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The Lee Wong Collection

China: Foreign Offices and Occupations
Lot Photo Description
Lot 454

French Offices in China, 1884, blue oval "I.G. Mail Matter" handstamp, neat, small piece showing 25c French postage cancelled by "Shang-Haï / 15 / AOUT / 84 / Chine" c.d.s. over a choice strike in blue of the very scarce script "I.G. Mail Matter" handstamp, fresh, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,500 - 2,000.
Realized HK$1,200.
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Lot 455

French Offices in China, Wonderful and substantial postal history selection, excellent array of 62 items, comprising 24 covers, 15 picture post card usages and 23 items of postal stationery; the covers in particular offer a fine range of frankings and usages, postal markings, etc., while the stationery shows some nice uprated examples, routings, etc., Fine to Very Fine, nice group; examine, scarce to find in a quantity such as this.
Estimate HK$ 12,000 - 16,000.
Realized HK$32,000.
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Lot 456

French Offices in China, Wonderful selection of Field Post covers, excellent and diverse assemblage of 31, including 16 stampless covers, the bulk of which bear large, mostly blue, seal markings, plus four nice covers franked by French Military stamps, others franked with Forerunner issues, "Chine" overprints, Registered usages, etc.; solid holding for the specialist, Fine to Very Fine, well worth inspection.
Estimate HK$ 6,000 - 8,000.
Realized HK$4,500.
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Lot 457

German Offices in China, Fantastic old-time postal history collection, fascinating old-time mounted collection comprising approximately 80 items, of which about 22 are (mostly) postcards with Boxer Rebellion postmarks, various Corps handstamps, etc.; about 17 lovely covers with a wide range of cancels on Scott #1-6 "China" overprint issues, a POW item, about 24 Kiautschou items, and lots more, Fine to Very Fine, specialist's delight; examine, a lovely holding.
Estimate HK$ 15,000 - 20,000.
Realized HK$8,000.
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Lot 458

German Offices in China, Substantial old-time horde of Feldpost postal history, extensive holding of over 75 items, comprising covers, postal cards and picture post cards; we note a fine range of different Feldpost markings, Censored usages, town cancels, stampless examples, destinations, etc., Fine to Very Fine, ideal group to delight the specialist.
Estimate HK$ 5,000 - 7,000.
Realized HK$3,600.
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Lot 459

German Offices in China, Extensive holding of covers, substantial and diverse group of approximately 53 covers—all covers, with no postal stationery or picture post cards present; includes an excellent range of frankings, destinations, etc., with Forerunner usages, various overprinted issues, etc.; nice, broad holding, Fine to Very Fine, examine.
Estimate HK$ 5,000 - 6,000.
Realized HK$6,500.
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Lot 460

German Offices in China, Lovely group of used postal cards, excellent, clean and diverse assemblage of 55 items, mostly "China" overprinted cards, but also including one envelope, several message-reply cards, Kiautschou cards, etc.; includes a wonderful range of usages from Hankow, Tientsin, Shanghai, Chefoo, Wei-Hai-Wei, Tsingtao, Peking, Amoy, Tongku, etc., with good destinations, routings and more, bulk Very Fine, nice lot, especially in these quantities, specialist's delight.
Estimate HK$ 4,000 - 6,000.
Realized HK$6,000.
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Lot 461

German Offices in China, Substantial and diverse selection of used picture post cards, lovely and wide-ranging, all-used group of approximately 54 picture post cards, each franked with various "China" overprint or Kiautschou issues, with nice franking combinations and destinations, plus a wonderful range of local scenes, various cities, etc., Fine to Very Fine or better, nice group; examine.
Estimate HK$ 3,000 - 4,000.
Realized HK$5,000.
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Lot 462

Japanese Offices in China, Fabulous old-time postal history selection, 1880s-1920s, incredibly diverse specialist's selection of over 50 items, including several lovely U.S. Consular Services usages from Chefoo (3) and Ningpo; I.P.O., I.J.P.O., I.N.P.O. and I.J.P.A. usages from Peking, Dairen, Swatow, Chefoo, Tientsin, Moukden and Foochow; a lovely Formosa usage; premium postal stationery items, early Koban-franked covers, Japanese Offices stamp frankings, Censored, Registered and much, much more, condition varies on some, but bulk Fine to Very Fine, a wonderful lot; examine.
Estimate HK$ 20,000 - 30,000.
Realized HK$18,000.
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Lot 463

Japanese Offices in China, Wonderful mounted postal history collection, lovely, nicely assembled collection of approximately 27 items, including a scarce 1½s card overprinted for use in China, sent Shanghai to Osaka (1915); a nice Russo-Japanese War Field Post Office picture post card; a nice variety of I.J.P.O. cancels including Tsingtao, Tientsin, Chefoo, etc.; we also note numerous nice Office in China overprinted stamps on cover, a couple nice American Consular Service covers, etc., Fine to Very Fine, nicely annotated collection; examine.
Estimate HK$ 4,000 - 6,000.
Realized HK$4,500.
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Lot 464

Russian Offices in China, Outstanding postal history selection, old-time specialist's accumulation of over 50 items, roughly about 17 covers, 20 items of postal stationery (including postal and letter cards, entires, etc.), with the balance being picture post card usages; everything bears Russian Offices stamps or imprints; included are two rare and choice Wei-Hai-Wei usages, various lovely RPO examples, uprated postal stationery usages, overseas usages (e.g., Bangkok) and routings, town cancels, and so much more, Fine to Very Fine, examine, a superb holding of scarce and popular material.
Estimate HK$ 20,000 - 30,000.
Realized HK$20,000.
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Lot 465

U.S. Offices in China, Extensive holding of covers or picture post cards, approximately 100 in total, all used from and cancelled by various U.S. Postal Agency in China, Shanghai, c.d.s.'s; coverage is roughly split between picture post cards and covers, the cards which nearly all carry 1¢ U.S. postage and show an incredible range of Chinese or Japanese local scenes, while the covers offer some lovely usages from the 1890s on, with Consulate mail, Censored usages, etc., condition varies, but the bulk is Fine to Very Fine, scarce to find a holding of this size and depth, well worth a close inspection.
Estimate HK$ 8,000 - 10,000.
Realized HK$12,000.
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