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Peru, Peruvian Paradise Collection, 1858-1982, in a Scott Specialty album with dustcase, from an old-fashioned obsessive quality-conscious collector, postally used, about 99% complete, with many beautiful date and place cancellations; oustanding quality, with many shade, die, plate, paper and other varieties, wide margins on imperforates, etc.; includes #3-4, 7-8, 8a, 9-10, 9 vertical pair, 9a horizontal pair, 9e, 10a, 10b, 12-15, 12 and 14 with paper, color and cancel varieties, three examples of #12 paste-up overlaps, 15 paste-up overlap, 16-19, 16-18 Re-issues in paler colors, 16-17 each with scarce "C38" British Post Office in Peru cancels; 16-18 mint imperforate trial color proofs in issued colors, #13 imperforate trial color proof in black; 19, 20 genuine with fake cancel, 20 counterfeit in light grey, 21-29, 22-23 each with scarce "B18" cancel used in Jamaica; 32-37, 32a o.g., 33b o.g., etc.; includes some double, inverted and/or shifted overprints; 38-40, 42, 84-85, 128 c.d.s. Lima 1894, 129-133, 134-140, etc.; 176, 187-195; 1916 issues includes n umerous fake overprints and v arieities (in singles, pairs, blocks) for reference; 258-260, 332-338, 356-373, and on-and-on, including virtually complete Airmail, Special Delivery (#E2 with inverted overprint), Postage Due including #J1a-J4a (without grill) and #J36 with double overprint, Parcel Post, 1904-24 Official Seals, Postal Tax (with many varieties), Muestra overprints, and many dozens of Revenues; strong material from the War of the Pacific (1881-85), including genuine cancels on cover fragments from CUZCO, mixed Chile and Peru franking from PIURA and numerous fake overprints on Provisional Occupation issues of Lima and Calla; genuine examples of three Chile stamps used in Peru and many Peru stamps used in Chile; strong AREQUIPIA examples; these llamas are not lame! Very Fine, quite a dazzler.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized $1,900

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