Sale 31

Special Elite Summer Live Internet Public (not-in-person) Auction

July 16, 2020


At our offices in Danbury, CT Thursday, July 16, 2020 Starting at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern)

Featured Item:
Lot 1138 - Rare Usage of US 90 Cent to China

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    Session 1: 2020 Summer General Sale
    At our offices in Danbury, CT Thursday, July 16, 2020 Starting at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern)
    China: All Periods and Areas
Lots 1001-1019   Collections
    Chinese Empire
Lots 1020-1046   Chinese Local Posts
Lots 1047-1062   1878-1883 Large Dragons
Lots 1063-1067   1885-1888 Small Dragons
Lots 1068-1083   1894-1897 Empress Dowager 60th Birthday
Lots 1084-1106   1897 New Currency Surcharges
Lots 1107-1123   1897 Red Revenues
Lots 1124-1136   1897 Imperial Chinese Post and Later Issues
Lots 1137-1152   Postal History
    Chinese Republic
Lots 1153-1165   1912-1932 Early Period
Lots 1166-1181   1939-1949 Wartime and Post-War Issues
Lots 1182-1205   Postage Dues and Parcel Post
Lots 1206-1209   Collections
Lots 1210-1225   Postal History
    Chinese Provinces, Foreign Offices and Japanese Occupations
Lots 1226-1236   Chinese Provinces
Lots 1237-1245   Foreign Offices in China
Lots 1246-1253   Japanese Occupation of China
Lots 1254-1255   Republic Province
Lots 1256-1279   Issues From 1950
    China (People's Republic)
Lots 1280-1303   Liberated Areas
Lots 1304-1320   "C" Series Commemoratives
Lots 1321-1340   "S" Series Commemoratives
Lots 1341-1350   "W" Series Commemoratives
Lots 1351-1363   "N" and "J" Series Commemoratives
Lots 1364-1389   "T" Series Commemoratives
Lots 1390-1392   Regular Issues and Booklets
Lots 1393-1413   Collections
    Hong Kong and Macao
Lots 1414-1428   Hong Kong Stamps
Lots 1429-1433   Hong Kong Collections
Lots 1434-1435   Hong Kong Postal History
Lots 1436-1439   British Offices, Treaty Ports and Macao
Lots 1440-1493   Regular Issues
Lots 1494-1501   Airmail and Commemoratives
Lots 1502-1505   National Parks and New Year's Stamps
Lots 1506-1511   Collections
Lots 1512-1523   Postal History
Lots 1524-1526   Offices Abroad
Lots 1527-1533   Japanese Occupations
    Other Asia Stamps and Covers
Lots 1534-1540   Asia Collections
Lots 1541-1546   Burma and Cambodia
Lots 1547-1576   Indochina
Lots 1577-1579   Korea
Lots 1580-1606   Laos
Lots 1607-1613   Nepal, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam
Lots 1614-1615   Philatelic Literature

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