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Lot 8381

U.S., Out-of-this-World Space Cover Collection, 1960s-90s, massive lot of thousands of covers, cards, photos and ephemera—as well as some stamps—in 38 binders with signed items throughout; mainly US, though some foreign issues present as well; the entirety of the US space program is here, from Project Mercury through the Space Shuttles, including binders dedicated to Apollo missions, Apollo-Soyuz flights, the Russian Mir Space Station, Skylab, the Viking, Pioneer and Mariner missions, Comet Kohoutek, and the Europa Rocket; Smithsonian Archives "Milestones of Flight" items include covers related to various programs/flights, Galileo, rocket pioneers Werner von Braun and Theodore von Karman, Religion and Space, Challenger and Columbia Shuttles, etc.; also a section of Space miscellanies, both covers and stamps, plus some Zeppelin material; clean and fresh throughout, generally Fine to Very Fine, a fantastic opportunity to acquire one man's lifetime collection.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $3,750.
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Lot 8382

U.S., Advertising Cover Collection 1864-1945, over (115) covers, many illustrated, some with contents, includes 1903 Brockton Fair with trotter, 1936 Michigan 9th annual Winter Carnival, The Grant House Catskill NY, Hotel Chamberlin Fort Monroe VA, Northwestern State Norman School Edinboro PA, J.H. Green & Bro Elgin Watches Bellwood PA, W.H. Small & Co Forwarders Evansville IN, a dynamite selection, mixed condition, review, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $450.
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Lot 8383

U.S., Postal History With Cardinal Signed Covers 1861-1975, approximately (100) covers in a binder, includes (39) autographs of Catholic Cardinals on various covers, first day covers, Civil War patriotic (Bischel-1572, W-1088), plus a group of postal cards, inspection urged, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
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Lot 8384

U.S., Stampless Cover Collection 1830-1860, approximately (40) covers with town cancels from Fall River MA, Falmouth MA, Hartford CT, Baltimore MD, Palmyra NY, Pawtucket RI, Saratoga Springs NY, Princeton NJ, Cambridge MA, Winchester KY, Paris KY, and a green Niagra Falls NY, most with original contents, review, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $300.
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Lot 8385

U.S., First Day & Cacheted Event Cover Collection 1930-2010, many thousands of U.S. covers and cards, includes first days with many better cachets, blocks of four, high values, booklet panes, mint & used postal stationary including first days, inauguration, also some Canada & United Nations, plus (12) volumes of first day covers with coins, some silver, an unbeatable value, check her out, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $550.
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Lot 8386

U.S., A Tapestry of Topical Collections, presented in 12 binders, comprising one on the 500th Anniversary of Columbus' Discovery of the New World, two on Lindbergh, six on US history (Bicentennial, Wildlife, States, Civil War and Presidential Birthplaces), three on California (general history, Missions and missionaries), plus a shirt box of loose miscellaneous; mostly covers, with many First Days, though some stamps (a few foreign) as well, Fine to Very Fine, an interesting group; inspection invited.
Estimate $400 - 600.
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Lot 8387

U.S., Massive Cover Trove, Mostly From Mid To Late 20th Century, containing thousands commercial, event and first day covers, in seven large boxes packed with covers, mostly loose or rubber banded into large groups, some in a about half a dozen albums, approximately half a dozen small boxes and 13 souvenir pages in thirteen post office souvenir page albums. From what we know about the original collector, he had the tendency to hide stamps all over his house. We found albums mixed with Corn Flake boxes in the kitchen and even occasional loose stamps in the refrigerator and squirreled into various closets and drawers, so if ever there was a great lot for treasure hunting potential, it will be this one. Do yourself a favor and be sure to add this lot to your view list., generally Fine to Very Fine, ex Sheeran.
Estimate $400 - 600.
Realized $225.
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Lot 8388
U.S., Movie Stills & Photographs, 1930-1965, hundreds of B&W and color movie photos & stills, includes several different of Elvis, Shirley Temple, Gary Cooper,Ali, Charlie Chaplin, Bob Hope, several Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, The Duke, Humphrey Bogart, Dean Marin, Betty Grable, W.C. Fields, several Shemp Howard, includes two nude photos of Bette Davis from Peter Bitlisian 's private collection, mixed condition, a fantastic lot for the dealer or collector, please review.
Estimate $300 - 400.
Realized $275.
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Lot 8389
U.S., Autograph Collection, 1960-1990, useful autograph collection, we note Country Western stars Gene Autry, Chet Atkins, Minnie Pearl, Johnny Cash, Roy Rogers, Conway Twitty, then heavy weight boxer Max Schmeling, Sugar Ray Leonard, Rubin Carter, Jake LaMotta, nice material to collect or trade, review.
Estimate $200 - 300.
Realized $100.
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Lot 8390

U.S., Picture Postcard Collection & More, 1903-1945, collection of approximately 220 Indiana court houses, with 16 valentines, and a set of The Singer Mfg Co. Costumes of All Nation trade cards, a few worldwide cards, take a close look at this one, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $100 - 150.
Realized $150.
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Lot 8391

U.S., High Values & Eagles First Day Cover Collection, 1991-1999, approximately (110) first day covers in two volumes, volume 1 has many hand cacheted with TM Weddle, EPM, Goldberg, Poorman, Garth, Gold, a few with silk cachets, volume 2 has first day covers with eagle themes, a great lot just for the high values, review, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $800.
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Lot 8392

U.S., First Day Cover Collection 1960-1996, many hundreds, maybe thousands of first day covers in (26) albums & three boxes plus two volumes of oversized covers, with cachets by Art Craft & Fleetwood, lot of better covers, feel free to sit a spell and review, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $325.
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Lot 8393

U.S. and Foreign, Large Cover Accumulation, late 19th to mid 20th Century, many hundreds of covers, with good selection of U.S. covers, with some stampless covers, classic era covers from 1851 issues through banknote issues, with a few better items that include 63/65 cover, 11/LO2 cover from Philadelphia to Pottsville, PA, small parcel post envelope, several revenue stamped bank checks, etc., Worldwide covers include some Columbia SCADTA issues, many first flights, including many 1930's Pan-Am flights from various countries and many earlier (mostly 1930's) first day covers, etc., generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $950.
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Lot 8394

U.S. and Foreign, First Day & First Flight Covers, 1935-1975, several thousand covers and cards in four metal files and two cover binders, with U.S. first day covers, first flights, maiden voyages, worldwide first days, first flights, cacheted event covers, with Jet Air first flights, Northwest Orient Inaugural flight, TWA first global flight, first flight Air Micronesia, first flight Swissair, and a myriad more, great lot for the internet or bourse dealer, mixed condition, Fine to Very Fine, a complete inventory is online as a PDF.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $400.
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Lot 8395

U.S., Possessions, Set of 25 Mostly Better Covers, 1895-1937, from Canal Zone, Cuba, Guam, Philippines and Puerto Rico; Cuba includes two with Spanish-era multiple frankings plus several American period entires and postal cards; Puerto Rico includes a Spanish-American War stampless Soldier's Letter assessed 2¢ Postage Due, several "Porto Rico" overprints, etc.; Philippines offer a 1916 Registered cover, the adhesive tied by large centerless circle-of-wedges cancel; even a 2¢ Sullivan cancelled by "U.S.M.C./Port au Prince Haiti" duplex; generally sound, Very Fine overall, interesting material; inspect.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Realized $375.
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