Sale 707

Lot 731

Great Britain, 1911, Coronation Flight, First U.K. Aerial Post, a complete set of the 30 different plates of the commemorative card, fully described, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $6,000 - 8,000

This set was sold by H.R. Harmer of London, 1964. We have never seen another. An extraordinary rarity of this popular card

Realized $2,400

Lot 1

1870 (Sep 23), Neptune (Scott BM1), folded letter to Antwerp, Belgium franked with 30c Napoleon Laureate tied by "2" in star with "Paris/ Pl. St. Lazare" c.d.s., Sep 22, and red "PD", backstamped Antwerp Oct 19 (inverted day), Fine to Very Fine.
Maury 1; €15,000 ($15,990).
Scott $10,500.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500

A rare and desirable cover carried on the first balloon to leave Paris after the establishment of the siege.

Realized $3,000

Lot 613

Canadian Provinces: Newfoundland, 1927 (May 23), De Pinedo Flight, Trepassey - Rome, registered cover postmarked Trepassey, May 21, sent by supplementary mail with an unoverprinted 60¢ Cabot tied by a Jun 22 Rome c.d.s., backstamped with a Jun 22 Rome slogan cancel and a Jun 42 Florence c.d.s., Very Fine. Only 75 covers were franked with an unoverprinted stamp; it is not known how many of those were in the supplementary mail canceled in Rome.
Sassone GP16c; €13,500 ($14,390). AAMC FF-28c var.; $14,000+.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500.

Realized $3,900

Lot 256

Great Britain, [Airship R-34] 1919 (July 2-6), East Fortune, Scotland - Selmah, Nova Scotia, unfranked cover addressed to Warlingham, Surrey, England; postmarked Selmah, Nov 8 (one bag of mail was dropped over Selmah and was not found for more than four months); on reverse is Selmah Postmaster's handwritten statement, "This letter dropped by H.M. Airship R34 July 5th 1919 and picked up at Selmah, Hunts Co. N.S. Nov 8th/19 by Milton Weldon and forwarded to Halifax by C.S. Waugh. Postmaster"; the cover is handstamped "T/30" and "3d/F.B." for postage due; Fine and rare. The addressee was unknown in Warlington and the cover was finally returned to the Dead Letter Office in Ottawa on Jan 20, 1919.
Frost R34-Aa; $10,000.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500

This was the world's first transatlantic crossing by a lighter-than-air craft. Another mail bag was dropped over Grand Bank, Newfoundland, but was never found.

Realized $6,000

Lot 606

Brazil, 1927-36, the E.M.G. collection of Brazil first flights, over 260 covers presented in five Elbe President albums with slip cases, on well annotated exhibit style pages, destinations include Natal, Switzerland, Bolivia, Chile, Victoria, Spain, France, Uruguay, Haiti and others airlines include VASP, Air France, Aerolloyd Iguassu, Pan Am, CAB, CGA, ETA, NYRBA, Military Air Service, with many Condor registration stamps and Varig stamps, includes 1931 Special Air Mail Delivery flight cover with a Brazil & Varig special delivery stamps, 1934 flight cover with last set of Varig stamps before they were discontinued, 1929 cover with ETA stamps, 1929 ETA 300 reis stamp with first day cancellation, viewing will be a true collector's paradise, excellent base for an exhibition or to add to a specialist's collection, offered completely intact, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $4,000 - 6,000.

Realized $12,000

Lot 284

1911 (Sept. 17 - Dec. 10) Cal Rodgers "Vin Fiz" Flight, "FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL FLIGHT" Exhibition Collection, Compton Crash mail, Drop Leaflet Plus, the ultimate exhibit building holding gorgeously annotated in a gilt edged Godin-style album and matching slipcase, featuring a lovely example of the Compton Crash (AAMC #2c, Catalog $5,000) on Vin Fiz picture postcard; an original dropped leaflet promoting the trip and soda; original "History of C.P. Rodgers and his VIN FIZ flight" booklet, actual photographs of the unique unused example of the VIN FIZ stamp and cover, various photographic reproductions of news articles including 1911 "Hartshorne Sun", then "the History of C.P. Rodgers and his VIN FIZ Flight" on 13 pages with 15 photographs all annotated; 16 pages on "Log of C.P. Rodgers' VIN FIZ Flight documenting his seventy (70) legs/stops from Sheepshead Bay, NY to Pasadena, CA- each page with an image from one of the stops, truly incomprehensible in scope and detail; then "First Transcontinental Flight" 21 pages featuring 35 photographs and the above mentioned flight card, leaflet, pamphlet, two souvenir postcards and ends with some anniversary covers including signed by his daughter, one with an actual piece of the VIN FIZ strut attached, numerous letters and correspondence between Knapp and Rodgers' niece, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Estimate $4,000 - 6,000

Known as the First Successful Transcontinental Flight, Cal Rodgers pilot and the "VIN FIZ", crossed the country 4,331 miles in total. Calbraith Perry Rodgers (great grandson of Admiral Perry, the person responsible for opening Japan to the West), transcontinental flight was financed by the Armour Company, makers of "Vin Fiz" a popular soft drink of the same name. Rodgers flew a Wright model EX, nick-named the "Vin Fiz Flyer." Rodgers arrived in Pasadena on November 5, 1911, after many delays caused by accidents, necessitating frequent repairs to the aeroplane. During the coast-to-coast trip he was in the air a total of three days, ten hours and fourteen minutes. His elapsed time, however, was 49 days covering 4,331 miles. Rodgers died in a flight at Long Beach on April 3, 1912.

Realized $5,700

Lot 1045

[Amelia Earhart] 1932 (May 20), Transatlantic Solo Flight (AAMC TO 1165), the historic flight from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland to Ireland on which Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic; franked with a 5¢ Winged Globe tied by May 13 New York City duplex and by G.B. 1½d KGV tied by May 23 Londonderry c.d.s.; signed by Earhart with violet flight cachet numbered 36 of 50 covers carried; addressed to Bernt Balchen, noted aviator and Earhart's technical adviser, Very Fine.
AAMC $5,000.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.

Realized $4,200

Lot 289

1910 (Nov. 12) Early Ship-to-Shore Attempt, S.S. PENNSYLVANIA at Sea to New York, cachet "PENNSYLVANIA, / ERSTE AEROPLAN-POST / FIRST AEROPLAN MAIL / 12. Nov. 1910" two 1¢ Franklins paying 2¢ postcard rate to Hamburg, Germany; minor edge wear, Very Fine and rare.
AAMC 1b; $6,000 (1998).
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000

Plans had been made to fly mail by air for the first time. The "S.S. Pennsylvania", due to sail from Hoboken, NJ, at noon, was to stop three miles off the coast of Long Island, about fifty miles from New York City, so that aviator J.C. "Bud" Mars could fly a Curtiss biplane from a platform built on the stern of the ship to Governors Island. A sack of mail, collected from passengers and other interested parties, was to be aboard. Last-minute equipment problems terminated the attempt just thirty minutes before the ship sailed and no mail was flown.

Realized $3,600

Lot 1050

[Howard Hughes] 1938 (Jul 10), Round-the-World Record Flight (AAMC TO 1307), specially prepared legal size air mail cover signed by Howard Hughes; franked with a 6¢ Eagle (C23) canceled New York, Jul 10; flown from New York to Paris where an 85c air mail (C8) was applied and canceled on the 11th, then to Moscow (a 20k stamp), then on to Omsk, Yakutsk, Fairbanks, Minneapolis and finally, back to New York, where a 6¢ Winged Globe was added and canceled Jul 14; appropriate flight cachet and handstamps of stops en route; also signed by navigator, Harry Connor, and radio operator, Dick Stoddart, Very Fine, quite a rare cover, as Hughes signed very few of them.
Estimate $2,500 - 3,500.

Realized $3,120

Lot 951

France, 1920 (Oct. 5), recovered at Onteniente (Spain) from L.A.L. Toulouse-Morocco flight, large part of envelope wrapped in cellophane; singed along right side though address intact, with only "Casablanca" bisected by envelope loss at bottom; manuscript "Détérioré par accident d'avion" notation in blue on reverse, Very Fine.
Nierinck 201005b; SFr 3,000 ($3,100).
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000

Piloted by Genthon with mechanic Benas, the Bréguet 14 left Toulouse for Alicante in the morning. Encountering strong headwinds between Valencia and Alicante, Genthon decided to return to Valencia. Forced to land at Onteniente due to poor visibility, the plane struck a rock and caught fire, killing the crew. Some letters were recovered from the badly burnt mail bag.

Realized $2,520

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