with numerous mint and used singles including white paper types); various 1R items including mint vertical pair and strip of four, with lots of mint or used singles; nice used 1R green signed Calves; 4R red (2), etc., in addition to a First Issue reference selection as well; we note some later overprint varieties, punched proof blocks of four, various ca. 1920s card proofs, Consular Service stamp varieties, #O136-O155 with inverted "Oficial" overprints (rare), #CO6a (rare mint, signed Sanabria and Kessler), #C32-C34 cover, #CO1-CO8 cover, a fantastic 1930 Registered internal cover that contained a winning lottery ticket, a wonderful trio of 1956 "Sucre" overprint essays used on cover (Sanabria #EE, EF and ED), etc., Fine to Very Fine, a great lot chock-full of elusive material; imaged complete online—do not miss this one.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $3,250.
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