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The Leo Malz Specialized Collections of Latin America


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Lot 463
Paraguay, Esoteric and Unusual Specialist's Holding, comprising dozens of pieces from early Scott issues through the future beyond Scott listings; we note a bit of everything, from scarce Waterlow proofs and Specimens, to early imperforates, part-perforates, overprint and surcharge varieties, misperforations, etc.; at some point around 1960, material is included that goes beyond Scott, but much is noted in Michel; in either case, a dressy group not easily duplicated, Fine to Very Fine or better, enjoy viewing on the web.
Estimate $400 - 600.
Realized $375.
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Lot 464
Paraguay, Prolific Passel of Proofs and Peculiarities, 40 stockpages or homemade album pages in a sturdy binder, offering an extensive array of proofs, perforation varieties and more from about 1939 to 1962, all gloriously sound and remarkably fresh; begins with a broad selection on 1952 Columbus issue (#467-473, C189-C196) with imperforate singles, blocks (many of which appear to be triple impressions), misperforated blocks, imperforate-betweens, a corner pair of the 30c value printed on the gum side, etc.; also note inverted vignettes of #233 (block of four), 351 (3); horizontally imperforate pairs of #351-354 in unissued colors; multiple large blocks of #391-394 imperforate; #474-477 imperforates with wide top margin; imperforate #491-497 & C225-C232 (all but four marginal with elaborate lathework), #C154-C157 with overprint varieties; Specimens of #B6-B9 and C131-C133 (Muestra), #C134 & C141 (Specimen plus punch hole), #C184-C188 (Especimen, with punch hole); along with much of Topical interest including Art (color missing), Europa, International Refugee Year, Scouting, and much, much more, Very Fine overall, a great opportunity for the savvy; see everything it has to offer on our website, where the collection is imaged in full.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $1,000.
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Lot 465
Paraguay, The Paraguayan Paradox Collection, 1870-1980, in Scott Specialty album with dustcase; basic collection is postally used, from an old-fashioned obsessive quality-conscious collector, about 95% complete, with many beautiful cancellations; includes used #1, 3, 5, 17-19, 34a-36a, 114-128 (especially difficult to find used), 167-170A; many genuine Zepp issues, #C54-C55, C74-C78, C93-C97, C98-C101, C102-C106, O1-O7 (from Brian Moorhouse), and on and on, with a large number of specialized varieties, errors, counterfeits, etc., including (used unless noted) nine imperforate pairs of unofficial reprints of 1870 Dos Reales issue on medium or thick paper in different colors mint; #10-13 reprints and perforation varieties mint; #14-16 perforation and shade varieties mint; #16b block of four with horizontal pairs imperforate between never hinged; #20-22 shade and perforation varieties; #30 imperforate shade variety mint; #44 color error (color of #45), #74-75 surcharge varieties mint and used; #94 mint with perforations through the center AND a half used as a bisect on piece; #87 blue shade variety, #98 vertically imperforate between stamp and left margin; #103 plate proof pair on cardboard, #129b and #139b mint with inverted surcharges; seven of the 1908 Lion issues with shifted surcharges mint or used; #148a double surcharge (with one of them diagonal); #149 and #154 with shifted or split surcharges; #157 mint pair, one with inverted numeral "1" for letter "l" in "Habilitado"; #158a double surcharge mint; #161a "5c" omitted; #164a double surcharge; #171 mint surcharge errors ("Cettavo" and "Un Centavo" omitted); #200a mint perforated diagonally, #200a used as bisect on piece, #221 mint overprint inverted, #221 mint with double overprint (one inverted); #213 blue paper; #230-232 mint double overprints (with one inverted); #429 mint with black surcharge, #637 se-tenant pair with left stamp strong print of mirror image of right stamp never hinged; nice mint early Airmail overprint varieties; #C67 variety (Sanabria #75b) mint upper right corner margin block of four with all horizontal perforations omitted; #69 with strong full offset print on reverse; many dozens of counterfeit Airmails, with or without spurious cancellations, including counterfeits of Gunboat issue; #C74 never hinged tête-bêche pair imperforate all around; five 1931 Zeppelin "cachet cancels", three of them on pieces; #C155 double overprint with one inverted; 1889-90 Officials with overprint varieties; #O49a mint; 1931-38 issue dozens of perforation varieties (imperforate or part-perforated) in single or pairs; #391-394 mint in a dozen different imperforate or part-perforated varieties in pairs, singles or block of four; #430 four mint imperforate pairs; #O94-O99 mint in 13 different perforation/imperforate varieties; #L29, #L36 mint in imperforate or part-perforated pairs; seven unissued Government Palace stamps mint plue one mint unissued Semi-Postal; dozens of Topical issues (Space, JFK, Paintings, Olympics) from the 1960s listed by Minkus numbers, including several souvenir sheets, Very Fine, a difficult country to find used.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $1,200.
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