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Postal Cards

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Lot 189

U.S., Postal Cards, Used Collection. About 450 cards including about 35 Paid Reply cards (intact or message/reply separate) mounted on blank pages and all collected for interesting and/or unusual usages including lots of small towns, fancy cancels, uprated overseas destinations and illustrated advertising; includes, among others UX1 (8), UX3 (9), UX5 (40), UX6 (17), UX7 (31), UX11 (7), UX13 (4), UX14 (39, one printed view of Lookout Mtn. Tenn. on reverse), UX15 (2), UX16 (11, one used Ponce P.R. to Holland), etc.; the Paid Reply cards include 7 Don Storm cards and non-FDC usages of UY16r (2), UY17, UY18 & UY19r. A marvelous lot that took a lifetime to assemble.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $1,000.
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Lot 190

U.S., Postal Card Collection, 1873-2000. Voluminous collection in five albums, includes mint includes UX1, UX3, UX3 reversed watermark, UX5, UX7, UX10, UX13, UX14, UX15, UX20, UX21, UX33b, UX35, UX41a, UX47, both types, UX72a, then virtually complete, a pleasing lot for the collector or dealer alike, many extras included, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $750.
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Lot 191

U.S., Postal Cards, Meaty Mint & Used Collection. Selection of over 300 postal cards, better mint unless noted includes UX1 preprinted, UX3 preprinted, UX5 (x4), UX6 (x4), UX8, UX9, UX10 (x2), UX11 (x10), UX12 (x10), UX13 (x2), UX14 (x4), UX15 (x4), plus many better advertising cards including illustrated, many fraternal ads, radio cards, a few trivial faults but overall clean and fresh, huge potential, view this one early, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $4,600.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $750.
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Lot 192

U.S., Postal Cards, Ultimate Unmatchable Postal Buddy Collection. Six volumes of Postal Buddy cards for the post offices' pilot program to offer one stop address changes and instant printing, includes many early cards and first day of issue cards from post office and non-postal locations, also much ephemera and reprinted material on the early cards, enormous catalog value and a wealth of information makes this an intriguing lot for the specialist, be sure to set aside enough time to properly ascertain this lot's true value, Very Fine.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $400.
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Lot 193

U.S., Postal Cards, Mint Collection, 1873-1911. 32 cards comprising UX1 (2), UX3 (2), UX7, UX8 (2), UX9 (2), UX11 (5), UX12 (2), UX13, UX14 (3), UX15, UX16 (2), UX18 (2), UX19, UX20, UX22 (2), UX24 (2) and UY2; the UX 20 has a corner crease, otherwise all clean and F-VF.
Scott $2,065.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $250.
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Lot 194

U.S., Postal Card Sets, 1980-2000. A hoard of postal card sets, includes Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, Legends of Baseball, Looney Tunes, Disney, some light duplication, take a gander, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $300 - 400.
Realized $200.
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Lot 195

U.S., Postal Cards With Better Advertising. Outstanding group of early cards, with four illustrated UX27 cards, includes two different for Stetson Hats, a color ad for the film "The Rhine", and an all over ad for a black face band called the New Orleans Nineteen Thirty, UX1 with ad for Rescue Hook & Ladder promenade concert, illustrated card of bi-plane for A.M. Creighton women's shoes, and a full color ad front and back for Valentine & Co, all choice premium cards, Very Fine.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Realized $140.
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Lot 196
Lot 197
U.S., Postal Card Varieties, 1873-1907. Mounted collection of about 165 cards illustrating various constant plate varieties (many plated) or minor printing flaws; comprises (used unless noted) UX3 (38, 2 mint, 3 unused), UX5 (17), UX7 (21), UX8 (1), UX9 (17 - one mint, 3 unused), UX12 (4), UX14 (32, one mint), UX16 (8, 3 mint), UX18 (23, one unused) and UX19 (6, one unused); all clean and F-VF. A great lot for the specialist. Scott as normal $580.
Estimate $200 - 300.
Realized $100.
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Lot 198

U.S., Postal Cards, Mint Lot, 1879-1920. With UX6, UX9-UX11, UX14, UX16, UX18, UX22-UX24, UX26-UX28, UX33, UX38, and a group of 20 UY29, fresh, clean and attractive, Very Fine.
Scott $448.
Estimate $150 - 200.
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Lot 199

U.S., Postal Card Hoard, 1952. Group of 50 UX39a, 90 UX42, and 18 error UX27 with green line in indicia, an excellent stock for you inventory, Very Fine.
Scott $800+.
Estimate $150 - 200.
Realized $80.
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Lot 200

U.S., Postal Reply Cards, Mint & Used Selection. Well over 120 mint and used unsevered and severed reply cards, better mint unless noted includes UY1 (x10), UY2 (x5), UY4 (x2), UY5 (x2),UY9 (x3), plus loads of better used and preprinted, a golden opportunity to acquire some excellent stock, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $1,200.
Estimate $300 - 400.
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Lot 201

U.S., Postal Paid Reply Card Collection, 1892-2007. Mounted in a Scott albums, mint includes UY1 (x3), UY2 (x2), UY3, UY4 (x2), UY5, UY6, UY10, UY15 (x2), with many first day examples, plus a group of air mail postal cards, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Realized $180.
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