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The Stan Cutler Collection of the Ryukyu Islands

Postal Stationery

Lot Photo Description
Lot 481
Postal Card - New Year, 1956, 2y, "file" mihon/record copy (Scott UX10S), manuscript "mihon" in red pencil with red Kakinohana seal; minor, inconsequential wrinkling in at top, Very Fine, exceedingly rare.
Estimate $350 - 500.
Realized $325.
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Lot 482
Postal Cards - Summer Greeting & New Year, 1964-65, Mihon overprints complete (Scott UX26S-UX29X).
Scott $1,275.
Estimate $400 - 600.
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Lot 483
Postal Cards - Summer Greeting & New Year, 1964-65, Mihon overprints complete (Scott UX26S-UX29X); UX26 with couple trivial, small bends, otherwise Very Fine.
Scott $1,275.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Realized $160.
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Lot 484

Postal Cards - Paid Reply, Collection, 1948-71. Over 90 cards in a binder, includes but not limited to UY1, UY2, UY2a, UY3, UY3b, UY4c, UY4f, UY4g, UY4h, UY4i, UY4m with Sismondo certificate, UY4j, UY5f, UY5g, UY5h, UY5i, UY5k, UY5m, UY6, UY6a, UY6b, UY6c, UY7, UY8, UY8a, UY9, many scarce cards and varieties, please examine, Very Fine.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $1,500.
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Lot 485

Postal Cards, Collection, 1948-71. Mounted in a binder, includes (mint unless noted) UX1, UX2, UX3, UX3a, UX4, UX4a, UX4b, UX4c with Sismondo certificate, UX5, UX6, UX6a, UX6b used, UX7, UX8, UX8 var, UX8a, UX8b, UX9, UX10, UX11a, UX12, UX12b, UX12c, UX12d, UX12e, UX13, UX14, UX15, and complete to UX44, with many minor varieties; also includes Specimen (Mihon) cards UX26S-UX29S (two UX26S, both, along with the UX27S, with minor faults), and so-called "Unauthorized Mihons" of UX33 & UY14. A remarkable lot—careful inspection should result in excellent returns, Very Fine.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $1,900.
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Lot 486

Air Letter Sheet Collection, 1948-60. A wonderful specialized collection of 56 examples of air sheets & aerogrammes, includes UC1a, UC2, UC3 first day cover, UC3a, UC3b, UC3c2 with Sismondo certificate, UC3e, UC3g used to Alaska, UC3h with Sismondo certificate, UC3i with Sismondo certificate, UC4, then several letter sheets with U1, U1a, U2, post office fresh, with useful duplication, huge catalog value, Very Fine.
Estimate $1,200 - 1,800.
Realized $800.
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Lot 487

Election Cards (Part 1), 1952-62, 67 cards, includes 1942 forerunner election card for Mr. Shuko Maeshiro, UZE1, UZE3a, UZE5, UZE6, UZE6A, UZE8, UZE9, UZE10, UZE10A, UZE11, UZE11A, UZE12, UZE13, UZE13A, UZE13B, UZE13C, UZE14, UZE15, UZE14, UZE17, UZE17A, UZE17A with Inverted Indicium with Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society certificate with only 3 known, immense catalog & retail value, useful duplication, inspection is urged simply fascinating collection, Very Fine.
Estimate $3,500 - 5,000.
Realized $4,000.
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Lot 488

Election Cards (Part 2), 1962-71. Mounted in a volume, includes mint unless noted UZE18, UZE19, UZE20 used, UZE21, UZE22, UZE23, UZE24, UZE25 used, UZE26 mint & used, UZE26A, UZE28 used, UZE29 used, UZE30 used, UZE31 used, with duplication, examination is needed, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $900.
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