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Lot 2046
American author autographs, a wonderful selection that includes Pearl S.Buck signed letter, P.G. Woodhouse signed letter, autographed cards of Alfred Noyes & Edna Ferber, signed letter of Katherine Anne Porter, card signed by Wilfred T. Grenfell, signed letter from Upton Sinclair, signed photo of Ogden Nash, and more.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $425.
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Lot 2047
Aviators & astronauts, autographs, 1937-64, includes autographed photo of helicopter signed by Ira Sikorsky, autographed photo & block of four postage stamps by John Glenn, signatures of the three astronauts of Apollo 8 James Lovell, William Anders & Frank Borman, and mounted autographed cards of Dick Merrill, Clarence Chamberlain, Eddie Rickenbaker, Frank Hawks & Roscoe Turner, the right stuff for your collection.
Estimate $300 - 400.
Realized $300.
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Lot 2048
Cabinet members, 1940-75, signed photographs include Dean Rusk, Ramsey Clark, Walter Hickel, Dean Acherson, John Gunter, Joseph Barr, John Lewis. Thomas Dewey, James Farley, signed Time magazine covers include Barry Goldwater, Alfred Kinsey, Anthony Eden, Henry Wallace, Humbert Humphrey, Robert McNamara (30) items in total.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Realized $160.
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Lot 2049
Military leaders, 1938-48, a total of 27 photographs & 13 Time Magazine covers signed by famous generals & admirals, photos include William Dean, James H. Doolittle, Raymond Spruance, Omar Bradley, C. H. Hodges, William Simpson, Time magazines include W. F. Halsey, Chester Nimitz, Ira Eaker, Douglas MacArthur, a marvelous lot for the WWII dealer or collector, inspection invited.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $475.
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Lot 2050
Military leaders & servicemen, 1918-48, 19 items in total, includes signed typed letter W.S. DeLany, typed letter on Edward Rickenbacker letterhead signed "Eddie", signed typed letter (Lieutenant General) James Gavin, pilots D. G. Lewis, Captain O.C. LeBoutillier, Air Force plane photos, autographed photo from General Peter Quesada, letter from General Wedemeyer, signed photo of Admiral Nimitz, a cornucopia of hard to find autographs.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Realized $225.
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Lot 2051
Misc. celebrities, hundreds of autographs, with many better, includes Joseph M. Kennedy, English Prime Minister Anthony Eden, Lt. Colonel W.A. Bishop WWI Ace, U.S. Senators & Congressmen, author William McFee, P.G. Wodehouse signed photo, Sumner Welles signed typed letter, Jack Webb signed Time magazine cover, Dr. Jonas Salk signed Time magazine cover and many other autographs, many on Time magazine covers, a wonderful selection with from many fields, will repay immediate dividends, please examine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $600.
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Lot 2052
Movie stars & Hollywood notables, includes autographed sepia photo of Olivia De Havilland, autographed Time magazine cover of Betty Grable, Cast Call signed by Paul Newman, 4" by 5½" autographed photo of Helen Hayes, signed card of Wm. Hart, autographed Time magazine cover of Rita Hayworth, and an unsigned Time magazine cover of Vivien Leigh, beauties abound here, examine please.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Realized $190.
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Lot 2053
Sports personalities, 1952, a neat little grouping that includes Ben Hogan signed two Time magazine covers and a signed card, autographed photo of Jack Dempsey, autographed photo of Max Schmeling, an autographed photo signed by Connie Mack, plus the first edition of Sports Illustrated and a copy of The Greatest Moments in Sports record, all bold complete signatures.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $325.
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Lot 2054
Statesmen & political leaders, a fascinating collection of political autographs, includes letter from Ella Grasso, Bob Dole, Gerald Ford, Herbert Hoover business card, photos of Senator Thomas Eagleton, Sam Ervin, photo & letter Barry Goldwater, Time magazine covers of Thomas Dewey (2), Claude Pepper, Nelson Rockefeller, Edward Brooke, Lady Bird Johnson, Jacob Javits, Hubert Humphrey, Gerald Ford, James Farley (3) and two letters, inauguration cover and photo Spiro Agnew, two $1 bills signed by John Connally, two $5 bills signed by Henry H. Fowler, $1 bill signed by Joseph Barr, two $1 silver certificates signed by Elizabeth Smith & A. Douglas Dillon, mostly strong complete signatures, a tremendous value, please peruse.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $325.
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Lot 2055
Lot 2056
Treasurers & Secretaries of the Treasury, autographed bills, includes autographs of Guy Baker Priest & Robert B Anderson on $i silver certificates, Dorothy Andrews Elton & David M Kennedy on $1 federal reserve notes, Romana Acosta Bañuelos on $1 federal reserve notes, Georgia Neese Clark & John W Snyder on $1, $5 & $10 silver certificates, autographed 7½" by 9½" black & white photos, and as a bonus two 1940 Senate passes and two 1940 House of Representative passes, all in all a most unique collection.
Estimate $200 - 300.
Realized $170.
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