Sale 29

The Steve Berlin Collection of Karl Lewis Covers

March 16, 2019


At the Kelleher and Rogers offices:
35/F Central Plaza
18 Harbour Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Starting at 2:00 PM


Featured Item:
Lot 2089 - a rare Karl Lewis cover from Sakhalin Island - Hammer Price HK$ 22,000

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(Welcome to the world of Karl Lewis!)

    Japanese Empire
Lots 2001-2024   Japan
Lots 2025-2037   Yokohama
Lots 2038-2040   Hokkaido
Lots 2041-2069   Honshu
Lots 2070-2070   Kyushu/Ryukyu Islands
Lots 2071-2082   Empire
Lots 2083-2089   Karafuto (Sakhalin)
Lots 2090-2108   Korea
Lots 2109-2112   Manchukuo
Lots 2113-2127   Mandated Islands
    First Day Covers
Lots 2128-2148   Definitives (First Showa Series)
Lots 2149-2158   Commemoratives
Lots 2159-2167   National Parks Stamps
Lots 2168-2172   Commemorative Covers
Lots 2173-2187   New Year's Stamps
    Independent Asia
Lots 2188-2191   China
Lots 2192-2194   Siam (Thailand)
    Colonial Pacific
Lots 2195-2196   French Oceania (Tahiti)
Lots 2197-2198   Netherlands East Indies
Lots 2199-2204   U.S. Possessions
    British Empire
Lots 2205-2210   Australia & Dependencies
Lots 2211-2229   New Zealand & Dependencies
Lots 2230-2235   Burma
Lots 2236-2247   Malaya
Lots 2248-2250   Sarawak
Lots 2251-2255   Tonga & Tin-Can Mail
Lots 2256-2259   British Indian Ocean
Lots 2260-2263   British Africa (South Africa)
Lots 2264-2267   British South Atlantic (St. Helena)
    Ship Covers
Lots 2268-2330   Japanese
Lots 2331-2365   American
Lots 2366-2371   Misc. Documents and Correspondence
Lots 2372-2374   Picture Postcards
Lots 2375-2375   Collections and Groups

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