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China, Hong Kong, Japan and Other Asian Stamps and Postal History

Postal History Collections
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Lot 1321

China, Massive cover accumulation, mostly 1920s-40s, vast and wide-ranging selection of over 825 (!) covers, beginning with a sampling of Junk-era usages but mostly from the 1930s-'40s with Sun Yat-sen issue frankings, Martyrs, some Golds, plus an incredible array of CNC usages, etc.; we note censors, airmail and registered usages, and much, much more, bulk generally Fine to Very Fine, a huge holding not often seen like this and a serious lot for the specialist of trader, well worth the time spent for a thorough evaluation.
Estimate HK$ 25,000 - 35,000.
Realized HK$90,000.
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Lot 1322

China, Excellent postal history selection, ca. 1920s-48, wonderful and wide-ranging, with approximately 210 covers, the majority used 1945 on, including lots of Postal Savings stamp issue covers, Third London Sun Yat-sen covers, First Shanghai Union surcharges, Chungking Central Print covers and others; we note a wide range of usages, frankings, town cancels, etc., Fine to Very Fine, solid lot well worth a thorough review.
Estimate HK$ 6,000 - 8,000.
Realized HK$36,000.
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Lot 1323

China, Lovely selection of airmail and first flight covers, excellent group of approximately 38 ca. 1920s-1940s covers, including two scarce 1923 Beijing-to-Tientsin First Flights, Changsha-to-Shanghai First Flight, several Canton-to-Wuchow First Flights, several Nanking-to-Peiping First Flights, etc.; we also find numerous selected-for-interest 1930s-'40s airmail covers, with Censors, "found in ordinary mail" markings, etc., largely Fine to Very Fine, nice mix; well worth viewing.
Estimate HK$ 6,000 - 8,000.
Realized HK$14,000.
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Lot 1324

China, Lovely Gold Yuan postal history collection, interesting and wide-ranging selection of approximately 30 Gold Yuan-franked covers, including several nice air lettersheet usages, outstanding rate and franking combinations, etc., Fine to Very Fine, excellent specialised group; well worth a close review.
Estimate HK$ 5,000 - 6,000.
Realized HK$13,000.
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Lot 1325

China, Powerful postal card correspondence to the China Sunday School Union, Shanghai, 1915-27, lovely and heavily cancellation-oriented group of 43 postal cards, comprising Higgins & Gage #12, 16-17 and 22, some showing uprated usages, from outlying areas to Shanghai; some of the many premium origins show Chowtsun, Keiki, Stanfu, Lungyen, Wuan, Hoyang, Fancheng, Tienchowkan, Suiping, Anking, Ichowfu, Kaying, Ichow, Yuhsien, Mienchow, Shunteh, Luan and others, Very Fine, a splendid and scarce correspondence and a super specialist's lot.
Estimate HK$ 4,000 - 6,000.
Realized HK$8,000.
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Lot 1326

China, Clean and wide-ranging selection of CNC covers, an excellent group of approximately 80, offering an incredible range of franking combinations (some with non-CNC postage), domestic and international usages; Airmail, Express and Registered usages; lots of interesting town cancels, etc., generally Fine to Very Fine or better, nice group, well worth inspection.
Estimate HK$ 3,600 - 4,200.
Realized HK$7,000.
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Lot 1327

China, Chungking Chung Hwa and Dah Tung print covers, 1944-46, lovely and generally very clean selection; wide-ranging, with approximately 52 covers in all: 27 Chung Hwa and 15 Dah Tung prints; we note a stellar range of franking combinations, including some with other issues, multiples; Express, Registered and Airmail usages; a couple nice Shanghai "ED" markings, town cancels, etc.; an attractive group, Fine to Very Fine or better.
Estimate HK$ 3,600 - 4,000.
Realized HK$5,500.
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Lot 1328

China, Splendid group of 14 airmail covers, 1920s-'40s, lovely array, including a clean 1923 Peking-to-Tientsin flight, a 1928 cacheted Shanghai-to-Canton flight, a lovely #C6-C10 Shanghai-to-Nanking (and forwarded to Kuling) flight addressed to S.J. Mills, several lovely multi-censored WWII flights to the U.S., including BOAC missionary covers; several legal-sized colourful China National Aviation Corporation covers, etc., Fine to Very Fine, very nice group overall; examine.
Estimate HK$ 3,400 - 4,000.
Realized HK$7,500.
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Lot 1329

China, Central Trust and Paicheng issue covers, nice selection of about 30, offering a wide range of domestic and international usages, franking combinations, Airmail, Express and Registered usages, etc., Fine to Very Fine or better, attractive specialised group.
Estimate HK$ 2,000 - 2,400.
Realized HK$3,800.
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Lot 1330

China, Nice selection of eight Central Trust or Paicheng print covers, attractive, select group including several lovely domestically used Registered covers, censored Airmail covers both domestic and to the U.S., a nice postage due voided cover, etc., Fine to Very Fine, nice specialist's group.
Estimate HK$ 1,600 - 2,000.
Realized HK$4,000.
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Lot 1331

China, Distribution mark covers, ca. 1945-47, nice selection of 15, all showing trisected distribution chops, with or without receiving markings; includes a diverse range of frankings and usages, Fine to Very Fine, examine.
Estimate HK$ 1,200 - 1,600.
Realized HK$700.
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Lot 1332

China, Small selection of 13 covers, two of which are from Hong Kong; includes a couple nice flight covers, a nice Japanese Occupation cover, a U.S. Postage combination cover, etc., Fine to Very Fine, good mix; examine.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 - 1,400.
Realized HK$2,000.
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