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The Steve Berlin Collection of Karl Lewis Covers

Misc. Documents and Correspondence
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Lot 2366

Combination cover: 1932 (Sept. 7) to New York, From the start of Lewis' cover days, a lovely example of a "picture-frame" franking. A block of nine 1s Tazawas with the central stamp removed, a 2s green Mt. Fuji definitive put in its place (equaling the 10s international rate). The lot tied by eight strikes of the "Yokohama/7.9.32/JAPAN" [not 'Nippon', as later] foreign mail comb cancel. Vertical oval kan handstamp at top left front, the back with "C-12" penciled at top left and a double-framed square kan handstamp across the flap. Penciled "Yokohama/Sept 7 1932" penciled at lower left reverse. Small wrinkle at lower right is of no consequence. A fresh cover., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 - 1,400.
Realized HK$600.
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Lot 2367

Combination covers: 1932 set of nine different, All posted between Apr. 4 and Sept. 7; one (C-1) to LeRoy Brown of Olean, NY, the rest to Harry Avery of Buffalo. Combinations shown are C-1, C-2, C-8, C-11 ("picture frame", ½s surrounding 6s), C-12 ("picture frame", 1s surrounding 2s), C-14, C-15, C-16 and C19 (strips of three each ½s, 1s and 2s). All pay the proper 10s rate except C-19, overpaying by ½s. All cancelled by Yokohama/JAPAN foreign mail combs in violet, with the exception of C-19, cancelled by three Yokohama foreign mail rollers. Various kan handstamps on fronts, while backs bear combination notations in pencil (C-1 partially obscured by previous mounting), various seals across the flap, and recipient's penciled notes at bottom left. Also included is a typed but unsigned letter on Lewis' letterhead to Avery in C-19, asking that he send cash rather than stamps as payment in future: "U.S.postage stamps are not easily disposed of here just now but good old are good EVERYWHERE." A chance to obtain some of Lewis' earliest covers that won't come again soon., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 7,000 - 8,000.
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Lot 2368

Favor cover from Lewis to H.J. Madison, 1934 (Mar. 10) to New York, On a US First Day Cover envelope. A vertical lower right margin pair of the imperforate 1¢ Century of Progress issue, plus a lower left corner imperforate single of the 3¢ Byrd Expedition, on the latter's FDC envelope, the printed cachet showing the RCA Building, a ship among icebergs, a "map" of Little America, Byrd (?) and a polar bear. Sent to Lewis for return servicing, the stamps are tied by a "U.S.T.P. Sea Post/EAST/MAR/10/1934/S.S. Pres. Grant" duplex. "From:- Karl Lewis, Yokohama, JAPAN." typed at upper left with blue "To US" handstamp bottom center. Vertical oval kan handstamp across flap. Described as a "wrapper" in JP 72:5, pp. 292-293, where it is also imaged. A fun collateral item, for the Lewis or the Polar collector., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 - 1,400.
Realized HK$800.
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Lot 2369

Kagoshima Scenic Datestamp: 1937 (Feb. 9) cover to Lewis, Addressed to Lewis' home address, a plain envelope with 3s Tazawa tied by a sideways Kagoshima Scenic Datestamp dated 12.2.9. "Kagoshima, Japan" in pencil at lower right. Reverse bears typed address of the sender, "B.H. Fisher./C/O, Arizono Hotel" in Kagoshima (apparently by Lewis—it fits his style—but the linen-esque envelope is not one of Lewis' usual), plus Lewis' blue straightline handstamp receiver dated "FEB 11 1937". Opened at left. Given the markings, Lewis asked a friend to send him an example of the datestamp. No enclosure, sadly, but another thread in the Lewis-spun web of contacts. A neat start to a research project., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 800 - 1,200.
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Lot 2370

Miscellaneous Lewis covers: a 1934 quartet, Two to Lewis, two from him. The pair sent to him are US First Day Covers (4¢ Mesa Verde National Park, horizontal pair, on 2¢ entire; 3¢ Wisconsin Tercentenary single on 5¢ Airmail entire), each addressed to H.J. Madison, c/o Karl Lewis. Each was sent via airmail within the US and by ship onwards, with Yokohama/Nippon foreign mail combs as receivers. The first item from Lewis is a partial oversized envelope bearing a complete booklet pane of six of the 1½s Tazawa issue, tied by two 16.8.34 Yokohama foreign mail combs with blue "To US" handstamp alongside, addressed to Madison. The second item from Lewis is a Registered Airmail cover bearing the 8½s, 16½s, 18s and 33s Airmail issues, all tied by three 1.6.32 foreign mail combs in violet, with "Yokohama A" Registry label on front and address cut from stationery and fancy genkan handstamp, along with Registry transit and receiver markings, on reverse. (The two covers from/to Madison are discussed and imaged in JP 72:5, p. 304.) Even scarcer than his cacheted covers., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,200 - 1,600.
Realized HK$1,000.
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Lot 2371
How the Rest Was Sold: 1932-40 business documents and correspondence, A miscellany of five items, featuring a Karl Lewis return envelope (addressed in both English and Japanese), an undated four-page price list, an April 1932 "Supplement No. 1" listing new or additional items on offer, a December 1932 six-page price list ("Revised prices. Cancelling all previous lists."), plus a May 20, 1940, double-spaced typed letter, signed, on letterhead (design in brown) concerning ship's letters and a post-script along the side regarding a "just received" order for a Danger Island cover: "As I have to send the cover to Puka Puka, it will be several months before you receive it. But I guarantee delivery." Nothing flash or fancy here, but a glimpse into how Lewis conducted his business and, with the price lists and supplement, an opportunity to reconstruct when certain items were first available. A nice Lot for the historian., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 2,600 - 3,000.
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