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United Nations

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Lot 13047
United Nations, Comprehensive Collection, 1951-2001, in three huge overstuffed albums on White Ace pages; first album contains U.N. New York, apparently complete and never hinged for period, also includes unexploded Prestige booklets and extra Flag Series singles with tabs and complete sheets; second album contains U.N. Geneva and Vienna, almost complete and apparently never hinged, with complete Prestige booklets and a couple of covers; third album holds a massive collection of postal stationery, apparently complete through 2012, with postal cards, envelopes and aerograms from all Offices; also included is a small overstuffed stockbook with assorted used stamps; a truly comprehensive United Nations collection, cost to customer was many multiples of our estimate, Very Fine to Extremely Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 25.4 lbs.
Suggested Bid $750
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Lot 13048

United Nations, Collection and Accumulation, 1951-2009, Includes New York, Geneva and Vienna mostly complete with all early issues housed in 3 binders with hundreds of White Ace pages including souvenir cards. Also included are 14 original envelopes packed with new issues from 1994-2009 with a new issue cost of over $1500 alone. We note many sheetlets including the Flag series and the modern issues that are in short supply, all in mainly VF, never hinged condition; well worth our estimate for eBay online sales. Shipping charges apply - weight 22.8 lbs.
Suggested Bid $750
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Lot 13049
United Nations, The Consummate Consulate Holding, 1951-2000, massive collection with Flag sets, seven volumes of Unicef material, UN specialized catalogue pages through 1995, UN franked large envelopes, 1962 UN Emergency Force cover, ephemera, UN Souvenir Folders 1958-1984 with heavy duplication, a ton of fun for the United Nations dealer, F.-V.F. Shipping charges apply - weight 81.2 lbs.
Suggested Bid $500
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