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China and Other Asian Stamps and Postal History

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Lot 589

Phenomenal stock selection, 1967-77, a plethora of issues for the period, plus the odd item earlier or later, in multiples ranging from eight to 462(!); housed in a bulging sheet file book, items are present as singles, pairs, blocks, part-sheets and full sheets, nearly all gathered by issue and ready for the collector or dealer; much material with margin inscriptions and imprints, all fresh and clean; highlights include Scott #1284-1289 (4), 1553 (50), 1560a (16), 1561-1562 (8), 1566 (77), 1611a (43), 1612-1614 (43), 1624-1627 (18), 1663a (10), 1664-1665 (8), 1776-1779 (13), 1810-1811 (10, with two-column gutter between eight), 1856 & 1861-1863 (42), 1860a (38), 1926-1929 (40, #1926 as strips), 1942-1945 (8), 2701 (10), and much, much more; incredible catalogue value waiting to be sorted for sale; many popular sets and topics; be sure to inspect, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 24,000 - 28,000.
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Lot 590
Enticing end-of-consignment caboodle, presented every way imaginable: in stockbooks, albums, glassines, loose, with Ministry of Posts presentation folders and books for specific issues as well (some in quantity); the overwhelming majority of the lot is post-1949 Taiwan, with solid and useful duplication, along with some better items such as several Scott #1135-1136 cancelled, a #1257a mint, plus many of the Palace Paintings sets, etc., along with Japanese Occupation issues (mint, used and on piece), postal stationery (some mint, but most cancelled with colorful scenic or commemorative cancels alongside), blocks and imprint singles, commercial covers from the 1950s on, etc., etc.; in addition to Taiwan, we note a small array of mid- to modern Japan mint never hinged (with duplication), a few China Dowagers and Coiling Dragons (Imperial including several $1 values, plus "Republic" overprints) along with some commemoratives—and even a used Formosa Provincial 20cash green Horse & Dragon (Chan #F15) and set of South Korea "Participating Nations" souvenir sheets (including Italy-without-crown variety), Fine to Very Fine with better throughout, much to recommend this lot; inspect.
Estimate HK$ 18,000 - 24,000.
Realized HK$34,000.
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Lot 591
Documented collection of stamps printed for Taiwan in Japan, 1955-70, two binders filled with typed, fully annotated pages presenting all known Taiwanese issues printed in Japan for the period; beginning with four 1897 Coiling Dragons (used 1¢, 5¢, 10¢ and 30¢), the collection proper begins with the 1955 Chiang Kai-shek issue (with fully margined souvenir sheet), and runs through the 1970 Eleven-Month Calendar issue; nearly all items are presented as barred Specimens, singles, blocks of 6 or 10, plus the occasional full sheet and/or First Day Cover; the collector has also included technical details on each issue, and there is a wealth of correspondence regarding his search for information; we note the likes of Scott #1183-1188 as sheets of 50 (catalogue value $925), 1189-1192 as sheets of 50 ($775), sheet number blocks of 10 for #1290-1307, etc., Very Fine, a stunning study, perfect for the specialist.
Estimate HK$ 14,000 - 18,000.
Realized HK$22,000.
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Lot 592
Formidable Collection, 1945-78, mounted in a clean slipcased Scott Specialty album for 1949-78, with a bonus second album, also slipcased, with pristine never-used pages covering 1979-2006; the collection begins with a set of homemade quadrille pages presenting a virtually complete Japanese Occupation section, with stamps mint, used and even on piece, followed by late Republic issues (mostly Martyrs and Sun Yat-sen issues) overprinted, again mint, used and on piece, the mint often in multiples; Taiwan proper begins with Scott #1046-1051 used, a selection from #1077-1091 mint plus the entire set used (used to $2, all but one an imprint single), plus (mint, unless noted) #1092-1095, 1096-1097, 1098-1099, Koxinga and Unit Stamps overprinted, 1109-1110, 1114a with selvage at right, 1115-1117 imprint singles, 1135-1136 used (magenta and violet cancels in margins only), 1257a (2), 1355-1358 (matched upper left corner singles), 1414-1417, 1441-1447, 1471-1474, 1479-1482, 1546 (two strips of 12, precancelled? one with large hole punched out), 1560a-1562, 1588-1589, B14-B16, etc., generally Very Fine, inspection invited.
Estimate HK$ 10,000 - 14,000.
Realized HK$15,000.
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Lot 593

Nice little selection of premium items, useful group comprising 1953 President Chiang souvenir folder (Scott #1091a), 1955 miniature sheets with tabs (#1114a and 1126b), 1956 Postal System sheets (#1135-1136), all of which are Very Fine; plus Scott #1041, which is creased; etc., Very Fine overall, a good group; examine.
Estimate HK$ 2,400 - 2,800.
Realized HK$2,600.
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