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The Leo Malz Specialized Collections of Latin America


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Lot 466

Peru, Substantial Selection of over 100 Postal History Items, lovely and extensive holding, containing many items of interest among the more ordinary, including some nice 19th century usages and frankings (featuring several scarce bisect examples), a nice Chilean Occupation item or two, good postal stationery, several nice advertising covers, attractive multicolor frankings, etc., generally Fine to Very Fine, some real nice pickings throughout.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $1,200.
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Lot 467

Peru, Superb Quintet of Covers, 1870s-1927, a choice selection guaranteed to spruce up any collection, comprising a 20c quadsect First Issue Postage Due (#J4) with the quarter-stamp serving as postage, from Puno to Arequipa; a beautiful 1895 Registered A.R. cover, Lima to Hamburg, bearing seven different of the President Bermudez overprint issue; #J29 (3) used as postage to Ciudad; a rare 1926 Lima-to-Canal Zone cover franked by 10c "Plebiscito" (#253) along with 50c Plebiscite Bolognesi Monument (#RA5) as franking, the latter rare on cover; finally a 1927 cover, Lima to Iquitos, bearing a pair of the 50c First Airmail issue (#C1) with additional postage (signed Champion), generally Fine to Very Fine, a wonderful group.
Estimate $400 - 600.
Realized $400.
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Lot 468
Peru, Incredible Specialist's Array of Proofs and Varieties, clean and diverse, extensive holding of dozens of pieces ranging from a fair number of early issues, plus proofs, essays, unissued items, varieties including imperforates and part-perforates, etc.; a representative description would fill a page, but just a few items of interest show two late 1930s Harrison & Sons essays on salesman cards (signed Holcombe), various Waterlow Specimens, artist-signed deluxe proofs, unissued modern items, etc., etc.; a lot to elevate a nice collection to the next level, Fine to Very Fine, see it all online—a super lot.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $900.
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Lot 469
Peru, Wonderful Selection of Proofs, Errors and Varieties, arranged and identified on 14 sides of an eight-page (16-side) Lighthouse stockbook; a high-altitude mix of items, including punched imperforate proof blocks of #356, 358, 360 and various C49//C61 values; #C13 (2 imperforate blocks punched); #C16-C35 (imperforate punched Waterlow color proofs in issued colors (20 blocks)); #C18-C19 and C49-C58 in imperforate blocks of four; plus various specimens, overprint varieties, unissued imperforates, double overprints, die proofs (including one early state), part-perforates, and more, Very Fine, great collateral material for your collection—or readily salable stock; see it all online.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $850.
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Lot 470
Peru, Peruvian Paradise Collection, 1858-1982, in a Scott Specialty album with dustcase, from an old-fashioned obsessive quality-conscious collector, postally used, about 99% complete, with many beautiful date and place cancellations; oustanding quality, with many shade, die, plate, paper and other varieties, wide margins on imperforates, etc.; includes #3-4, 7-8, 8a, 9-10, 9 vertical pair, 9a horizontal pair, 9e, 10a, 10b, 12-15, 12 and 14 with paper, color and cancel varieties, three examples of #12 paste-up overlaps, 15 paste-up overlap, 16-19, 16-18 Re-issues in paler colors, 16-17 each with scarce "C38" British Post Office in Peru cancels; 16-18 mint imperforate trial color proofs in issued colors, #13 imperforate trial color proof in black; 19, 20 genuine with fake cancel, 20 counterfeit in light grey, 21-29, 22-23 each with scarce "B18" cancel used in Jamaica; 32-37, 32a o.g., 33b o.g., etc.; includes some double, inverted and/or shifted overprints; 38-40, 42, 84-85, 128 c.d.s. Lima 1894, 129-133, 134-140, etc.; 176, 187-195; 1916 issues includes n umerous fake overprints and v arieities (in singles, pairs, blocks) for reference; 258-260, 332-338, 356-373, and on-and-on, including virtually complete Airmail, Special Delivery (#E2 with inverted overprint), Postage Due including #J1a-J4a (without grill) and #J36 with double overprint, Parcel Post, 1904-24 Official Seals, Postal Tax (with many varieties), Muestra overprints, and many dozens of Revenues; strong material from the War of the Pacific (1881-85), including genuine cancels on cover fragments from CUZCO, mixed Chile and Peru franking from PIURA and numerous fake overprints on Provisional Occupation issues of Lima and Calla; genuine examples of three Chile stamps used in Peru and many Peru stamps used in Chile; strong AREQUIPIA examples; these llamas are not lame! Very Fine, quite a dazzler.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $1,900.
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