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Burma and Cambodia
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Lot 1541
Burma, 1938, King George VI definitives, unadopted Nasik essays (Scott 19//33), a remarkable set of these rarely encountered items, comprising the 3p-1a, 2a, 4a and 1R-10R values (Scott #19-22, 24, 28, 30-33) on perforated gummed stamp paper, each with vibrant color(s) on bright white paper, o.g., never hinged; 5R value with extraneous mark at upper left; 6p value hinting at a previous hinge, Very Fine to Extremely Fine, an incredibly scarce group.
Estimate HK$ 10,000 - 15,000

Produced and printed at Security Printing India in Nasik (Nashik, in Maharashtra). The designs were rejected on numerous grounds, including a displeasing shading of the King's ear, plus the political realization that, on stamps of Burma, the King could not be shown, as here, wearing the Order of the Star of India.

Realized HK$22,000.
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Lot 1542

Cambodia, 1940-47, Pair of Airmail entires, comprising 1940 36c envelope (opening tear at left) to Paris bearing 1c and 3c, cancelled by "Snoul/Cambodge" c.d.s. and 1947 37c envelope to Nice bearing 8c and 60c, cancelled by "Phnompeng/Cambodge" c.d.s., Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 - 1,200.
Realized HK$600.
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Lot 1543
Cambodia, Outstanding collection of mint stamps, imperforates and proofs, 1951-59, with épreuves de luxe, sunken die proofs and color trials; comprising the issued stamps and souvenir sheets complete (Scott #1-73, B1-B10, C1-C14a, J1-J5) and the imperforates also complete (except Postage Dues) with 1952 Students Aid and 1957 Airmails in pairs and 1958 King Norodom in pairs and blocks of four, épreuves de luxe (69) with 1951-52 1p10, 5p, 10p and 15p, 1953 Airmail Kinnari 50c, 3p30, 5p10 and 30p, and all other issues virtually complete (except 1957 Postage Dues and 1959 Children in Red Cross); composite épreuves de luxe (12) with 1954 Definitives, 1955 King and Queen, 1955 Coronation, 1957 U.N. Admission (2 types), 1957 Buddhism Anniversary and 1958 King Norodom (both perforated and imperforate); imperforate color trials in se-tenant strips of five with 1955 King 2r, 1955 Queen 2.50r, 1957 U.N. Admission 8.50r (3 different), 1957 Buddhism Anniversary 8r+2r, 1957 Airmail Bird 100r plus additional pair in different colors and 1958 King Norodom 2r; artist's sunken die proofs (32, many signed) with 1951-52 King 1p10 indigo and 1p50 purple, 1953 Airmail 5p10 and 30p black and 3p30 (5, different colors), 1954 View 10c sepia and Elephant 2p50 green, Arms 2p progressive and finished both in black, View 70c black and Elephant 2p50 black, 1955 King unfinished in blue without value and English inscription, 2r brown, 1955 Coronation vignette and side text only in black, 1956 Coronation 3r black, 3r purple, 10r black, 10r violet, 1957 U.N. Admission 2r red, 4r50 sepia and 8r50 gray and unaccepted design with portrait facing forward 8r50 black, 1957 Buddhism Anniversary 8r black and 8r green, 1957 Airmail 100r black, 100r carmine and 100r ultramarine, and 1958 King Ang 10r black and King Norodom 2r black, and Postage Dues 1957 die proofs (7) in different colors with or without value (one with uncleared background and plate proof pair in vermilion without value, also 1952-57 presentation booklets (3) with 1952 U.P.U. Congress in Brussels and 1957 U.P.U. Congress in Ottawa, most of the mint stamps are never hinged or lightly hinged, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 65,000 - 75,000.
Realized HK$40,000.
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Lot 1544
Cambodia, Collection of mint stamps, imperforates, and proofs, 1960-70, with épreuves de luxe, sunken die proofs and color trials, comprising the issued stamps and souvenir sheets complete (Scott #74-236, B11-B12, C15-C27, J1-J5), including 1963 Queen 3r on 2r50 with surcharge double, one inverted, and 1964 Olympics 12r on 40r marginal strip of three, surcharge completely missing on one stamp and partly missing on another, and 1967 Literacy 7r on 15r from the foot of the sheet with additional overprint in margin; an excellent range of imperforates especially replete with blocks of four; marvelous assembly of épreuves de luxe (approximately 155) and composite épreuves de luxe (9) with 1960 Peace, 1960 Flowers, 1961 Flowers, 1961 Soldiers, 1961 Monument (2), 1962 Foreign Aid, 1962 Fruit and 1963 Temple (2, one perforated); color trials in strips of five with 1960 Port 20r, 1961 Flowers 2r, 5r and 10r, 1963 Freedom from Hunger 3r, 1964 Birds 6r and 1963 Preah Vihear Temple 15r complete sheets of 25 (3 different); and artist's sunken die proofs (36), of which many signed by the artist and show "Imprimerie de Timbres Postes/Controle" embossed seals, with 1960 Five Year Plan 2r sepia, 1961 Flowers 2r sepia, 5r (3, different colors) and 10r (3 different colors), 1961 Soldiers 2r (2, blue green and claret), 1962 Malaria without value in purple brown, 1962 Fruit 2r brown, 1963 Freedom from Hunger 3r black, 1964 Animals 50c black, 1964 Birds 3r and 6r both in black, 1964 Airmail 80r black, 1964 Airmail Cambodia 7r50 brown and light brown, 1964 Prince 10r black, 1965 Handicrafts 1r, 3r and 5r in slate or black, 1965 Plants 1r50 black, 3r black and 7r50 brown, 1966 Games 4r brown (2) and 10r brown, 1967 Ballet 1r green, 1968 Universities 4r (2, brown and red), 6r (2, brown and carmine) and 9r (2, brown and carmine), 1968 World Health Organization 3r green, 1968 Olympics 3r yellow orange, and 1969 Railway 3r brown, 8r blue and 9r green, the mint stamps are lightly hinged or never hinged, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 65,000 - 75,000.
Realized HK$38,000.
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Lot 1545
Cambodia, Collection of Khmer Republic mint stamps, imperforates, and proofs, 1970-75, with épreuves de luxe and sunken die proofs, the stamps with souvenir sheets complete (Scott #237-367, B13-B17, C28-C54) and 1975 (Mar. 26) unissued Musical Instruments set of eight and the scarce unsurcharged 1r, 7r, 8r, 10r and 14r (2008 Osper certificate for these); the imperforates also nearly complete in singles or blocks of four with souvenir sheets; épreuves de luxe (73) from 1970 (Oct. 28)-72 (Aug. 1) and then 1972 Republic Anniversary, 1973 Sculptures and 1973 Interpol; and an excellent range of sunken die proofs (11) signed by the artists with "Imprimerie de Timbres Postes/Controle" embossed seals comprising 1972 UNESCO 3r orange brown, 5r black and 10r carmine, 1972 Economic Commission 3r deep purple, 1972 Wild Animals 3r green, 4r black, 6r deep green, 7r green, 8r orange brown and 10r magenta, and 1973 Garuda airmail 100r brown;many never hinged, Very Fine, a difficult-to-duplicate assembly from this transitional historical period.
Estimate HK$ 30,000 - 40,000.
Realized HK$16,000.
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Lot 1546
Cambodia, Selection of stamps and deluxe proofs, 1960-75, a clean 12 items, comprising 1960 Peace issue in composite épreuve de luxe, 1970 U.P.U. Headquarters 1r to 10r in épreuves de luxe, 1972 Olympic Games with souvenir sheet (Scott #C28, C29, C29a), 1972 Apollo 16 (#C30-C31), 1974 Copernicus souvenir sheet (#C49), and 1975 U.P.U. Anniv. 2000r (Michel #442A); the 1972-75 issues are mint, never hinged, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 2,000 - 2,500.
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