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China and Other Asian Stamps and Postal History

Stamp Collections
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Lot 465
Extensive middle period stock of many thousands, vast and well-organized, identified by Scott numbers and housed in 14 uniform black binders, with coverage going through the CNC issues; begins with a representative range of mint or used Junks, etc., plus strong Sun Yat-sen types, commemorative issues, extensive Martyrs with multiples, extensive Pacheng and Central Trust prints with multiples (including used), some interesting wartime surcharges, a tremendous range of Gold Yuans with loads of multiples and varieties, extensive used Silvers for cancels, duplicated mint post-war commemoratives and nice used sections noted as well, Fine to Very Fine, useful old-time stock; examine.
Estimate HK$ 25,000 - 30,000.
Realized HK$28,000.
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Lot 466
Eclectic old-time stock collection, housed neatly in two black Elbe stockbooks, with a wide range of material, all but a few items of which are from Republican China; we note singles, blocks of various sizes (some with selvage, some with marginal inscriptions, sheet numbers, etc.), all fresh and clean and with or without gum as issued—our spot check showing the gummed stamps to be never hinged; we find commemoratives from Scott #131-133 (mint and/or used blocks of 4), "Republic" overprints in multiples, London and Peking Printings of the Junk Issue (mint singles, used singles and blocks, including a block of four $2), Plane-over-Great Wall Airmails in multiples, an imperforate #988 corner margin inscription block of six, Provincial and Japanese Occupation overprints, Dues (including overprinted Coiling Dragons)…a bit of everything is what you'll find here, with very few gum, perforation or condition issues, Very Fine overall, a magnificent opportunity for the collector or dealer alike; be sure to view.
Estimate HK$ 20,000 - 26,000.
Realized HK$26,000.
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Lot 467

Clean, useful commemoratives compilation, 1909-36, four stockpage sides of pristine commemorative and Airmail issues neatly presented; the lot comprises Scott #131-133 (8, including one pair), 243-246 (3), 270-273 (3), 276-279 (2), 280-283, 284-287 (5), 307-310, 326-329 (3), 331-334 (4), 335-338 (7), C1-C5 (3) and C6-C10 (4); all fresh on the face, with original gum reverse that ranges from very lightly hinged to hinge remnants; useful duplication for the dealer, o.g., Fine to Very Fine with much better throughout, worth a look.
Estimate HK$ 8,000 - 10,000.
Realized HK$9,000.
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Lot 468
Sheet selection, 1942-45, a homemade sheet file containing complete sheets of 50 of Scott #593-598 (2 sets) and 599-604, and complete sheets of 100 of #508 (scarce!), 511, 515, 517 (2), 518, 522 and 583-588; an occasional wrinkle or separated perforation in the margin only, but stamps are pristine and sound; full marginal markings and inscriptions, with the sheets neatly folded, without gum as issued, Fine to Very Fine++, an uncommon offering—inspect.
Estimate HK$ 6,000 - 7,000.
Realized HK$30,000.
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Lot 469
Lovely mint Silver Yuan selection, clean and in nice quality, all mint, comprising Scott #990a in pair, 992-1006 (2 sets), Fukien #1-12, Hupeh #1-2, Kwangsi #8 pair, and Szechwan #50 and 51 (2), all without gum as issued, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 2,400 - 2,800.
Realized HK$5,500.
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Lot 470

Mint commemorative issue selection, 1923-33, attractive and clean, comprising two sets of the 1923 Constitution issue, four sets of the Chang Tso-lin issue (including pairs), plus one set of Tan Yuan-chang. Fresh, mostly Very Fine, nice lot.
Estimate HK$ 1,200 - 1,600.
Realized HK$1,600.
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Lot 471

Tail-end of a lovely consignment, small, clean holding, comprising various mint Junk series issues to the 50¢ values, generally lightly duplicated and in high quality, a few miscellaneous varieties, etc., Fine to Very Fine or better, a nice little mix; examine.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 - 1,500.
Realized HK$1,600.
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