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Lot 3194

1942, 5¢ Chinese Resistance (Scott 906), plate block of 4 on an Airmail cover from New York to Honolulu, Nov 11, 1942.
Suggested Bid $60
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Lot 3195
Undenominated "Crowned" George Washington engraving in black, no imprint, but likely American Bank Note Co., possibly for currency, design about 36 x 40 mm die-sunk on glazed card about 6" x 3¾", Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $250
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Lot 3196

1840-60, Marsh Correspondence Selection, 19 covers or fronts, sent to or from various members of the Marsh family; about half stampless with various rate handstamps and values, with an interesting mix of postmarks; stamped examples all bearing #65 and include a Patriotic, two Jubilee Year fronts, one with a "Carrier" postmark on reverse, etc.; several with contents included; condition varies, but a neat little postal sampler for the period, F.-V.F.
Suggested Bid $300
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Lot 3197

1855 (Jan. 15), Whaling letter posted Boston to New Bedford, MA, franked by two 3¢ 1851 imperforate Washingtons (in two distinct shades, the stamp at right heavily truncated at right), tied by barred-circle "PAID" handstamp in black with red "Boston/15/JAN/6 cts" postmark at left; addressed to Isaac Howland Jr. & Co. in New Bedford, offering accounts; horizontal file fold of no consequence, Very Fine, an interesting double rate usage.
Suggested Bid $500
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Lot 3198
1856-60, Trio of items from Dwight W. Marsh to the US, one posted at Constantinople, comprising a stampless cover to his sister Clara in St. Louis, bearing a "Boston/18/APR/5 cts" postmark and crossed-out endorsement "Steamer/Mosul" at lower left (most probably privately carried to the US and posted there); a folded letter datelined Mosul, Nov. 3rd 1856, franked by imperforate 3¢ Washington (torn and reconnected) tied by New York Jan [20?] postmark, addressed to Mr. C.M. Marsh in St. Louis; and a datelined July 14th 1860 letter, in stampless, unpmkd envelope again to St. Louis, written "Constantinople On Board/Cunard Steamer Olympus", then at the Golden Horn on its way to Liverpool; each endorsed "Steamer" at lower left ("Mosul" referring to DW Marsh's posting as a missionary, not the ship's name); interesting content regarding contemporary events in the Middle East, the 1856 letter noting "Persia ought to be humbled. She has treated England haughtily", while the 1860 letter states, "Our souls have been stirred this past week by the news from Syria of the terrible massacre of the Christians by the Druses [sic]"; faults commensurate with the thin papers used and age, Very Fine grouping nevertheless.
Suggested Bid $200
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Lot 3199
1876 (Oct. 17), Whaling-related letter from Jonathan Bourne to Capt. M.L. Snell of the Bark Adeline Gibbs, a fascinating letter offering a snapshot of the whaling industry; from Jonathan Bourne (1811-89, major whaling investor and namesake of Bourne, MA, on Cape Cod), to Capt. Snell aboard ship at St. Helena; Bourne, the Managing Owner or Agent for the Adeline Gibbs, is none too pleased here, the letter in full reading: "Dear Sir//Your letter of July 28 recd. I am sorry for your poor success thus far. Must wait I suppose for better luck in sperm whaling.//Don't ship Humpback Oil unless at a very low price, very low indeed. It will do to ship sperm Oil if you have any, at a moderate rate of freight.//I think you had better keep the Humpback Oil on board to keep the Bark on her bottom.//I must admonish you to keep your expenses down, as drafts and outfits consume all of the catchings, and there is nothing left for interest and insurance. With the hope that you will do better next cruise//I remain//Yours truly//Jonathan Bourne", Very Fine, in excellent condition, with just two small weakenings at the top cross folds.
Suggested Bid $250
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Lot 3200

1957 (Dec. 14 & Dec. 30), Two Special Delivery covers to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., each from a Miss Josephine Haracz of Providence 3, RI; Dec. 14 cover sent to "Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., Lawyer" at 598 Madison Avenue, New York, franked by 3¢, 10¢, 30¢ and $1 Liberty series (#1035, 1044, 1049 & 1052) with Special Delivery, Registered, Return Receipt Requested and Deliver to Addressee Only handstamps, plus Unclaimed and Return to Sender markings; and (if at first you don't succeed, try again) Dec. 30 cover, a 3¢ Washington entire (#U534c) uprated by 40¢ & 50¢ Liberties (#1050, 1051), addressed to the junior Roosevelt at The White House (and forwarded thence to New York); both with all appropriate backstamps, the latter cover roughly opened at top but not affecting stamps or markings, Very Fine, an interesting duo to the president's son—with a wealth of markings for the postal history collector.
Suggested Bid $150
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