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China and Other Asian Stamps and Postal History

Airmail Postal History
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Lot 482

1923 (May 23), Peking-to-Tientsin First Flight cover (Starr-Mills 5), a lovely registered cover franked by the First Airmail Issue complete, along with 8¢ additional postage, all tied by bold "Peking/23 May 23" bilingual c.d.s.'s; front shows boxed Registered handstamp and three-line bilingual "To be despatched by Aerial Service" handstamp, with reverse showing violet Tientsin 23.5.23 "Aeroplane Service Tientsin C.P.O." handstamp plus Tientsin bilingual 23 May 23 receiver; a clean, attractive example, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,800 - 2,200.
Realized HK$2,400.
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Lot 483

1929 (Nov. 26), unflown cover for scheduled Canton to Yunnanfu First Flight (Starr-Mills 26), scheduled for Nov. 26, but one day prior, General Lin crashed at Wuchow and the original 300 pieces scheduled were delivered by the Chinese Post Office by ordinary post; cover bears 4¢ Mausoleum and 15¢ Second Airmail issues cancelled at Canton on 25 Nov. prior to the flight, with appropriate violet light cachet and Canton Nov. 26 and Yunnanfu 2 Dec. receiver; flap tear on reverse, otherwise Very Fine, rare.
Estimate HK$ 1,500 - 2,000.
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Lot 484

1930-49, interesting array of airmail covers to the U.S., a selection of 17 in all, with all but two obviously traveling by air, carried by the Clippers, BOAC, Air France and "via Hanoi Amsterdam Route"; usages include quite a few Censored at Hong Kong, along with a Special Delivery cover (postage added in the US) as well as one marked "Postage Due 5 cents/Seattle, Wash."—though without evidence that it was collected; various Censor tapes, transit and arrival markings, some pretty multicolor frankings, etc.; we note a 20¢ Reaper solo usage, an Oct. 10, 1943, cover bearing two full strikes of the one-day commemorative cancel for Chairman Chiang's taking office as President of the Republic, even a late Nanking cover bearing a trio of East China Liberated Area issues, etc.; same-period bonus covers from two India and one Hong Kong plus a 1960 Registered Malaya as well; condition issues range from minor to not-so-minor, but a useful lot nonetheless, Fine to Very Fine overall, inspect.
Estimate HK$ 2,400 - 2,800.
Realized HK$4,500.
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Lot 485

1941 (Mar. 4), registered airmail cover, Lanchow to Chengtu, franked on front by a single 10¢ on 25¢ Dr. Sun Yat-sen Second London Print, with reverse bearing 1940 Kansu surcharge on Dr. Sun Yat-sen Hong Kong Print 3¢ on 5¢ chop (e) block of four, with upper left stamp surcharge-inverted variety, along with 3¢ on 5¢ olive green chop (f) block of six and vertical pair (Chan #365a, 488e, 488e var & 488f), all tied by seven strikes of "Lanchow (Kaolan)/1941.3.4" c.d.s.'s and Chengtu 1941.3.20 arrival, fresh, Very Fine, a striking and rare cover, signed H.L. Chung above the inverted surcharge stamp, with accompanying 2018 Experts & Consultants Ltd. photo certificate.
Estimate HK$ 4,000 - 5,000.
Realized HK$4,000.
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Lot 486

1949 (May 30), Silver Yuan Kiukiang Local Issue airmail cover to Michigan, a striking and superb cover, franked on reverse by a spectacular block of 20 of $200,000 on $1,000 Parcel Post stamp, tied by multiple strikes of Kiukiang origin c.d.s.'s, Very Fine and choice, a showpiece.
Estimate HK$ 14,000 - 18,000

This cover essentially is a local Gold Yuan overprint used in the Silver Yuan period, which began a month earlier on April 29. One of only two such covers recorded with a block of 20, the second dated June 8. The $4,000,000 rate equates to 40¢ Silver, which was the correct international airmail rate for this date.

Realized HK$13,000.
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Lot 487

1949 (Aug. 7), Silver Yuan mixed franking airmail cover, from Chengdu to Fuzhou, lightweight envelope franked on reverse by an uncommon pairing of a West Szechuan-overprinted $50,000 Dr. Sun Yat-sen (Chan #S126, Scott Szechuan #45) above a General Issue 10¢ Dr. Sun Yat-sen Hwa Nan print (Chan #S25, Scott #976), both tied by bold bilingual "Chengtu/7 8 38" c.d.s.; address-side bears two incomplete dotted-rim Fuzhou receivers, together reading Aug. 9 (?), 1949, along with blue manuscript "Air Mail" label; slightly wrinkled with small paper mounting remnant on address side, still, a Very Fine cover overall, scarce combination usage.
Estimate HK$ 1,400 - 1,800.
Realized HK$1,100.
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Lot 488

1949 (Sept.), Silver Yuan airmail cover, Szechwan Province to Philadelphia, attractive, clean and neat cover, franked on front by Szechwan overprint on $200,000 Sun Yat-sen (Chan #S131, Scott #42), along with a horizontal strip of five of the Domestic Airmail Unit stamp (Chan #S8), all tied by c.d.s.'s; reverse shows bold Hong Kong 24 SP 49 transit; no arrival markings, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,500 - 2,000.
Realized HK$6,000.
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