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1875 (Sept. 27), pre-adhesive Customs Post cover from Takow to Hong Kong, a red band cover addressed to "Yid De Fan Yi, Shopkeeper" in central Hong Kong, with reverse showing "Customs/SEP 27/75/Takow" datestamp, then sent onward by sea to Amoy, where "Customs/SEP 30/75/Amoy" dater was subsequently applied; after arriving at Amoy, the cover then went onto a ship, which carried it to Hong Kong, where the letter was then hand carried to the recipient—thus the absence of any Hong Kong arrival markings; the cover shows signs of aging, along with an edge tear which travels to the outer circle portion of the Takow Customs dater, all this somewhat insignificant in scope.
Estimate HK$ 500,000 - 600,000

This cover has an amazing "sister" cover, written in the same hand, and addressed to the same shopkeeper in Hong Kong, with both the Takow and Amoy markings each a mere two days earlier than on this cover.

This "sister" cover, which presently resides in the Taiwan Postal Museum, was formerly owned by the eminent Japanese philatelist, Meiso Mizuhara, and imaged on page 19 of Volume 1 of "China-Customs Post, Pre-Adhesive Era". It is again featured on page 829 of the Chinese version of "Revenue Surcharges China 1897", Vol. 2, produced by the Directorate General of Posts, Ministry of Communication at Taiwan

For years, this cover (as noted in Mizuhara) was the only known example used in Formosa in the pre-adhesive era. This companion cover quite possibly may represent the only opportunity to possess a cover from the early Customs period of Taiwan.

Lot 397


1922, Junk, First Peking printing, 2¢ on 3¢ blue green, "Temporarily Used For" surcharge in red inverted (Chan 280a. Scott 247a), a wonderfully fresh and nicely centered example which, while without gum, is absolutely sound, Very Fine, a splendid and desirable example of this great rarity—one of the legendary "Four Treasures of the Republic", 2018 Experts & Consultants Ltd. photo certificate accompanies.
Estimate HK$ 500,000 - 600,000

We note 15 unused examples, along with two examples used on cover

Lot 716


1968, "The Whole Country is Red" (W14) (Scott 999A), fresh, with bright colors and neat, unobtrusive corner cancel at lower left; pressed vertical creases, resulting in the usual surface cracks, etc, a Very Fine appearing example of this ever-popular issue. Scott $80,000 (HK$ 615,380).
Estimate HK$ 200,000 - 250,000.

Lot 147

1888, Small Dragon, 5ca olive yellow, clean-cut perf 11½-12 (Chan 21. Scott 15), complete interpanneau sheet of 40, a splendid and exceptionally scarce pane offering fresh, distinctive color and excellent centering, with pane 2 position 20 showing rounded corner variety, a lovely sheet in an overall excellent state of preservation, full original gum and never hinged; a few isolated and very trivial gum tone specks, with several marginal specks as well, nearly Very Fine, a showpiece.
Estimate HK$ 80,000 - 100,000.

Lot 642


1953, Russian Revolution 35th Anniversary (C20) complete, inscribed "Soviet" (two additional characters) (Scott 194-197 vars.), the unissued set of four with additional "Soviet Union" characters, printed in different colors, without gum as issued; $800 green value with a couple small, very expert repairs or filled thins; with the remaining values fresh and sound, otherwise Very Fine, a splendid unused set of these most-popular errors. Scott $30,000 (HK$ 230,770).
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 50,000.

Lot 175


1897, Large Figures surcharge on Small Dragon, 5¢ on 5ca olive yellow (Chan 36. Scott 77), complete interpanneau sheet of 40, a magnificent and rare sheet, boasting rich, vibrant color with excellent centering; pane 1 position 11 showing rounded corner variety; a few isolated gum toned specks of no consequence, mentioned solely for accuracy; bottom row with blunted perforations, otherwise a beautiful and elusive sheet in an overall outstanding state of preservation, o.g., all but one stamp never hinged, Very Fine, rare and choice.
Estimate HK$ 120,000 - 150,000.

Lot 321

1897 (Apr. 11), spectacular bilingual Peking "Postage Paid" chop on registered cover to Tientsin, a magnificent, superb quality legal-size envelope, bearing a choice strike of blue 35mm "Chinese Imperial Post Office/Postage/Paid/Peking" chop, along with matching "I.G. of Customs/APL 11/97/Peking" and matching large "R" Registry handstamp, Extremely Fine, ex-David.
Estimate HK$ 80,000 - 100,000

Two December 1896 usages have recently been sold in a major Hong Kong auction, representing the two earliest known examples, and Paul Chang notes on page 7 that an April 10 example is the latest known example, with
this example quite possibly the latest known example of this rare and iconic marking .

Lot 658

1962, Mei Lan-fang souvenir sheet (C94M) (Scott 628), a wonderfully splendid quality example of this always sought-after miniature sheet, boasting a fresh, unblemished surface, along with sharp corners, full, pristine o.g. which is never hinged; tiny, inconsequential natural paper inclusion speck, noted solely for accuracy, Very Fine+, a beauty. Scott $15,000 (HK$ 115,380).
Estimate HK$ 60,000 - 70,000.

Lot 25

1871, 1ca violet postal card and 1ca on 6ca red Provisional overprint, used Shanghai to Ningpo (Chan LS77. Scott 64. Livingston PC1 Type A, plus #70), a splendid, superb quality 1ca Shanghai Local Post card, uprated by a beautiful example of the very rare 1ca on 6ca gray First Candareen Provisional Small Dragon surcharge in red (Chan #LS77, Scott #64), each cancelled by a choice strike of "Shanghai Local Post Office" small garter cancel in blue; front additionally shows lovely violet "Melcher's & Co/Shanghai" oval forwarding agents handstamp cachet; card is addressed to the British Settlement in Ningpo, pristine, Very Fine, simply a magnificent and rare showpiece.
Estimate HK$ 60,000 - 80,000.

Lot 475

1916 (Jan. 2), cover from Lungan to U.S., attractively franked, on front by ½¢ 1913 London Junk Issue block of six (plus a corner margin pair on reverse), 1¢ orange Junk right margin vertical strip of four, plus on reverse a right margin block of four of the 3¢ Junk, all tied by Lungan Hong Xian Yuan Nian (first year), first month, second day c.d.s.'s, with Mienchow 5th year, first month, 6th day; Hankow 5th year, first month, 15th day; and Shanghai 18 JAN 16 transits, Very Fine, an appealing and scarce usage, with 2018 Experts & Consultants Ltd. photo certificate.
Estimate HK$ 3,000 - 4,000.

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