Sale 29

Lot 2089

Toyohara, Island of Saghalien: 1937 (Sept. 25) to Missouri, The second iconic Sakhalin cover, the polar bear riverside, looking out on a snow-and-ice covered landscape but with the cresting sun incredibly warming the sky. Two Tazawas and two Pictorials, totaling 20s, are tied by two choice strikes of the Toyohara Scenic Datestamp. Blue "To US" handstamp centered below caption. Typed combination notation "C-19.N." on backflap, as is a handstamped ") N (" in blue. Horizontal oval blue genkan handstamp seals the flap, which was opened. The accompanying filler is a blank divided back to one of Lewis' postcards with UPU bilingual "Postcard" inscriptions, frame for stamp, and "Karl Lewis/[initialed sake gourd]/Yokohama" logo at upper left. A true beauty of a cover!, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 3,600 - 4,000.

Lot 2075

Kohoku, Island of Formosa: 1934 (Sept. 14) to New York, One of three covers known from (correctly) Hokuko [Peikang], and the only one erroneously inscribed "Kohoku" by Lewis, reading the name in the datestamp reversed. A lovely example of a common cachet Type II (a ploughman), and the cover erroneously described as "only the tops of the figures are visible," in JP 69:4, p. 195 (the author working from the image in JP 51:2, p. 58, where the cover is shown truncated). See our image: this cover is full-figured. The 10s postage is tied by two strikes of the Hokuko Scenic Datestamp in violet rather than the universally used shades of red. Blue "To US" handstamp at upper left. Combination notation "C-33." and opening remarque ") N (" typed, with flap tip sealed by blue vertical oval kan handstamp. A pretty cover., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 2,800 - 3,200.

Lot 2070

Naha: 1935 (Dec. 17) to Connecticut, One of just three covers known, the all-over cachet largely copying the Scenic Datestamp, which portrays the Naminoue promontory at Naha. One of two covers dated Dec. 17 (the other was posted Aug. 31, 1935), this bears the letter-spaced inscription "NAHA,/(OKINAWA.)/LOO CHOO ISLANDS", the latter a transliteration of the original Chinese name for the islands. Two Scenic Datestamps tie the 10s postage, with blue "To US" handstamp centered below inscription. Reverse displays "C-29." combination and ") N (" opening remarque (both typed), plus a vertical oval kan handstamp in blue. Small spot of mounting adhesive at lower right on the reverse mentioned solely for accuracy, as is the light line of blue crayon diagonally across the ½s stamp. See JP 70:6, pp. 331-332 for more information. A real beauty., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 3,000 - 3,400.

Lot 2230

Mandalay, Upper Burma: 1940 (Oct. 23) Censored to Michigan, A new last-known cover. JP 68:5, p. 293, notes that covers are uncommon and dated between Mar. 30, 1933, and July 26, 1939, while this example was mailed 15 months later. Bearing the standard all-over cachet of the royal palace with bridge and bastion, the postage here totals 3A6p, each stamp tied by a "Mandalay Civil Lines/23 OCT 40" comb/bridge-style dater. Penciled address correction at center, with triangular "Passed/Censor/7/Rangoon" handstamp at center top. Back of cover shows evidence of contact with water, as both the ") N (" and double-circle kan handstamps are blurred. Unevenly opened at left with minor resultant reduction (Censor 7 no doubt more concerned with security than with artistic conservation). Nevertheless, a beautiful cover worthy of the finest collection., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 4,000 - 5,000.

Lot 2236

Kwala Lumpur, Malaysia: 1938 (Mar. 21) to Missouri, An unrecorded third cover from Kuala Lumpur, the other two dated Oct. 30, 1937, and Dec. 15, 1939 (JP 68:5, p. 292), bearing an unrecorded inscription at upper left. The all-over cachet is the standard design used for this location, three figures walking a country road. Postage totaling 12c is tied by two strikes of "Station Street (Kuala Lumpur)/21 MR/1938/F.M.S." handstamp of the Federated Malay States. Blue handstamped ") N (" remarque and genkan seal on reverse. A nice example with an interesting alternative spelling of the city's name., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 2,200 - 2,600.

Lot 2237

Tanjong Katong, Singapore, Straits Settlements: 1937 (Aug. 11) to Pennsylvania, A warm cachet depicting a view from the beach, with the blue 12c Coronation issue nicely offsetting the design's colors. Stamp tied by "Singapore/11 AU/1937/11" c.d.s. Opening remarque omitted on reverse, which bears only a negative thick-character horizontal oval kan handstamp in bright blue. Mounting residue on reverse. Opened at left. A pretty cover., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,800 - 2,200.

Lot 2255

The Mail Canoe, Niuafoou ("Tin-Can" Island, Island of Tonga: 1937 (June 17) Tin Can Mail to Nebraska, A magnificent all-over cachet showing three men paddling an outrigger canoe on the water. Postage comprises two ½d Coat-of-Arms issues plus a 1½d Queen Salote, all tied by two Niuafoou c.d.s.'s (date easily discernible under magnification). Three Tin Can Mail markings on front, with an additional seven on reverse. No opening remarque, but Lewis' horizontal oval genkan handstamp in blue is present. Included with the cover is a note from a previous owner stating that "75 covers were made from Tonga for Special Tin Can Mail". An absolutely beautiful cover. Brave the sharks for this one!, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 4,000 - 5,000.

Lot 2339

Dollar Steamship Line covers: 1934-36, complete set of 11 ships, An example from each of the Dollar Line "President" ships available to Lewis: the SS President Cleveland, Coolidge, Grant, Hoover, Jackson, Jefferson, Lincoln, McKinley, Pierce, Taft and Wilson. All cacheted (various) with different Japanese frankings (and combination numbers on reverse) or franked by a single 3¢ US Whistler's Mother (Scott #737 or 738). All with typed inscription and "To US" handstamp. Some opened. One or two lightly toned, but on the whole incredibly fresh and clean. See each cover online., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 8,000 - 10,000.

Lot 2157

1940 (Nov. 10), 2600th Anniversary of the Accession of Emperor Jinmu (J.S.C.A. C80, C82. Scott 300, 302), The second issue date for the set honoring the 2600th anniversary of Japan's founding. The two stamps, 20s and 4s, placed at far left and right of the envelope so as not to obscure the all-over design, with each tied by a clear strike of the Yokohama Large Commemorative Datestamp for the issue. The cachet shows four sampans on the water, two close-up with magnificent detail in the sails, with Mt. Fuji rising majestically behind. Blue "To US" handstamp at lower right. Reverse is without any of Lewis' regular notations, bearing only a near-circular kan handstamp in blue. In addition to being a wonderful piece of art, this cover clearly demonstrates the water-fastness of the colors Lewis' artists used, as the cover at some point suffered serious dampness: note that both handstamps are blurred and runny, but the cachet is as fresh as the day it was created. Flap unsealed. A breathtaking cover and a great rarity, as JP notes only four known. Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 3,600 - 4,000.

Lot 2220

From Adamstown, Pitcairn Island: 1934 (Feb. 23) to New Jersey, Perhaps the most exciting cover in the sale: An unrecorded location/inscription, an unrecorded cachet, plus a new earliest known date! Covers from Pitcairn described and illustrated in JP 68:5 (pp. 281-283) bear captions of "Pitcairn Island", "Bounty Bay" or "Point Lookout"; this follows Lewis' early covers' wording of "From,/ADAMSTOWN./Pitcairn Island." with seven spaced underscores. The cachet is a breathtaking depiction of the Bounty, her lines and rigging at first appearing engraved (note the original sketch, still visible amid and around the final inked design). Each stamp of the 3d New Zealand postage is tied by an unmistakable "Pitcairn Island/23.FE.34/N.Z. Postal Agency" dater, further tied by a London "Victoria Docks/27 MCH/1934/E.1" wavy-line c.d.s. Reverse with " N " remarque (in quotation marks), offset from an unknown roller cancel, a second London 27 MR 34 dater, plus a blue circled "KL" handstamp at lower left. Neatly opened at right. A stunning cover all around—we expect mutinous bidding., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 5,000 - 6,000.

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