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Lot 8005

1925, South African Air Force Experimental Service, three covers: 1.) First Return Flight. post card, Westminster to England, franked 4½d with 5 Mar flight cachet; 2.) cover Durban - Port Elizabeth, franked 5½d with 3 Mar flight cachet; and 3.) legal size cover Mossel Bay - Cape Town and forwarded to Somerset West, franked 1s8d with 6 Mar flight cachet, F.-V.F.
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 8009

1925, South African Air Force Experimental Flights, Last Flight, two covers with 15 Jun flight cachets: Cape Town - Durban, franked 5d, signed by pilot Caspareuthus; and Port Elizabeth - Kinross Transvaal, franked 8d, F.-V.F.
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 8095

1931, Delayed in Northern Rhodesia, the London - Cape Town service could not land at Mbeya and the pilot had to make a forced landing 40 miles away at Shiwa Ngandu. The following day, after reaching Broken Hill, the plane was commandeered to search for the City of Delhi, which had crashed nearby. Three items: 1.) Springbok cover Mpika - Cape Town, one day late. 2.) cover Broken Hill - Pretoria, the mail was transfered from the City of Baghdad to a chartered Puss Moth flown by Capt. Pearce and flown to Johanneburg, limiting the delay to two days (125 flown); and 3.) a bundle label for Johannesburg - Bulawayo mail with First Official Air Mail cachet, Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 8186

1932, Forwarded Mail, two covers: 1.) United Kingdom, franked 6d to Tanganyika posted Croydon 25 Sep 1935, Nairobi 3 Oct, Korogwe by rail, franked 45c air rate to Lusaka, 11 Oct, forwarded Kilimanjano, rail to Moshi, 12 Oct, Imperial Airways to Lusaka, 13 Oct, "Not Known", 15 Oct, by rail to Livingstone, 26 Nov, unclaimed & returned to letter office; 2.) Nairobi, Kenya, 22 May 22, arrived Cape Town by Imperial Airways, 26 May, endorsed Durbn, 28 May, forwarded by rail, endorsed Narobi, 1 Jun, forwarded by sea, arrived Mombasa 15 Jun, by rail to Narobi, 16 Jun, endosed Salisbury, 4 Jul, arrived Salisbury endorsed Durban 2nd time, at Durban, 10 Jul, endorsed Army & Navy Club Pall Mall, London and sent by sea, F.-V.F.
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 8187

1934, Nyasaland, First Regular Service, three covers: two illustrated First Flight covers, northbound Blantyre - Windnoek and southbound Limbe - Pretoria West with cachets and franked 7d; also plain cover Blantyre - Salisbury, franked 4d, handstamped flight cachet, signed by pilot M.H.Phillip, Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 8219

1935, Salisbury - Beira Feeder Service, three covers: 1.) First Flight cover Salisbury - Beira, 1 Aug, franked 4d; 2.) First Return Flight, Beira - Salisbury - Lusaka, 3 Aug (20 flown to Lusaka); 3.) cover Beira - Cape Town, posted 2 Aug; all three are Rhodesian & Nyasaland Airways illustrated envelopes, Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 8220

1935, The Imperial Press Conference, three covers, all with Special cancellation: 1.) Bechuanaland - London, 12 Feb, franked 6d; 2.) registered cover Bulawayo - Cape Town, 14 Feb, franked 8d (S. Rhodesia double circle Conference cancel); and 3.) Johannesburg - Cape Town 22 Feb, franked 1½d, Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 8221

1935, Extension of Salisbury - Blantyre Service to Umtali, two covers: First Flight cover Lusaka - Umtali, 2 Oct, franked with full N. Rhodesia Silver Jubilee set, backstamped; also First Return Flight Umtali - Limbe via Salisbury, franked 1d + 3d Silver Jubilee, signed by pilot M.C. Florence (15 flown).
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 8250

1936, Extension of West African Service to Lagos, three covers: 1.) first Flight United Kingdom - Lagos, registered cover franked 9d, departed Croydon 16 Oct; 2.) first southbound Flight Lagos - Johannesburg, Cota cover franked 1s1d, Kano & Khartoum transit markings; 3.) First Flight Lagos - Hong Kong via Penang cover, franked 2s1d, special Hong Kong arrival cachet; last with some foxing, otherwise Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 8251

1936, South African Airways, Cape Town - Germiston Connecting Service, three covers, all 3 Apr: 1.) First Flight northbound Kimberley - Bloemfontein, franked 1½d (Official stamps); 2.) Bloemfontein - London via Johannesburg, 6d rate with Imperial Airways time clock arrival; 3.) Bloemfontein - Athens at he 1s rate to Europe; also a newspaper clipping re the new service, Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $200.

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