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Sale 26

The Lee Wong Collection

Chinese Local Posts
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Lot 27

Local Posts, Wonderful old-time collection, fantastic and clean all-mint collection neatly assembled on pages, nicely represented throughout; with Chinkiang #1-7, 8-15, Postage Dues by settings, J25-J32; Chungking #J2-J6; Foochow complete and nice Hankow; Ichang #1-8, 12-14; Kewkiang #1-6 plus good Postage Dues; excellent Shanghai with #13 (genuine!), lovely quality Large Dragons, plus good later issues with surcharges, Postage Dues, #142, J7-J13; Wei-Hai-Wei #1, 3-4; good Wuhu with #1-10, 45-54, good Dues, etc., Fine to Very Fine or better, excellent lot to be sure; examine.
Estimate HK$ 20,000 - 25,000.
Realized HK$30,000.
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Lot 28

Local Posts, Useful old-time collection, mostly mint group of duplicated collections, beginning with excellent Shanghai from the perforated Dragons on, with better like Scott # 42-45, 46-49, 51-52, 55, 59, 79 (used), 84-88, 92-96, 97, 98-100, 102-106, 111-115, 118a, 119a, 120a, 121-123, 129-134, 142 (used), J7-J13, etc.; we also note nice sections of Amoy, Chinkiang, Hankow, Ichang, Chungking, etc., Fine to Very Fine or better, nice lot; examine.
Estimate HK$ 10,000 - 15,000.
Realized HK$17,000.
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Lot 29

Local Posts, Beautiful mostly mint collection, excellent and clean old-time semi-specialized collection of hundreds of items, neatly assembled by port in one large Elbe album; beings with a lovely section of Amoy and rolls along to include good Chefoo (with Livingston-listed double transfer variety); excellent Chinkiang with a full sheet of Scott #2, 8-15 mint and used sets, strong Postage Dues by spacing varieties, #O1-O8 used, O5a, etc.; we also note nice Nanking with #1-8; Chungking #1 mint and used, 3-7 (2), J1, J2-J6; Foochow complete; strong, duplicated Ichang; wonderful Kewkiang with #1a and 1b, 2a (two singles and one in a block of 4), double paper types and more, Fine to Very Fine or better, lovely lot; inspection invited.
Estimate HK$ 7,000 - 9,000.
Realized HK$30,000.
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Lot 30

Local Posts, Extensive old-time mint postal stationery stock, excellent and clean, manageably duplicated stock with quantities to perhaps 10-12 of each; includes a lovely array of different subscriber cards, postal cards, lettercards, envelopes, wrappers, etc., with nearly all from Shanghai; good showings of Livingston #PC2-PC3, PC5-PC6, PC10, PC12, PC13-PC14, SC2, LC1 and LC2, E1 with varieties, E3-E5, plus several items from Chefoo, Chinkiang, Chungking and Kewkiang, Very Fine, clean lot; examine.
Estimate HK$ 5,000 - 7,000.
Realized HK$12,000.
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Lot 31

Local Posts, Diverse selection of ten covers, lovely and clean, comprising two nice Chungking red band Postage Due-franked covers, a nice Ichang wrapper usage, a neat Foochow red band cover, two lovely Nanking red band covers to Shanghai with oval Nanking violet datestamps and red Shanghai Local Post receivers, three nice Amoy items (including a 20cash Shanghai postal card used at Amoy to Diercking), a Chefoo red band cover, etc., generally Very Fine, a clean group; examine.
Estimate HK$ 3,000 - 4,000.
Realized HK$14,000.
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