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Italian Area

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Lot 13146
Italian Area, Mint and Used Collection, 1850-1995, presented in a Scott International album with Italy and Vatican City, plus a glassine of additional pages with Libya and Somalia; a solid holding, with Italy mint #58-63, 119-122, 124-125, 140-142, 400-409, 568-569, 574-576, B1-B3, B17-B19, C1, C2, C6, C23-C26, C42-C47, C52-C55, C66-C72, C73-C78, C89-C94, C100-C105; AMG #1LN11-1LN13, plus tons of Back-of-the-Book; Aegean Islands; Libya with #1-5, J4-J6; Somalia #50, B38-B42, J4; Vatican with mint #41-46, 47-54, C22-C23, E1-E2; many nice runs of used sets, a primo collection, F.-V.F. Shipping charges apply - weight 5.4 lbs.
Suggested Bid $1,000
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Lot 13147
Italian Area, Mint & Used Collection, 1890-1975, in two Scott albums; we note Italy mint #165-168, 324-327, 349-354, C1, C3-C7, C28-C33, used 58-63, 124-125, plus Postage Dues, Pneumatic Post, Parcel Posts, Aegean Islands #19-26, scattered Trieste; the second album is San Marino with mint #1-3, 11, 79, B18-B24, Postage Dues; excellent starter lot, F.-V.F. Shipping charges apply - weight 11.8 lbs.
Suggested Bid $600
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