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The Steve Berlin Collection of Karl Lewis Covers

Commemorative Covers
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Lot 2168

1935 (Mar. 21), Japan-UPU Money Order Agreement 50th Anniversary commemorative cover, The sole known cover, on a generic cachet of seaside hut with Mt. Fuji and birds. Full international postage of 10s made up by four definitives tied by two strikes each of Yokohama 10.3.21 Large Commemorative Datestamp and 23.3.35 foreign mail comb. Blue "To US" to left of stamps and below the two-line typed inscription. "C-10." combination and ") O (" typed on backflap, with manuscript "Open this" below. Flap sealed by Lewis' sake gourd handstamp in blue. Opened at right. Includes the original enclosure, a typed but unsigned single-page letter providing translations of the Japan Post Office notices for the Large Commemorative Datestamps for this issue and for the upcoming Manchurian Emperor's Visit issue. Addressed to Al Burns at The Gossip Printery, publishers of the Weekly Philatelic Gossip., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 3,200 - 3,600.
Realized HK$2,200.
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Lot 2169

1935 (July 14), Commodore Perry Monument commemorative cover, Created for the 33rd anniversary of the monument, erected in 1902. Postage of 6s only, underpaying the first-class international rate as the letter was sealed. Two strikes of the Yokahama Scenic Datestamp tie the three stamps, with blue "To US" handstamp at far right. "C-9." and ") N (" typed on reverse, with flap sealed by near-circular kan handstamp in blue. Recipient's penciled notes on reverse as well. Neatly opened at right. Also included are a July 12, 1935, single-page typed and signed letter from Lewis to Gillam discussing the cover and stating, "I had my artist paint two covers only…." In addition, a Lewis postcard of the monument (No. 619) is present (its layers beginning to separate), with Lewis' notes on the back that the image is in reverse, and that "the 2 old men marked with X saw Commodore Perry land in 1853." A remarkable item for either the Lewis or the Perry enthusiast. The sole cover known. Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 3,200 - 3,600.
Realized HK$6,500.
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Lot 2170

1935 (Oct. 1), Fourth Census commemorative cover, The sole unmailed cover recorded, with only one other known mailed. A common cachet of building on knoll with Mt. Fuji in background, with three-line typed inscription, franked by 3s (the domestic letter rate), tied by two 10.10.1 Large Commemorative Datestamps from Yokohama. Reverse without markings of any kind, flap unsealed. All-over toning affects the reverse only. A remarkable cover and a one-of-a-kind. Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 3,000 - 3,400.
Realized HK$2,000.
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Lot 2171

1936 (Jan. 26), Japan-Manchoukuo Postal Agreement commemorative cover, The only example known of this special cover. Three-line typed inscription above cachet of a temple on the water with a tower behind. A clear strike of the Yokohama Large Commemorative Datestamp ties the two definitives making up the 10s postage, with a black Yokohama 26.1.36 foreign mail comb alongside. Blue "To US" handstamp at upper left. "C-22." combination notation, along with typed ") N (", the "N" crossed out and "Open this" added in pencil. Blue circular pictorial seal across the flap. Opened neatly at right. Enclosure (included) is a clipping from the Jan. 24, 1936, Japan Times & Mail on the new mail agreement and the availability of the commemorative cancel. Addressed to Al Burns of the Weekly Philatelic Gossip., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 2,800 - 3,200.
Realized HK$2,000.
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Lot 2172

1939 (Aug. 26), Nippon Round-the-World Flight Large Commemorative Datestamp, A 2s red postal card addressed to one of Lewis' constant clients, the indicia cancelled by 14.8.26 Nippon Large Commemorative Datestamp on the date of her departure. Typed and signed note on reverse explains the cancel and informs Dutcher, "This special cancellation will be used EVERY DAY, - with the daily date;-until the NIPPON returns to Japan." Note misspelling of "San Francisco" in the address. A nice piece of Lewis' customer service, and an interesting item for the aerophilately enthusiast., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 800 - 1,000.
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