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The Leo Malz Specialized Collections of Latin America


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Lot 451

Nicaragua, Fabulous, Eclectic Specialist's Mix, a wonderful and diverse range of material, including everything from 1940s photographic proofs, unissued stamps, imperforates like #C659-C666 blocks of four, lots of overprint and surcharge varieties like #C42a, Airmail essays, excellent quality miniature sheets like #717-729 & C308a (set), plus much more; generally fresh, Fine to Very Fine or better, an excellent, fascinating holding; be sure to further explore on the web.
Estimate $400 - 600.
Realized $550.
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Lot 452
Nicaragua, The Miracle of Managua Collection, 1862-1982, in two Scott Specialty albums with dustcases, from an old-fashioned obsessive quality-conscious collector, about 98% complete; the central basis of the collection is postally used (not easy) while some of the scarcer specialty material is mint o.g. or never hinged; highlights include (used unless noted) #2, 3-7, 8-12, 13-19; most of the Seebecks in used condition (!); #20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 51-60, 61-65, 67-70, 71-80, most of #81-98; 98A-98F, 99-107, 109A-109H, 109L, 110-117, 121-133, very scarce 2c surcharge on #121 1c plum (Yvert #134, €200), 134-136, 137-140, 143-156, 167-174, 179-191, 193-200, 225D, 235 (Types I & II), 266-278, complete mint sheets of 20 different settings of overprint/surchages of #279-280, 281-282, 283-284, 285-286, each printed on reverse of stamps plus similar mint sheetlets of #279-80 with inverted overprints/surcharges; complete mint pane of 20 #290; #295-309, 349-360, 363, 366-375, 377-387, 390F (signed Ball), 401-407, 483-495, 556-568 (unpriced as used in Scott), #C9-C10, C14-C17 (C16 signed Kessler), C20-C24 signed, C25-C30, C32-C33 o.g., C36-C39 mint or used, C40-C42, C43, C49-C62, C65-C66, C67-C71, C72-C76, C77-C87, C112-C116, C117-C120, many souvenir sheets perforated and/or imperforate, including rare #C308a complete set of 13 handstamped on date of issue, #C309-C315 complete set of seven plus seven additional in unlisted colors, #C320a, C409a, C838a Baseball souvenir sheets, handstamped used examples of 1980-81 issues not listed by Scott used; #O1-O10, O21-O30, O31-O41, O72-O76, O77-O81, O82-O89, O100-O108, O129-O139, O140-O149, O176, O187-O192, O223-O228, O229-O232, O238-O244, O282a double overprint postally used on Registered cover, O320-O331; 45 different Province of Zelaya; 28 different Cabo Gracias a Dios (including #2L8, 2L13, 2L116-2L118, 2L122); extensive Postage Dues and Postal Tax; Fiscals; bisect on cover; unofficial departmental Semi-Postal sets of 24 in se-tenant pairs o.g. both perforate and imperforate; master plate proof sheet of 100 Revenue stamps (folded in half) without values never hinged; and then there are the several hundred 20th century major and minor varieties (some rare or scarce), including overprint/surcharges variances, color, shade, paper, perforation, plate position, die type, setting, font, spacing, size, length, spelling, placement/displacement, shifting, error, fake or bogus (each identified as such), omission, complete or part-imperforate, imperforate-between, offset on reverse, Specimen; overprints shifted, double, inverted, tripled; control mark and other vartieties, most in singles but also pairs, strips, blocks, souvenir sheets, sheetlets, panes, mint and/or used; some examples include (used unless noted) #146c (double surcharge, one in red), 147a (inverted surcharge), 151a (inverted surcharge), 213b (surcharge reading down), 257c (inverted surcharge), 285b (double surcharge), 364a (double surcharge), 365b (double surcharge), 375a o.g. (double surcharge), 379a o.g. (double surcharge), 380a-381a (double surcharge), 387b ("Vle" for "Vale"), 392 (Type II & Type V), Minkus #804 (Dos Centavos de Cordoba stamp in red), #C1 block of four o.g. with large "1" in "1429" on lower left stamps, C2 block of four never hinged with large "A" in "P.A.A." (Sanabia #2) on lower right stamp, C3a double overprint (Sanabria #3b) never hinged (100 exist), C25b (Sanabria #41a) double surcharge o.g., C26c (Sanabria #42b) double surcharge, one inverted never hinged, C28b (Sanabria #43b) double surcharge never hinged, C49-C62 complete set o.g. with inverted surcharge (200 possible exist), Sanabria #82 never hinged (signed), Sanabria #83 (signed) never hinged (200 exist), Sanabria #85 never hinged (100 exist), Sanabria #122a-123a without control overprints, C110a (Sanabria #145b) inverted surcharge (signed), Sanabria #148 surchage in blue (500 exist), C154a (Sanabria #194a) inverted surcharge and overprint (signed), etc., etc., etc., Very Fine.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $2,700.
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Lot 453

Nicaragua, Useful Stock of Imperforates, 1982-89, 56 pages in a slipcased binder, each offering singles, pairs or blocks of commemoratives that missed the perforator; a bright and cheerful group, perfect for the Nicaragua specialist or the Topicalist, with sports (including soccer, baseball, cycling and Olympics), fauna, Columbus, dogs, birds, butterflies, mushrooms, space, art, and more; a couple souvenir sheets even, including an uncut imperforate pair of #C1187, o.g., never hinged, Very Fine, stock unlike any you're likely to find again soon; inspect online.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $500.
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Lot 454

Nicaragua, Impeccable Imperforates Assemblage, 1958-83, fully identified with copious notes on over 50 dealer pages gathered in a small binder; begins with a handful of 1949-54 Waterlow Specimens with hole punch, but the strength of the holding is in the uncommon imperforates, ranging from 1958 issues imperforate Trial Color Proofs, to rarities such as #C409a, #C428-C429 (pairs), C453a, C516-C518, C1011 (8 known copies), plus much, much more, including perforated stamps and souvenir sheets missing overprints, etc.; much Topical interest, including Kennedy, space, Olympics, World Cup, birds, flowers, etc.; many issues in pairs, giving you the chance to double your inventory, o.g., never hinged, Very Fine, see it all online.
Estimate $800 - 1,200.
Realized $700.
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