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Lot 13200
Central America, PNC (Panama, Nicaragua & Costa Rica) Collection, 1863-1995, in two Minkus Specialty albums, about equally mint and used, fairly extensive, with most mint in clear mounts; highlights include Panama 1887-1995 (used): #56, 151-152, 154, 220-231, 286-287, 481H, 487I, 494, 496I, C67-C71, F1, F3-F4, H4, etc. (mint o.g.): #51-55, 67-70, 71-75, 110-113, 212, 214-215, 218-219, 253-255, 268-272, 281-285, 297, 317-321/C49-C53, C6, C21-C26, C43-C45, C47, C80-C81, E1-E4, F2, etc. (mint never hinged): #216, C47a, C202a, May 1959 Pope Pius souvenir sheet variety, C237a, C243-C244, C277a, C329C-C329H, scarce C329Hi, 456-456J, 458Jk perforated and imperforate, 588, 726-732, etc.; many souvenir sheets and topical sets; Nicaraugua 1869-1990, wiith pages through 1995 (used): #131-133, etc., etc (mint o.g.): #3-4, 6-7, 13-89, 109B-109K, 109M, 167-174, 186-191, O100-O108, O118-O128, etc., etc. (mint never hinged): #RA60a, etc; a couple thousand different, with many complete sets and souvenir sheets, with 10 different States Provisionals and some nice Telegraph stamps; Costa Rica 1863-1995 (used): #18, 45-54, 59-65, etc. (mint o.g.): #C27, C104-C116, C128-C140, C141-C144, C168-C177, C197-C210, C289, C303-C312, etc. (mint never hinged): #C313 perforated and imperforate, #23-326, etc.; more than 1,000 different with many complete sets, o.g., some never hinged / some hinged, F.-V.F. Shipping charges apply - weight 13.2 lbs.
Suggested Bid $600
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Lot 13201
Central America, The Tegucigalpan Triumph Collection, 1867-1997, in a Minkus Specialty album for Honduras and El Salvador with most mint items in clear mounts; highlights include El Salvador (mint o.g.); #47-56, 126, 142-145, 155-157, 157M-157O, 157H, 164, 168-169, 170H-170I, 170L, 184, C78-C83 (mint never hinged): #738-743/C200-C207, 751-756/C215-C220, C275-C290; Honduras 9used); #259//273 with overprint varieties (mint o.g.): #51-64, 65-102, 103-110, 129-130, C120-C127, C250-C268, C289-C300 (mint never hinged): #C181-C186, C222-C230, C231-C237, C241-C249, C279-C288, C300a, C628-C635, C636-C645, C672-C686, C703-C707, C755-C760, C812, C833-C844, C870, C951, C968-C976, CO69-CO87; extensive Hinduras with some imperforates and many souvenir sheets, F.-V.F. Shipping charges apply - weight 6.4 lbs.
Suggested Bid $250
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