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Sale 26

The Lee Wong Collection

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Lot 532
Taiwan, Huge and valuable mint stock, vast, clean and fairly well-organized, thousands of singles, sets, part-sets, blocks, miniature sheets, se-tenant strips, etc., with nearly all in quantities and mostly housed in Scott-numbered glassines; a quick review turns up Scott #1037-1040 imperforate, 1052-1056, 1092-1095, 1096-1097, 1098-1099, 1290-1295 (10), 1296-1301 (10), 1302-1307 (9), 1355-1358 (15 sets, 8 never hinged, others lightly hinged), etc.; coverage extends to the mid-1970s or so, largely Very Fine, well worth inspection.
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 50,000.
Realized HK$75,000.
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Lot 533
Taiwan, Amazing old-time collection, 1953-65, a beautiful and keenly assembled collection on Elbe linen-lined pages housed in four binders, beginning with the 1953 Red Cross issue; as a rule, the collection is arranged in a roughly similar pattern to include a mint set, a used set, a First Day Cover plus, for the later sets, blocks of 4 and barred Specimen overprints; looking at some of the key premium issues, we find the 1962 Postal Savings issue showing a mint set, Specimen set and a set of blocks of 4, #1114a as two sheets (one showing the inverted frame variety), #1143-1148 in two sets of singles and blocks of 4, #1196-1199 two sets of singles, #1220 a vertical pair imperforate between, #1257a sheet plus Specimen sheet, #1261-1264 as singles, Specimens, blocks of 4 and FDC, the 1961-62 Art Treasures (Scott #1290-1307) in mint singles and blocks of 4 plus FDCs and Specimens for the later sets, Emperors (#1355-1358) as singles, Specimens, blocks of 4 and an FDC, #1414-1417 as singles, blocks, Specimens and an FDC, 1965's Double Carp (#1441-1447) in pristine bottom margin imprint blocks of six plus singles and an FDC, with similar coverage for most surrounding issues, largely Very Fine, a lovely, unusual lot; well worth inspection.
Estimate HK$ 35,000 - 45,000.
Realized HK$38,000.
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Lot 534
Taiwan, Outstanding souvenir sheet and souvenir folder selection, 1951-62, wonderful and valuable all-mint duplicated selection, absolutely packed with premium items such as Scott #1041 (6), 1091a (3), 1095a, 1114a (7 with tab, 4 without), 1117a (3 with tab, 3 without), 1257a (5), 1341a (10), plus quantities of others like #1135-1136, 1269a, 1341a, etc.; few smallish faults here and there, bulk fresh and Fine to Very Fine, an excellent lot; examine.
Estimate HK$ 34,000 - 40,000.
Realized HK$40,000.
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Lot 535

Taiwan, Wonderful collection, 1949-58, a lovely, very clean, all-mint collection (only Scott #1007-1010 used), loaded with premium items such as Scott #1012-1024, 1025-1036, 1042-1045, 1061-1062, 1073-1076, 1077-1091, 1092-1095, 1096-1099, 1109-1110, 1114a, 1117a, 1126a, 1135-1136, 1196-1199, 1257a, and the following both perforated and imperforate: #1037-1040, 1046-1051, 1052-1056, 1064-1069. Fresh, mostly Very Fine, nice lot; examine.
Estimate HK$ 28,000 - 32,000.
Realized HK$30,000.
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Lot 536
Taiwan, Wonderful, all-mint stock, lovely, nice-quality stock of thousands, comprising often lightly duplicated sets, singles, blocks, etc., all housed in hundreds of Scott-numbered glassines in two glassine boxes; not everything is chronologically ordered, but there are a wealth of premium items easily noted, such as Scott #1064-1069 imperforate, 1092-1095, 1098-1099 (2), 1196-1199 imprints, 1290-1307, 1311-1314 blocks of 4, 1355-1358, 1370-1372 (3), 1448-1449 (3), 1450, 1454-1457 (2), 1961 Postal Savings set, B14-B16 (2) and scores more. Fresh, o.g., mostly never hinged, generally Very Fine, a solid lot; examine.
Estimate HK$ 18,000 - 22,000.
Realized HK$26,000.
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Lot 537

Taiwan, Extensive postal history accumulation, substantial and useful old-time horde including lots of better earlier First Day Covers, including the 1961 Postal Savings issue FDC, #B14-B16, 15 unaddressed uncacheted FDCs, etc.; we also note Specimen postal stationery items, attractively franked commercial mail and more, Fine to Very Fine, nice mix; examine.
Estimate HK$ 6,000 - 8,000.
Realized HK$24,000.
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Lot 538
Taiwan, Extensive barred specimen overprint accumulation, substantial and clean selection of hundreds of singles, sets, part-sets, miniature sheets, etc., all with barred Specimen chops; includes a wonderful range of miniature sheets, many in quantity, plus blocks of 4, etc., o.g., never hinged, generally Very Fine, examine, sizeable and unusual holding.
Estimate HK$ 5,000 - 7,000.
Realized HK$30,000.
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Lot 539

Taiwan, Stock of blocks and miniature sheets, useful and often duplicated selection of many hundreds, comprising blocks of 4, imprint blocks of 4 and 6 (like #1115-1117, 1121-1123 (2), 1127-1129, 1153-1156 (2), 1261-1264, 1370-1372), gutter blocks, booklets, etc.; in addition, there are quantities of middle-period miniature sheets (often lightly duplicate), and more, Fine to Very Fine, nice holding; examine.
Estimate HK$ 4,000 - 5,000.
Realized HK$38,000.
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Lot 540

Taiwan, Extensive First Day Cover accumulation, and more, many hundreds of items, the bulk of which are cacheted, unaddressed First Day Covers from the 1960s-'70s, many in light quantities, but also including some commercial mail, etc., Fine to Very Fine, good mix; examine.
Estimate HK$ 3,000 - 4,000.
Realized HK$13,000.
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