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Sale 670

The Fleischman Family Collection
US Revenue Issues
Private Die Proprietaries
and Telegraph Stamps

1871-1874 Proprietary Issue

Lot Photo Description
Lot 116
Proprietary, 1873, 50¢ green & black, violet paper (Scott RB8a), extremely lightly cancelled, shows four very small black ink marks in various places on the stamp, fresh and attractive stamp, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $1,000.
Realized $1,100.
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Lot 117
Proprietary, 1874, 50¢ green & black, green paper (Scott RB8b), faint blue 1882 ribbon dater hand stamp cancel; two trivial short perfs at top and a couple of small thins (not unusual for this stamp), Very Good.
Scott $850.
Realized $275.
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Lot 118
Proprietary, 1873, $1 green & black, violet paper (Scott RB9a), 1877 manuscript cancel; horizontal crease at center and trivial short perf at bottom, otherwise Fine, 1983 PF certificate.
Scott $3,500.
Realized $800.
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Lot 119
Proprietary, 1874, $1 green & black, green paper (Scott RB9b), large manuscript cancel; several thin spots, otherwise Very Fine for this, 1977 PF certificate.
Scott $12,500.

Larry Lyons census recorded 7 examples and it is thought that only 10 examples of this rare stamp exist
Realized $5,000.
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Lot 120
Proprietary, 1873, $5 green & black, intermediate paper (Scott RB10a var.), small manuscript cancel, well centered, strong rich colors and well incised impressions; two tiny thin spots at bottom and a couple trivial facial scuffs at top, Very Fine appearance, 1991 PSE certificate stating #RB10b "on Green Paper", 1991 PF certificate stating "used on Green paper, previously catalogued as Scott RB10b"; 2015 PF certificate which now states RB10a var on Intermediate paper.
Scott $11,000 to $85,000.
Estimate $10,000 - 15,000

This was previously one of only three certified examples of the Five Dollar Proprietary on Green paper, still considered by many to be one of the rarest and most desirable stamps in all of United States Philately. Ex- Cunliffe, Lot 747, 2008 Sale realized $97,850.00
Realized $16,000.
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Lot 121
Proprietary, 1873, $5 green & black, violet paper (Scott RB10a), sock-on-the-nose 1877 manuscript cancel, appears to be completely sound which is a rarity on this physically large stamp, Choice Extremely Fine, 1988 PF certificate.
Scott $11,000.

Actual quantity issued is unknown, but the Boston Revenue Book notes that only 74 examples were sold; the total amount is most likely higher
Realized $7,000.
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Lot 122
Proprietary, 1881, 10¢ blue, perf'd (Scott RB19b), appears unused, possible faint pen cancel at bottom right, watermark difficult to see, fresh, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Realized $225.
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Lot 123

Proprietary, 1914, 4-3/8¢ black (Scott RB42), o.g., heavy hinge remnant; light gum bends, small thin spots and pulled perforation, otherwise Fine, an extremely rare stamp missing from practically every revenue collection.
Scott $3,000.

Troutman monograph states "Only a handful of examples of the 4 3/8 cent with single line watermark are known and it is a great rarity'"
Realized $650.
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